Coat of Arms of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.A judge has denied the Twin Cities archdiocese's bankruptcy petition.

Wake-up call for Catholic hierarchy

Coat of Arms of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

Coat of Arms of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

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Jennifer Haselberger's affidavit ought to be sounding alarms throughout the length and breadth of the Roman Catholic hierarchy. What the former chancellor of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has done is to call into question the efficacy of the procedures the American church has put into place to assure the faithful and society at large that it is successfully dealing with the sexual abuse of minors by priests.

The 109-page document is the first insider's account of the handling of reports of clergy abuse by diocesan officials in the years following passage of the  Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, initially approved at the bishops' June, 2002 meeting in Dallas. No doubt, there are facts asserted by Haselbeger that might not constitute proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. As she herself notes on a number of occasions, her recollection is at odds with what others have sworn to.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to dismiss her portrait of an archdiocesan culture bent on working around the Charter, on keeping information from the civil authorities to the extent possible—all the while putting up a show of caring deeply for the victims. Anyone who doubts this portrait should listen to the hour-long documentary on Minnesota Public Radio, which integrates what Haselberger has to say with statements of a wide range of church leaders, victims and their families, and legal experts.

Where the buck stops in Minnesota is with Archbishop John Nienstedt, who inherited a corrupt regime and perpetuated it. Nienstedt, who is himself being investigated for sexual misconduct, has provided more than ample evidence that he is unworthy of serving in his present position.

But it is folly to imagine that contriving a way for him to step aside will make things right. For what Jennifer Haselberger and Minnesota Public Radio have done is far more than expose the hypocritical machinations of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. They have provided reason to doubt all statements from ecclesiastical authorities that sexual abuse in the church is being handled properly.

Will the American bishops be roused from their slumber? Given their silence in the face of the criminal conviction of Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City for failing to report a case of sexual abuse, it is hard to believe that anything other than action by the Vatican can do the trick. And given the apparent resistance of papal nuncio Carlo Maria Viganò, it will take the new papal commission on sexual abuse to force recognition that unless and until the church forthrightly condemns and punishes those who cover-up sexual abuse, the scandal will continue to fester.


  1. Mark, much has been written that the hierarchs will have to change/reinvent the theology of the priesthood, especially the “ontological change” notion, for clerics to truly and concretely begin to hold each other accountable for their crimes and sins. What are the chances of that happening, in your opinion?

    Thank you.

  2. While there is ongoing work of people like Jennifer Haselberger to bring the hierarchy of the Catholic church to task on sexual abuse, there is work to be done with protestant churches as well. Maybe the problem is not as wide spread or covered up as much in Protestant churches but it does happen..
    Ignorance and denial is always an issue when attempting to set up policies and procedures to help prevent sexual abuse.
    However, the church to which I have membership surprised me. When I reviewed the proposed new personal policy (sent out to all members) and fond a flaw in the procedure for reporting possible sexual/physical abuse of children, I was able to help point out the problem and in a business meeting that part of the policy was sent back for revision. It was a joy to see how quickly laypeople “got it”. In the revision there is no internal investigation first. The possible abuse is instead immediately reported to DFACS and law enforcement for investigation.

    In my professional life as a Chaplain and LPC I have counseled with both the abused and the abuser.
    Frankly, I don’t see any “cure” for a pedophile. There is an organization named. G.R.A.C.E.- “Godly Response to Abuse in a Christian Environment”. They have a web site.

  3. Mark . . . ‘A Death Knell for Catholic hierarchs’ would be a more fitting title for your commentary:


    1. a harbinger of the end, death, or destruction of something.

  4. Mark, my previous comment was just “wishful thinking” . . the painful truth is . .
    A former pope states without apology that the “HIERARCHY” defines Roman Catholicism and it is here to stay! Of course that includes the Cardinals, et al that comprise the papal entourage / court!
    In his book, Ecclesiam Suam, Pope Paul expressed his distress because of what some of the `separated brethren’ say about the pope as the stumbling block in the way of church unity. He said, “Do not some of them say that if it were not for the primacy of the pope, the reunion of the separated churches with Catholic Church would be easy? We beg the separated brethren to consider the inconsistency of this position, not only in that, without the pope, the Catholic Church would no longer be Catholic, but also because without the supreme decisive pastoral office of Peter, the unity of the Church of Christ would utterly collapse.”
    This unambiguous pronouncement by the former pope unarguably proves that the Roman Catholic “church” is IRREFORMABLE, and affords no hope for those whose definition of reform would require a complete dismantling of the hierarchy. Not going to happen!
    Time to opt out of the unholy Roman Catholic “church”.

    Christ is the Head of His church . . His Bride . . and HE rules over her by His Word through His Spirit.
    “For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.” (Eph. 5:23)

    Roman Catholicism is not Christ’s Church!

    Roman Catholicism is not CHRIST’s CHURCH!

  5. “it is hard to believe that anything other than action by the Vatican can do the trick.”
    Mark . .you’ve got to be kidding . . this is what’s coming out of the Vatican in real time!
    As the saying goes . . “that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!”
    Article: Mgr Scicluna: The paedophile tragedy could have been avoided
    Saturday, 19 July 2014, 11:54

    1) “In an interview carried by yesterday’s edition of La Repubblica, Auxiliary Bishop Mgr Charles Scicluna says that the paedophile tragedy inside the Catholic Church ‘could have been avoided’.
    Asked why to report such cases is not obligatory in the Church, Mgr Scicluna replied that the church always insisted on following domestic law and in any case one must not hinder the victim from reporting the case.
    Mgr Scicluna was asked whether Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI have covered up for abuse but the Vatican always replied it is the local bishops who were responsible.
    Mgr Scicluna seems to agree with this latter interpretation and said that if bishops had followed the Church’s law, many tragedies may have been avoided.”
    These guys have developed “LYING” into an art form, but then again, they call it “mental reservation”!

    Citation: 1) Source: maltaindependent

  6. JuneAnnette………….nothing surprising here from Auxiliary Bishop Mgr Charles Scicluna, he is a CIVIL ATTORNEY as well.

    He earned a degree in Civil Law from the University of Malta in 1984

    He’s in a very special group of RCC leaders……..Bevilacqua (Philadelphia) and Listecki (Milwaukee) are two that come to mind. And theirs are very, very special legacies relative to the protection (destruction??) of our children from clergy sexual abuse.

  7. I hope everyone will take to time to read Jennifer Haselberg’s affidavit. It documents the total lack of interest the diocese had in protecting children from sexual abuse by priests. The hierarchy should have been responding to her warnings, but chose to ignore her. Unfortunately, I’m afraid the lesson for the bishop’s here will be not to hire anyone with her degree of integrity and intelligence in the future.

  8. I am so sick and tired of this crap. Why can’t the very Parishioners whom stand up and defend their perverts understand?


    I cannot understand…WHY…our own parents, whom brought us into this world, would stand up for the rapists of their children…OVER THEIR VERY OWN CHILDREN!!!

  9. This evil scandal calls the legitimacy of the church into question. How can an organization that does not protect children and the most vulnerable from its “ontologically different leaders” be of divine origin? The stakes are really that high. Pope Francis has very little time left to correct this abomination. The church is already heading down the road to irrelevance.

  10. “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.” King James Bible

    I say, let us get on to the Trodding!

  11. Michael,
    It would appear that the pope belongs to that “very special group of RCC leaders”!:
    As recently as March, 2014, he said:

    “The Catholic Church is perhaps the only public institution to have acted with transparency and responsibility.

    “No-one else has done more. Yet the Church is the only one to have been attacked.”
    Either the pope is living in a parallel universe or he is delusional!

    He also said:
    “The statistics on the phenomenon of violence against children are shocking, but they also clearly show that the great majority of abuses are carried out in family or neighbourhood environments.”
    The pope effectively said . . . Don’t look here; look over there! From what I have observed, that seems to be the favorite excuse being put forward by the Roman Catholic apologists at the present time.

    And of course the Bishops will tell you . . “we were just following orders.”
    The *oaths of secrecy taken by RC priests, bishops and cardinals, required under RC Canon law, with a view to avoiding scandal to the “church” are still in force. The cover-up mentality is woven into the warp and woof of Roman Catholicism and remains the corporate policy within the unhallowed halls of her organization!
    It’s hard to believe that at this late date, the “hierarchy” is still playing ‘Deny, Deny, Blame the other Guy”.
    The more things change; the more they stay the same. Once fooled shame on you; twice fooled; shame on me!

  12. John . . the TRUTH is . . the RCC never had any legitimacy. . the “papacy”, the very foundation of the unholy RC “church” is built on a LIE . .
    I would commend for your thoughtful and prayerful consideration an article written by William Webster, former Roman Catholic and convert to Christ, entitled:
    1) ‘Forgeries and the Papacy – The Historical Influence and Use of Forgeries in Promotion of the Doctrine of the Papacy’
    (Article is complete with verifiable sources / citations)
    In the context of this discussion I commend Mr.Webster’s article to you for your prayerful and thoughtful consideration:

    “The historical facts reveal that the papacy was never a reality as far as the universal Church is concerned. There are many eminent Roman Catholic historians who have testified to that fact as well as to the importance of the forgeries, especially those of Pseudo-Isidore. One such historian is Johann Joseph Ignaz von Döllinger. He was the most renowned Roman Catholic historian of the last century, who taught Church history for 47 years as a Roman Catholic. He makes these important comments:
    In the middle of the ninth century—about 845—there arose the huge fabrication of the Isidorian decretals…About a hundred pretended decrees of the earliest Popes, together with certain spurious writings of other Church dignitaries and acts of Synods, were then fabricated in the west of Gaul, and eagerly seized upon Pope Nicholas I at Rome, to be used as genuine documents in support of the new claims put forward by himself and his successors. That the pseudo–Isidorian principles eventually revolutionized the whole constitution of the Church, and introduced a new system in place of the old—on that point there can be no controversy among candid historians.”
    John, I would highly commend Mr. Webster’s articles to you and may God grant you discernment.
    I too am a former Roman Catholic, made a Christian in truth by God’s grace.

    Citation: 1) Source: /

  13. Re: “Will the American bishops be roused from their slumber?”

    A better question might be, “Will America’s lay Catholics be roused from their slumber?” It’s all well and good to want the bishops to spontaneously grow up and take responsibility for their own behavior, but expecting that to happen without leverage being applied to them, is foolish. Lay Catholics hold the Church’s purse-strings and could, if they wished to, financially starve the bishops into changing. The hierarchy would have no choice but to bend to lay Catholics’ will.

    But to date, they’ve refused to. (Yes, some Catholics have tried this … but not enough to coerce any changes.) Most of them tend to believe the bishops’ line, which is that all the lawsuits are fabrications invented by money-grubbing trial lawyers. While I suppose there might be some plaintiffs who may have invented accusations, or exaggerated minor incidents, for financial gain, there have been just too many of these stories from all over the world to rationally dismiss them all outright. Clearly, lots of abuse happened; it happened around the world; and a lot of it occurred here in the US. Lay Catholics don’t have to like admitting that fact, but they need to nonetheless.

    Re: “Given their silence in the face of the criminal conviction of Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City for failing to report a case of sexual abuse, it is hard to believe that anything other than action by the Vatican can do the trick.”

    Why shouldn’t the bishops remain silent? They don’t think they’ve done anything wrong! The Church has reeled off excuse after excuse as to why they’re all totally innocent, bedeviled (literally) by all sorts of villains (who range from the Devil to the victims themselves to “great newspapers” to Pope-haters to Jews to … well, you name it ( And some of the American bishops have admitted not being aware that child abuse is a crime. Finn is certainly not the only hierarch who genuinely was unaware he had to report it to anyone.

  14. The hierarchy must go. We cannot, as a church or as individuals, endure the injury and insult that they habitually do us. The anal rape is not even the worst of it.

  15. CONFUSED? God says, ‘blame me’

“Who makes a person dumb or deaf,
    gives sight or makes blind?
    it is I, Yahweh.” (Ex 4;11)

    Real helpful, Yahweh.

  16. What is wrong with Christianity?
    What is wrong with Religion?


    1. The discouragement of rational, critical thought.
    2. Vilification of homosexuality, resulting in discrimination, parents disowning their children, murder, and suicide.
    3. Women made to be second-class citizens based on religious teachings.
    4. Children growing up to hate and fear science and scientists, because science disproves their parents’ religion – leading to appalling scientific illiteracy.
    5. Tens of thousands tortured and killed as witches (a practice which still continues today).
    6. People aren’t making the most of this life because of belief in an afterlife.
    7. People dying because they believe their faith makes them immune to snake venom, or other lethal aspects of reality.
    8. People dying – and letting their children die – because their religion forbids accepting medical help.
    9. People choked, starved, poisoned, or beaten to death during exorcisms.
    10. Genital mutilation of babies demanded by religious texts.
    11. Psychological and physiological conditions blamed on demons, preventing believers from seeking medical care for themselves and their children.
    12. Shunning. People disowning family members for leaving their religion.
    13. Friendships and romances severed or never started over religious differences.
    14. “Abstinence-only” sex education, resulting in five times the amount sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies – often leading to ill-fated “emergency” marriages.
    15. Women having septic abortions—or being forced to have unwanted children they resent—because religious organizations have gotten laws passed making abortion illegal or inaccessible.
    16. Censorship (often destructive) of speech, art, books, music, films, poetry, songs, ideas.
    17. The demonization of other religions, e.g. Christianity demonizing Pagans (“They’re devil-worshipers!”)
    18. Children using up the period of their lives when the brain is most receptive to learning new information reading, rereading, and even memorizing religious texts.
    19. People who believe the world is about to end neglect their education, are not financially responsible, and in extreme cases take part in mass suicides.
    20. Long-term environmental issues ignored because of beliefs that the rapture/apocalypse or something will happen soon, so they don’t matter.
    21. Wives told they will be tortured forever if they leave their abusive husbands (and vice versa).
    22. Holy wars – followers of different faiths (or even the same faith) killing each other in the name of their (benevolent, loving and merciful) gods.
    23. The destruction of great works of art considered to be pornographic/blasphemous, and the persecution of the artists.
    24. Slavery condoned by religious texts.
    25. Children traumatized by vivid stories of eternal burning and torture to ensure that they’ll be too frightened to even question religion.
    26. Terminal patients in constant agony who would end their lives if they didn’t believe it would result in eternal torture.
    27. School boards having to spend time and money and resources on the fight to have evolution taught in the schools.
    28. Persecution of “heretics”/scientists, like Giordano Bruno (burned at the stake) and Galileo Galilei.
    29. Blue laws forcing other businesses to stay closed or limit sales, while churches can generate more revenue.
    30. Mayors, senators, and presidents voted into office not because they’re right for the job, but because of their religious beliefs.
    31. Abuse of power, authority and trust by religious leaders (for financial gain or sexual abuse of followers and even children).
    32. People accepting visual and auditory hallucinations unquestioningly as divine, sometimes with fatal results.
    33. Discrimination against atheists, such as laws stating they may not hold public office or testify in court, or in half a dozen countries around the world, laws requiring their execution
    34. Missionaries destroying/converting smaller, “heathen” religions and cultures.
    35. Hardship compounded by the guilt required to reconcile the idea of a fair god with reality (“why is God punishing me? What have I done wrong? Don’t I have enough faith?”).
    36. Human achievements—from skillful surgery to to emergency landings—attributed to gods instead of to the people actually responsible.
    37. Mother Teresa, prolonging the agony of terminal patients and denying them pain relief, so she can offer their suffering as a gift to her god.
    38. Tens of billions annually in the US alone spent to build, maintain, and staff houses of worship.
    39. Grief and horror caused by the belief that dead friends and family members are tortured as punishment for disbelief.
    40. Natural disasters and other tragedies used to claim God is displeased and present demands to avoid similar events (it’s like terrorism, but without having to plan or do anything).

  17. @ John in Delray,

    The Catholic Church is a criminal enterprise:

    ~ Preaching the abusive, unfounded claims of ‘hell’ to children.

    ~ The inquisition.

    ~ The suspicious idea that there are special people (priests) who need to relate god’s message to you and the power that hands them.

    ~ Indulgences – paying money to make sins disappear.

    ~ Opposition to gay marriage

    ~ Opposition to contraception and women’s freedom over their own bodies.

    ~ Moving pedophiles from church to church to protect their image instead of the children.

    ~ Knowingly spreading Aids in Africa as 20 million people died.

    ~ Lazy Bishops, Cardinals and do-nothings who dish out this poison
    which serves no purpose.

  18. Frank, you ask “Why can’t the very Parishioners whom stand up and defend their perverts understand?”
    I think the laity are quite simply intimidated by the hierarchy. Just as the hierarchy intimidated the victims of abuse into silence, which Thomas Doyle has called 1) “religious duress”, so they have managed for the most part in like manner to silence those who would dare to advocate for the victims.
    Furthermore, they are blinded by an irrational unquestioned loyalty to their “church”. Though it is inexcusable, it is the only explanation I can offer. Indeed such cold indifference to the suffering of those in the flock who have been abused and preyed upon by so-called “men of the cloth” is incomprehensible and not at all consistent with an appropriate Christian response to be our brother’s keeper. Moreover, it is a violation of what Christ defined as the second greatest commandment, namely to “love thy neighbour as thyself.” (Matt. 22;39)

    The collective response by the Bishops has been cold and calculating. These so-called “princes of the church” vigorously denounce both abortion and homosexuality as “intrinsically evil”, yet they have presided over the mother of all cover ups, an intrinsic evil that is on a par with the evil crimes committed by those within their cloistered community who have abused the most vulnerable of their flock. Surely the Bishops must been heartened when Pope Francis referred to those who covered up the crisis as “sins of omission”. Regardless of what the pope said, the cover-up by popes, cardinals, and bishops and heads of religious orders was not and is not a passive activity. It was and is intentional and actively worked at and intently created and sustained. Those who have been following these matters are not the least surprised by the pope’s remarks, which send a clear message that he looks out for his own . . the hierarchy.
    Take heart my friend . . God is not mocked! Failure to protect the “little ones” in their flock is a refutation of the most fundamental of Christian principles . . love, mercy, compassion.
    The unqualified CENSURE of Christ falls upon such . . “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matthew 18:10, King James Version). The word “offend” in the Greek means “to cause one to stumble, to put a stumbling block or impediment in the way, upon which another may trip and fall, to entice to sin, to cause a person to begin to distrust and desert one whom he ought to trust and obey, to cause to fall away, to cause one displeasure at a thing, or to make indignant.”

    Citation: 1) Article: Thomas Doyle’s important affidavit puts the documents and events of Davenport in a national context / THE ROLE OF RELIGIOUS DURESS AND FEAR ON
    Some concluding remarks from Thomas Patrick Doyle, RC priest & Clergy Abuse Victim’s Advocate:

    “Over two-thirds of the U.S. bishops have knowingly covered sexual abusers and in so doing have directly caused the ruination of the souls and often the bodies of countless more victims. The almighty Vatican, for all its carefully tooled statements of concern has not called a single bishop to accountability. A few have resigned but so what? They have committed crimes with impunity. Why Because they are bishops and in the magical thinking of the papacy, bishops are above hard-ball justice. Some bishops have even been sexual abusers themselves. None have been defrocked. I have seen consistent, hard evidence of a radical disconnect between the mandate of Christ in the Gospel in reference to such matters, and the actual actions of the bishops and the popes. In short, the popes (JP2 and Benedict XVI) and the bishops have not acted as Christians but rather as agnostic, self-serving businessmen.”

    Source: Reflections from 25 Years of Experience At the Start of the New Year
    Thomas Doyle, J.C.D. / January 1, 2010

  19. Hey, Annette, how about taking a break from church bashing. You made your point. BTW, would you have us believe that until recently you were a faithful member of the church and after reading the Helsberger affidavit became its ardent foe. How about making some distinctions between actual offenders and the countless faithful RC’s who seek to be disciples of JC.

  20. Fjacks . .
    True to form, RC apologists like yourself are still using the Roman Catholic wildcard “anti-Catholic” or “Catholic basher” to silence your detractors . . anyone who dares to expose the unspeakable crimes of clergy sex abuse committed against innocent young children by your priests, et al. ..
    Your indignant response is in keeping with the arrogant, superior, condescending . . holier than thou attitude that has consistently been exhibited by the so-called “princes of your church” since their scandalous cover up of clerical crimes was exposed, who are trying desperately to consign this SCANDAL to history and move on! You and your fellow travelers vainly imagine the RC “church” has some superior moral authority!
    To suggest that those who admittedly are theologically opposed to the Roman Catholic “church” on biblical grounds prevents them from censuring those things, which are unarguably and patently ungodly is the arrogant response one would expect from those whose “church” claims to speak without error in the matters of faith and morals! The information I share through my comments is not commonly known among the people who sit in the pews of RC churches and they won’t read about it in the church bulletin. Remember it was the Bishops . . the so-called “princes of the church” who determined that the lowly laity did not need to know that it was THEIR policy to transfer abusive priests to another diocese, where they could continue to PREY, unbeknownst to unsuspecting parents. This is nothing short of reckless endangerment, not to mention dereliction of duty, whose solemn charge it is to “watch over the flock.” (1Peter 5:3) No responsible parent would knowingly place their child in the path of a known child abuser anymore than they would place their child in the path of an oncoming car.
    The Bishops’ policy . . . “we’ll tell you what you need to know.” but if we determine you don’t need to know something we’ll withhold that information as well . . for the “good of the church”, has wreaked incalculable damage upon the souls of innocent children across the globe who were offered on the altars of priestly abuse. The BISHOPS neither inspire confidence nor instill trust! No one should take them at their word!
    Thankfully the Roman Catholic “church”, for all her power and influence, does not YET control the media, nor freedom of speech, a right guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of our Constitution. When the largest religious institution in the world has consistently been proven to place its’ corporate image and the reputation of her priests above the welfare of children they must expect the intense scrutiny of the media, and the Christian community, of which I am a professing member.
    Rest assured, I’ll not be intimidated by the likes of you.
    Anyone with an ounce of humanity and a shred of decency and the most rudimentary sense of right and wrong would be denouncing crimes which make even the most ungodly and irreligious amongst us recoil with disgust!

    Roman Catholicism is not Christ’s Church!

  21. Good statements Max. I agree with all but the first, but I might change my mind.

  22. I am going to now speak for the victims of priest rape and nun abuse whom can no longer speak, because their pain and suffering was so much, that they committed suicide.

    I am working on a blog, as an Honor Roll Call for them, so we NEVER forget them. But here are some of them I wanted to share to show the true tragedy of Roman Catholic Church abuse.

    In my opinion, the Roman Catholic Church is responsible for these deaths. I would dare even say, by their actions, they murdered these victims, and thousands more whom have committed suicide because of their abuse.

    1. PAUL Anthony Carson cowered in a phone box, shaking, crying and desperately begging his mother for help.

    At 21 years old and over six feet tall, he was reduced to a sobbing wreck by the very sight of a man he had not had contact with for eight years.

    That man was Martin Kerr, a paedophile who had subjected him to horrific abuse during the seven years his victim was an altar boy in West Belfast.

    Seven months after that brief glimpse on Christmas Eve as Kerr enjoyed prison parole, Paul Anthony hanged himself.

    2. Anthony and Chrissie Foster’s two daughters were repeatedly raped in primary school by their parish priest, Father Kevin O’Donnell.

    Emma Foster later committed suicide and her sister, Katie, took to binge drinking and was left disabled after being hit by a car.

    3. Helen McGonigle was 6 when, she says, the Rev. Brendan Smyth fondled, raped and sodomized her.

    McGonigle, now a 48-year-old lawyer in Connecticut, says Smyth abused her, her sister and even her mother over a period of two years.

    She believes the abuse drove her mother mad and drove her sister to suicide.

    Her mother was found hysterical, half-naked, on her front lawn, screaming, “The pope owes me,” McGonigle remembered.

    4. A police officer investigating a series of sexual assaults at a Catholic boys school in Ballarat has called for a parliamentary inquiry into the church’s handling of the abuse.

    Detective Sgt Kevin Carson, of Ballarat police, told the ABC’s 7.30 last night that up to 30 students had committed suicide since being abused at St Alipius primary school.

    5. Hundreds of sex abuse victims have come forward in Belgium with harrowing accounts of molestation by Catholic clergy that reportedly led to at least 13 suicides and affected children as young as two, a special commission said Friday.

    6. Conway Spring Kansas: There were five of them, hand-picked by the Rev. Robert K. Larson, a charismatic and demanding priest, known for stem-winding sermons and icy glares he would shoot toward parishioners whose babies’ cries pierced his Sunday service, or who dared to creep into church even moments after he’d begun to deliver the word of the Lord.

    Now, as their families explore the genesis of haunting downward spirals – desperate paths to isolation, hopelessness and self-destruction – they trace the suicides of their five sons to Larson, a now-imprisoned former priest who dressed dashingly, drove fancy cars, and molested his altar boys before striding imperiously down the aisle of churches where he was revered.
    – See more at:

  23. Frank: for your consideration . . . for your Honor Roll Call . . .
    RELATED . .
    Article: Church’s suicide victims / Source: The Canberra Times – Australia / Date April 13, 2012
    by: Nick McKenzie, Richard Baker and Jane Lee
    Victoria Police urge victims of sexual abuse to come forward, following a leaked police report alleging links between young suicide victims and the Catholic Church.
    CONFIDENTIAL police reports have detailed the suicides of at least 40 people sexually abused by Catholic clergy in Victoria, and have urged a new inquiry into these and many other deaths suspected to be linked to abuse in the church.

    Data on the Crisis – The Human Toll

    Sex Crimes

    2. How many children have been victimized by priests?

    The U.S. bishops report receiving allegations from 17,259 victims.

    This count of victims is universally acknowledged to be lower than the actual number. Here are several estimates of the correct number.

    25,383 – using the current USCCB rate of victims per priest (2.6) and the New Hampshire level of accused priests (8.9%)

    46,125 – using the Boston archdiocesan count of victims and the Boston share of U.S. Catholics

    100,000 – using Rev. Andrew Greeley’s 1993 partial estimate of 2,500 accused priests and 50 victims per priest

    280,000 – using the USCCB’s current count of accused priests (5,600) and Greeley’s estimate of 50 victims per priest

    MORE STATS here:

  24. Frank,
    I thought you would find the following websites of particular interest in your Honor Roll Call tribute to suicide victims of Roman Catholic Clergy Abuse:

    I don’t know if you have ever heard of MIKE FERENCE.
    The Pittsburgh Independent Examiner has provided this brief bio sketch of him:
    “He is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and investigative reporter who has been probing clergy abuse and government corruption in Pennsylvania for almost 20 years. Mike may be reached at 412-233-5491 or email him.”

    He has a blog, in which he writes extensively about his son ADAM, regarding the suspicious nature of the shot his son took in the back of the head while on Pittsburgh diocesan school grounds and the investigation efforts by police, which were largely thwarted.

    An overview of the case can be read here:

    Site: RapeVictimsoftheCatholicChurch / Link:

    Article: Cardinal Wuerl’s Cover-ups & Power Abuses in Jpeg Evidence, Archives & Witnesses
    Present archbishop of Washington D.C.. Former bishop of Pittsburgh. Tiny male. Big lie. A sign of our times. / by Mike Ference.

    Mike’s Site: The Ference Wheel / In re: Mike Ference of Clairton, Pennsylvania; Clergy abuse activist.


  25. PsiCop,

    “And some of the American bishops have admitted not being aware that child abuse is a crime. Finn is certainly not the only hierarch who genuinely was unaware he had to report it to anyone.”

    That of course is the Mother of all Lies!

    Former Roman Catholic priest Richard Sipe explains:

    1) 23.   No bishop can claim ignorance of the fact that sexual activity of an adult with a minor is and always has been illegal.
    24.   Bishops and religious superiors in the United States most commonly concealed the facts when they knew a priest abused a child or minor. This concealment (pattern and practice) extended to parishioners, other priests, and most certainly, law enforcement. This practice is demonstrable at least from 1946 onward, the range of my experience and observation of the clerical system. The practice of neglecting violations has also been firmly in place. In my opinion this practice is not isolated or even created by American bishops, but has its origin and sponsorship from the Vatican that insists that “scandal” should be avoided at all costs. Documents from1959 demonstrate that dioceses were employing secret procedures to deal with cases of sexual abuse.

    A.W. RICHARD SIPE is a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor who earlier spent 18 years as a Benedictine monk and priest. He was trained specifically to deal with the mental health problems of Roman Catholic Priests. In the process of training and therapy, he conducted a 25-year ethnographic study of the celibate/sexual behavior of that population. His study, published in 1990, is now considered a classic.

  26. Why yes, Mike Ference and I are actually really good friends. I met him on Facebook a few years back. He has been an incredible inspiration to me. He has gone through a living you know where…and he is still standing and fighting the Lavender Don.

    He told me a few days ago that he may actually got the case of his sons shooting solved.

  27. Frank . . A “living hell” indeed. I have great admiration for the “moral courage” Mike has shown in taking on the mighty RC “church” who unarguably have friends in high places that are quite willing to look the other way when it comes to the criminal acts of their clerics, The evidence of RC “church” / police collusion in this case is hard to overlook, but then I’m not surprised, having read of similar cozy relationships that exist between the unholy RC “church” and the cops in Ireland, most notably, County Donegal where this was widely reported, and in Australia as well. As the saying goes, they’re in cahoots!
    Thankfully some in the media are still covering and uncovering their heinous crimes across the globe. It should be noted, that the Vatican herself defines the abuse of children as the 1) “worst crime” and Baltimore’s former archbishop, Cardinal William Keeler, aptly described the sexual abuse of a minor by a trusted minister of God as “soul murder”! ! Thus their own words testify against them! The well-orchestrated cover up by the “hierarchy” of their crimes is equally reprehensible.
    Despite the concerted efforts of the “hierarchy” to cover up the vile crimes committed by their clerics, in the providence and mercy of God they have been brought to light in our day!
    “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; nor hid, that shall not be known.” (Luke 12:2)

    How fitting that the Roman Catholic “church” who have so greatly dishonoured the name and cause of Jesus Christ and brought His religion into such disrepute is now being exposed and shamed in such a public way for the reproach they have laid upon Christ!
    That is the real SCANDAL!

    “Be not deceived; God is not mocked:” (Galatians 6:7)

    As Christ said: . “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”
    (Matt. 7:16)

    Roman Catholicism is not Christ’s Church!

    In solidarity with you my friend and all the victims of Roman Catholic predator clerics & those complicit in their crimes


    Citation: 1) Crimen Sollicitationis / Title V The Worst Crime
    73.To have the worst crime, for the penal effects, one must do the equivalent of the following: any obscene, external act, gravely sinful, perpetrated in any way by a cleric or attempted by him with youths of either sex or with brute animals (bestiality).

    P.S. The Rape Victims of the Catholic Church is a great site which exposes the ungodly/diabolical works of the unholy Roman Catholic “church”!

  28. June…
    The RCC has used that nasty, disgusting Bill Pig Face Donohue of the Catholic League to try to shut me up. Matter of fact, old Billy Bob Drunkle tried to get New York Hate Crimes Task force to arrest me for hate crimes against him.

    They came to NH to interview me. They decided afterwards..nope this was NO HATE crime, this was a victim standing up to his disgusting attacks. Yeah I called him many times, the punk only leaves that avenue of contacting him. I never threatened him, they went through each and every call I made and not ONCE did I threaten him…except for the fact that when he dies…he will be in hell, suffering just like I do in my nightmares, where I am gang raped by the priests and demons of hell…I guess he did not like hearing his eternity.

    So they left it up to NH. Imagine my surprise NOT, when the local prosecutor, Dan Buteau of Berlin NH had me arrested for harassment against Donohue…oh did I forget to mention, Dan is a life long Roman Catholic and his family is highly involved in the RC.

    Then they brought me to the Berlin District Court for trial. Hmm a Roman Catholic judge Paul Desjardins lol….

    My PD Jay Dugay was freaking amazing. He fought tooth and nail for me.

    I had to sit there in the courtroom, not ten feet from Pig Face. I still cannot wash his stench off of me and this was last year.

    He never looked at me…until he made the following statement:

    If a 15 year old is being messed with by a priest and he does not smack him, that means he not only wanted it, he enjoyed it and he is a homosexual because of it.

    He also did his famous John Jay report twist bs again…oh and isn’t it funny, the researcher of the report told him in 2010 he has it wrong? That homosexuality should NOT even enter into the equation? She even sent him a letter and the article that appeared in the paper of it.

    Then, imagine my further surprise when Buteau stated in his closing argument:

    Mr. LaFerriere claims he was raped by a priest, but how do we know he isn’t lying?

    Glad my lawyer was there, he blocked me from getting up and pinned me to my seat lol…indiscreetly of course.

    Well of course the RC judge convicted me and sentenced me to the year. Now this is a judge whom will not even sentence 6 time D.U. I. people to more than a month or two in jail.

    But he made a mistake. See afterwards, he called my lawyer and the prosecutor into his chambers and outright admitted bias against me, stating that I had been before him too many times and thought I went overboard in my calling Bill and had to be taught a lesson.

    See I had been before him about 7 times…and this was even written about in the Berlin Daily Sun. This freak named George Stanley was constantly filing restraining orders against me claiming I was his ex gay Wiccan lover and I had demon possessed him in all aspects of his life. George was mad at me because in 09 I got him convicted on two counts of criminal threatening against me lol.

    We appealed it to the Superior Court. They added more charges against me, including stalking and another count of harassment. We fought that..and eventually they dismissed it, but I missed a court hearing…and they remanded it back to the lower court for imposition of sentencing.

    Dugay then filed an appeal to the NH Supreme Court based on the judges bias against me. The NH Supreme Court accepted it early this month.

    We are now awaiting the outcome of that.

    I have also been the subject of death threats…many of them I believe from Pig Faces group Catholic League.

    Why just two nights ago, one of them named Chris tried to insinuate to me on a FB chat box that I was gay because of my priest rape. He did not like my reaction to him. I sort of threatened him that if he had the guts to come to my home and say it to my face…well he better have his will written out, his life insurance paid off and said goodbye to his loved ones. I guess I scared him so much he peed his drunken panties and called the cops where I live and told them I threatened him for no reason and he was scared to death of me.

    The police came here and talked to me. I showed them his crap. Well they were VERY nice. They said hey look, you cannot threaten anyone like that…just ignore them. I then talked to them for about 15 minutes about what we abuse survivors go through, and even mentioned what happened to Mike.

    They were pretty shocked by it all.

    I get death threats almost every day now. What these jerks do NOT understand is…I grew up on the streets really. I sadly even went to prison a few times, some of the roughest prisons around, including Maine…go read about that nuthouse…

    I am one tough little dude,,,I do in fact have three black belts and am currently studying Krav Maga. I also give advice on my fellow pedophile hunters on Facebook whom report pedo sites. Got to keep my brothers and sisters safe.

    Funny thing is…not one whom has threatened me…ever took me up on my offer yet to come and meet me.

    They get scared you know what when I describe accurately what happens when someone did mess with me..can even back up one where another freak tried to rape me in Gloucester, Mass and it is actually in the paper…he had a knife…I had a knife…I knew how to use mine much better than he did.

    Now would you like me to tell you how the two lovely Christian ladies with the Berlin Housing Authority in Berlin NH tried to kill me? Of course they also used the fact that I was suing them for something that even the Police were going to come to court and testify for me about…and during those hearings, again and again, they brought up the fact I was raped by a RC priest and was suing the church as their example of my being sue happy.

  29. BTW thank you for your comment on my blog…I love doing what I do there…exposing the Pedophile Pimps, Priests and the Parishioners whom bow down to them…instead of their Jesus Christ…

    The Catechism of the RCC:





    Offenses against chastity

    2356: Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person. It does injury to justice and charity. Rape deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right. It causes grave damage that can mark the victim for life. It is always an intrinsically evil act. Graver still is the rape of children committed by parents (incest) or those responsible for the education of the children entrusted to them.

  30. Frank . . in response to your comments above . .

    The real HATE crimes have been perpetrated by the Roman Catholic priests who preyed upon the innocent / helpless victims in their flocks and their ecclesiastical bosses, the bishops, et al, who shamefully covered up their criminal acts. Period!

    Bill Donahue is a hypocrite of the highest order. Inasmuch as we know RC clergy abuse was perpetrated / committed by RC priests / bishops, and inasmuch as the abuse has been characterized by their studies and their experts as “homosexual predation of Catholic youth”, there can be no doubt that the abuse was committed by homosexual priests/ bishops. Seems to me Mr. Donahue’s time . . energy . . resources . . and influence would be better spent routing out the homosexual / abusive priests / bishops in their cloistered community, rather than his continued harassment of victims of abuse. . He should use his bully pulpit to call for the dismissal and/or voluntary resignation of all “homosexual” clerics . . for “the good of the church”! So the question arises, why doesn’t he? Answer: Because he knows the number of homosexual priests/bishops that comprise the “hierarchy” is so significant, that if they were to dismiss the lot of them, that would bring the house down.

    These so-called “princes of the church” are quite comfortable being propped up by sexually active “homosexual clerics” while simultaneously defining homosexuality as “unnatural and depraved” and their conduct as “acts of grave depravity which are intrinsically disordered.” (See RC Catechism Article 6 / Par. 2357: 141, 142) A more glaring example of hypocrisy you could not find! The Bishops, who are the official voice of faith and morals to the RC “faithful” are themselves morally compromised and spiritually misguided and I might add ethically challenged. And I am being kind.

    More hypocrisy from the pope.
    In a Reuters Report of April 15, 2013 the headline read: ‘Pope Francis says hypocrisy undermines Church’s credibility’. Pope Francis said: “Inconsistency on the part of pastors and the faithful between what they say and what they do, between word and manner of life, is undermining the Church’s credibility,”
    Yet ‘ Pope Francis says he won’t ‘judge’ gay priests’ / . Source: USA Today / July 29, 2013

    Conclusion: the RCC’s doctrinal position regarding homosexuality is untenable, and I might add, affords irrefutable proof that they are devoid of moral authority.
    Despite their double-talk, the hypocrisy that is in view is not lost on the dwindling faithful, nor on those who are not part of the Catholic community. The exodus from their pews continues unabated.

    Frank, I truly emphathise with you, and at the same time, I’m sure the ordeal you suffered at the hands of abusive priests can only be fully appreciated by those who have endured the same degradation and humiliation at the hands of these sadistic “men of the cloth”. I have followed very closely some of the more public cases, like that of the trial of Will Lynch in 2012 and was elated when the jury rendered a verdict that thoroughly vindicated him.
    In that connection, I wrote: “The jury has rendered a just and equitable verdict. The law has been (and continues to be) conspicuously overlooked in the case of Jerold Lindner, while in the case of Will Lynch it was egregiously misapplied. The jury has rectified these gross and glaring inequities so evidently in view in the case and throughout the proceedings. The jury has secured for Will Lynch the justice he has so courageously and tirelessly fought for, and that which law enforcement, the DA’s office and the Catholic church collectively failed to render. Their decision has vindicated him, along with the other victims of Jerold Lindner that he represented by proxy who were denied justice as well.
    Their verdict has sent a clear and unambiguous message that those who wear clerical collars are not above the law, nor immune from prosecution!
    Thankfully the members of the jury were able to distinguish the VILLIAN from the VICTIM! Thanks to the jury members and congratulations to Mr. Lynch’s attorneys for their superlative defense of Mr. Lynch.
    THANKS be to GOD for prayers answered!”
    I will be praying for you as well Frank May it please God to plead your cause and render for you a favorable ruling in your case before the NH Supreme Court.
    Rest assured that though your abusers and those complicit with their crimes may be able to evade real justice here and now, it is certain they will one day be held accountable. They will not escape the final judgment, and the divine sentence that awaits them, when justice in truth will be exacted upon them by the just and righteous Judge over all the earth, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Roman Catholicism is not Christ’s Church!

  31. certainly like your web-site but you need to test the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very troublesome to inform the reality then again I¡¦ll surely come again again.

  32. First is NOT ONLY the RCC promoting hate.

    What do you say to Pastor Charles Worley, of the Providence Road Baptist Church in North Carolina whom states, to shouts of hearty amen from his congregation: “I’ve never been as sick in my life of our President getting’ up and saying it was alright for two women to marry, or two men to marry. I can tell you right now, I was disappointed bad,” Pastor Worley was recorded saying. “I’ll tell you right there, it’s as sorry as you can get. The Bible is against, God’s against, I’m against and if you’ve got any sense you’re against!”

    But his fury and indignation only intensified when talking about what his solution would be for gays and lesbians:

    “I had a way… I figured a way out – a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers – but I couldn’t get it past the Congress,” he said.

    “Build a great big, large fence – 50 or a 100 miles long – and put all the lesbians in there. Fly over and drop some food. Do the same thing with the queers and the homosexuals – and have that fence electrified so they can’t get out. Feed ‘em. And you know in a few years, they’ll die out. You know why? They can’t reproduce.”

    Pretty hate-filled and totally against Jesus Christs commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself eh?

    Or how about Pastor Scott Lively?

    Scott Lively, pastor and head of Abiding Truth Ministries, has made warning of the dangers of homosexuality a primary focus of his ministry. According to him, “the gays” are responsible for everything from the Spanish Inquisition to the Holocaust. In fact, even Noah was forced to deal with the gay agenda and had to build the arc since the floods were caused by God’s anger about wedding songs for gay weddings.

    Not content to share his beliefs within the confines of the church pews, Lively has spent two decades crusading against the pervasive poison of homosexuality through books, giving talks and promoting legislation, including one bill in Oregon that would have made it legal to discriminate against LGBT people. He also led and/or co-founded organizations with anti-gay agendas, including the Oregon Citizens Alliance and Watchmen on the Wall. Both of these organizations were filled with devout Christians intent on fighting the homosexual agenda.

    In March 2002, Pastor Lively took his campaign of hate international when he was invited to speak at a conference in Uganda which focused on the links of homosexuality and pornography. He returned a few months later for more speaking engagements, as well as meeting with local government officials to discuss “practical” solutions to dealing with porn – which he views as a sort of gateway drug to homosexuality. He also had a strong European following for his Watchmen group, which was co-founded with a Russian radio host and Latvian pastor. He did a 50 city European tour in 2007, declaring the gay rights movement “as the most dangerous political movement in the world.”

    A subsequent trip to Uganda in 2009 put his crusade on a potentially deadly path and now has him facing a trial for crimes against humanity.

    In March 2009, Scott Lively was one of the key speakers at an anti-gay conference held in Kampala, Uganda. He gave three lectures on the final day during which claimed homosexuality was the cause of the Rwandan genocide, Nazism and declared AIDS a justifiable punishment from God. He also identified childhood sexual abuse as a direct cause of being gay.

    The remainder of his time in Kampala had him speaking at churches, universities and with parliament about the dangers of homosexuality. At the end of his self-described “resoundingly positive” and “highly successful” campaign, Lively left Uganda assured that the moral climate in Uganda would change significantly in the coming weeks.

    It took one month.

    In April 2009, a new anti-homosexuality bill was introduced in the Ugandan parliament. Already illegal and punishable by a maximum of life imprisonment, homosexuality was further criminalized by expanding the definition of what was considered homosexual acts. Certain violations were punishable by death.

    It would be known as the “Kill the Gays” bill.

    In March of 2012, the Center for Constitution Rights filed a federal lawsuit against Scott Lively and his current organization, Abiding Truth Ministries. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), a non-profit umbrella organization for LGBT advocacy groups in Uganda.

    The complaint alleges that Lively specifically sought out Uganda to further his agenda, knowing that Uganda was fertile ground to “meaningfully provoke and bring about the persecution of the LGBT community.” It connects his actions, beginning with his 2002 visit to Uganda, to the escalation of anti-gay propaganda and persecution in Uganda, culminating with the Kill the Gays bill.

    It is the first known sexual identity and gender discrimination suit under the Alien Tort Statute (ATS), which allows foreign victims to sue corporations, governments and individuals for human rights violations.

    Lively’s attorneys sought to get the case dismissed on a variety of claims, including that the plaintiffs had no standing, the Alien Tort Statute did not apply, and everything he said was protected by the First Amendment.

    In a ruling last week, a federal judge disagreed, saying that because his activities occurred both in the United States and Uganda, the plaintiffs had standing, including jurisdictional. Furthermore, Lively’s actions went beyond speech and noted deliberate activity to deny LGBT people basic individual rights.

    In other words, the case can go forward because “many authorities implicitly support the principle that widespread, systematic persecution of individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity constitutes a crime against humanity that violates international norms” and the plaintiff’s allegations are sufficient at this stage to allow the case to go forward.

    The judge did not make a ruling on the merits of the claims, but this clears the way for the trial to proceed.

    The Kill the Gays bill has been circulated multiple times, most recently in February of 2013. It’s still awaiting passage in parliament.

    In their complaint, Sexual Minorities Uganda seek a judgment declaring Lively’s actions illegal, in violation of international law, and in violation of their fundamental human rights.

    Scott Lively was not alone; Don Schriemer and Caleb Lee Brundige were also there, preaching the same message of hate.

    These are just some of the Christians I have reports on that advocate murdering gays and lesbians. 1,000’s of them actually. Also go to stories that talk about passage of civil rights for gays and lesbians to marry and look at the comment sections for the stories.


  33. secondly get it straight.


    Donohue is scum. He goes by the John Jay report to back up his claims this is a homosexual problem and not a pedophile problem. It is also a control problem. These people rape children for the power of control over the child’s lives.

    But guess what? One of the very researchers called him on the carpet years ago for it. So do a lot of other people whom deal with this and have a lot more smarts than most. This is what they told Donohue.

    One of the researchers responsible for a landmark statistical study of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church says that Catholic League president William Donohue “drew an unwarranted conclusion” from her work when he claimed that “most” of the clergy who committed the abuse have been “gay.”

    In a March 30 ad published in The New York Times, Donohue described the sex abuse scandal as a “homosexual crisis.” Donohue added: “Eighty percent of the victims of priestly sexual abuse are male and most of them are post-pubescent. While homosexuality does not cause predatory behavior, and most gay priests are not molesters, most of the molesters have been gay.”

    During a March 31 appearance on CNN, Donohue elaborated on his claim, specifically citing a 2004 study produced by researchers at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, which found that 81 percent of the alleged victims of sexual abuse by priests were male. During the CNN segment, Donohue repeated his assertion that “most of the molesters have been gay.”

    But in an interview with Media Matters, Margaret Smith — a John Jay College criminologist who worked on the 2004 study — said that while Donohue “quoted the study’s data correctly,” he “drew an unwarranted conclusion” in asserting that most of the abusers were gay.

    Explaining that it is an oversimplification to assume to that priests who abuse male victims are gay, Smith said: “The majority of the abusive acts were homosexual in nature. That participation in homosexual acts is not the same as sexual identity as a gay man.”

    As an example, Smith pointed to the case of Marcial Maciel Degollado, a prominent Mexican priest who allegedly abused male children and also allegedly carried on affairs with multiple women. Smith noted that while Maciel allegedly abused boys, most people would not think of him as a gay man.

    In a November 18, 2009, Politics Daily column about Smith’s research, David Gibson reported:

    “What we are suggesting is that the idea of sexual identity be separated from the problem of sexual abuse,” said Margaret Smith, a researcher from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, which is conducting an independent study of sexual abuse in the priesthood from 1950 up to 2002. “At this point, we do not find a connection between homosexual identity and an increased likelihood of sexual abuse.”

    A second researcher, Karen Terry, also cautioned the bishops against making a correlation between homosexuality in the priesthood and the high incidence of abuse by priests against boys rather than girls — a ratio found to be about 80-20.

    “It’s important to separate the sexual identity and the behavior,” Terry said. “Someone can commit sexual acts that might be of a homosexual nature but not have a homosexual identity.” Terry said factors such as greater access to boys is one reason for the skewed ratio. Smith also raised the analogy of prison populations where homosexual behavior is common even though the prisoners are not necessarily homosexuals, or cultures where men are rigidly segregated from women until adulthood, and homosexual activity is accepted and then ceases after marriage.

    Such conclusions, moreover, are not unique to analyses of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. As Think Progress noted, Gregory Herek, a psychology professor at the University of California-Davis, analyzed a number of studies and concluded: “The empirical research does not show that gay or bisexual men are any more likely than heterosexual men to molest children. This is not to argue that homosexual and bisexual men never molest children. But there is no scientific basis for asserting that they are more likely than heterosexual men to do so.”

  34. I re-post copyrighted material straight from the news sources. I cannot change any of the typos of them. That would violate copyright laws. I have permission to re-post the stories, but I cannot change anything with them, even spelling errors lol.

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