LicenSing Online Expands Music Catalog Through Augsburg Fortress Partnership

PORTLAND, Ore., January 29, 2015 – Augsburg Fortress, the ministry of publishing of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), added their extensive collection of hymns to LicenSing Online’s music service this month. Now more than 800 of the most popular and loved songs in the Lutheran tradition are available to share with the world in a new way.

“Together we share a commitment to engaging and faithful music for worshiping communities gathered around the world, so we think it’s a good fit for us and for those we serve,” said Rev. Martin A. Seltz, publisher for Worship, Music, and Congregational Life at
 Augsburg Fortress.

LicenSing Online has been providing reprint permissions to churches, schools and other ministries since 1993, offering easy and legal access to more than 50,000 songs for an affordable annual or short-term fee.

Now in partnership with Augsburg Fortress, LicenSing Online is able to expand their music offerings to a larger community, furthering the mission to serve the many worship needs around the world. “We give schools, churches, and other faith groups a convenient way to find the music, choose a reprint license that meets their needs and ensure the composer and publishers still receive their royalty proceeds. It’s a win-win for everyone,” said Paul Raspa, general manager of LicenSing Online.

About LicenSing Online
LicenSing Online is brought to you by International Christian Resources, LLC, based in Portland, Oregon. LicenSing Online serves the many worship needs of church and school communities with multiple license options and a digital music store of congregational editions, accompaniments, choral music and MP3s.