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Can there be an ‘atheist vote’? Nonreligious set sights on 2016

Thousands of atheists and unbelievers gather on the National Mall for the 2013 Reason Rally. RNS photo by Tyrone Turner
Senator David Vitter (R-LA) leaves the Senate floor on Capitol Hill in Washington on May 7, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Gary Cameron *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-ATHEIST-VOTE, originally transmitted on May 28, 2015.

Sen. David Vitter, R-La., leaves the Senate floor on Capitol Hill in Washington on May 7, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Gary Cameron
*Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-ATHEIST-VOTE, originally transmitted on May 28, 2015.

(RNS) A few years ago, when atheist activists asked U.S. Sen. David Vitter, a Louisiana Republican, to tone down a Christian-oriented message to voters, they were told, “There aren’t any atheists in Louisiana.”

But according to a new Pew Research Center survey, not only are there atheists in Louisiana, there are agnostics and “nones” — people who say they have no religious affiliation — too.

The May 12 survey found that 2 percent of Louisianans are atheist, another 2 percent are agnostic, and 13 percent are unaffiliated “nones.” Those numbers are amplified nationally, where the religiously unaffiliated have grown to about 22 percent, or 56 million Americans, up 19 million people from 2007.

“It’s easy to ignore 2, 3 or 4 percent of the population,” said Kelly Damerow, interim director of Secular Coalition for America, who met with Vitter’s staff in April 2013. “But with this state-by-state breakdown we can now go into their offices and say, ‘Here’s your state.’ It’s hard to ignore almost 1 in 5 people.”

As the 2016 election approaches, atheist, humanist and other freethinking activists are encouraged. They say their longtime goal of creating a cohesive and formidable secular voting bloc from the diverse and scattered category of the nonreligious has taken new life from the study — and could carry them far if they use the data wisely.

The unaffiliated make up a growing share across generations. Photo courtesy of Pew Research Center

The unaffiliated make up a growing share across generations. Photo courtesy of Pew Research Center

“It is going to translate into a lot of political clout and social acceptance if we manage this correctly,” said David Silverman, president of American Atheists.

Silverman, Damerow and other atheist and humanist activists have different strategies but agree that the hurdles are steep. Nonbelievers tend to be nonjoiners.

“We don’t herd cats, we lead them,” Silverman said. “We don’t say, ‘Hey everybody, if you want to be an atheist you have to join American Atheists,’ because they are going to tell you what do with that suggestion.”

Instead, American Atheists’ take-away is that the organization should amplify its emphasis on church and state issues, such as the tax-exempt status of churches and the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance, and reframe them as economic issues, education issues and health issues.

“These are all issues that can be used to bind atheists, by any name, together,” Silverman said. “We hope that will be recognized by politicians.”

Thousands of atheists and unbelievers gather on the National Mall for the 2013 Reason Rally.  RNS photo by Tyrone Turner

Thousands of atheists and unbelievers gather on the National Mall for the 2013 Reason Rally. RNS photo by Tyrone Turner

Damerow, whose organization lobbies Congress on behalf of 17 nontheist organizations, including American Atheists, the American Humanist Association and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, said nine sitting members of Congress attended Lobby Day, the Secular Coalition’s signature annual event, in the last nine years. That number should grow.

“Candidates who go to prayer breakfasts are fighting over a disappearing constituency,” she said. “We won’t need to beg for the recognition of candidates.”

But John C. Green, director of the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, said that if atheists want a voting bloc, they should look to the evangelicals’ playbook. In the 1970s, evangelicals were as diverse as the nonbelievers are now. Evangelicals disagreed on theology but found common ground in political issues such as abortion and marriage.

“Jerry Falwell didn’t get along with Pentecostals, but they were able to convince their people that for political purposes they could get along,” Green said. “I can see a very similar thing happening with the Secular Coalition and other organizations that are trying to get conversations going with people not involved in organized religion.”

But there is another hurdle — polls consistently show that Americans are least likely to vote for an atheist. David Gutterman, co-author of the forthcoming “Political Religion and Religious Politics,” said that only coalition-building can combat that bias. “If you start with atheism as the place to bring people to, I think that is the wrong path,” he said.

Ryan Cragun is even less optimistic. A nonbeliever and sociologist of religion at the University of Tampa, he said that even though the religiously unaffiliated are now second only to evangelicals in size, the membership rolls of major atheist and humanist organizations only total about 100,000.

“Yes, maybe 23 percent of the population is nonreligious, but there is maybe 1 million that you could reach through these groups,” he said. “Until they can say 15 million Americans will vote against you or your party, no one is going to take them seriously.”


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Kimberly Winston

Kimberly Winston is a freelance religion reporter based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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  • No, there isn’t any “atheist vote.”

    “Religiously unaffiliated” and “non-believer” are not interchangeable terms. I thought it had already been demonstrated that most of the “Nones” are wary of identifying with a particular religious denomination but still believe in religious crap (or don’t know what they believe or disbelieve because they’re so “open-minded”).

    The “nones” are, in my experience, friendly to religion and at least as hostile to atheism and secularism as the religious are. If anything, they obsess over the sins (real and imagined) of “movement atheism” far more than religious people do. They are also not, from what I have seen, enthusiastic about church/state separation. They are either apathetic on that issue or see it as a manifestation of “white privilege,” “colonialism,” etc.

  • There are many, many more Americans tired and frustrated with churches that interfere in our political process and the civil rights of other Americans than you realize.

  • Oh heavens, more strangulation of the already psychotic politician-speak!
    Don’t mention God
    Agree with abortion.
    Defend the illusion of a gay marriage.
    Demand the legalization of pot.
    Never say anything that remotely blames rioters as the problem in urban areas.
    Never defend the police.
    Never equate Islam with terrorism.
    Never refer to a woman as “she” or “her”.
    Remind us how atheists have built this country into the greatest democracy in history………
    Basically, don’t say anything that you truly believe unless the voters believe it too.
    Good luck.

  • Voters make up those churches you dismiss as civil rights abusers. Why don’t you just demand they be executed? ISIS could use you.

  • I didn’t identify any churches in particular. You just seem to react with rage at anyone who doesn’t share your political agenda. I feel sorry for you.

  • Here’s another way this sad poster attacks anyone who disagrees with his political agenda. It seems JR attempted to project his own desire to have his enemies executed. Is JR a “dominion Christian”? The founder of “dominion Christianity,” R. J. Rushdoony, did write out a whole list of Americans he wanted to murder if he was ever successful in destroying our government and setting himself up as the dictator.

    But I’m glad JR shows those who don’t share his political agenda need to stand together.

  • CarrotCake,

    I can appreciate your statement in this regard. It’s one of the reasons why those in my faith, including me, never get involved in politics, nor wars, worldwide.

    We are basically theocrats, those who support God’s rule over man, instead of man’s rule over man (we have seen the obvious results of “that” rule over the ages ?).

    God’s kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel 2:44; Matthew 4:17) has intense love for mankind, as well as the necessary power, to accomplish all its promises and purposes (Isaiah 11:1-9; Revelation 21:3,4).

    Besides that, it is a perfect, just and impartial government; another reason I wholeheartedly support and “vote” for it instead.

    It will make no difference to me whether there is an “atheist vote” or not; but I am sure that atheists will be very supportive of it.

  • “Until they can say 15 million Americans will vote against you or your party, no one is going to take them seriously.”

    Depends on the issues of 2016.
    Every time a Republican speaks about Jesus he or she creates 10,000 Atheists.

    People hate churches more than ever. And young people won’t take things on faith.

    Even people who like Jesus (they shouldn’t) can’t stand seeing Republicans use religion in place of a decent political platform – and it is particularly disgusting when they use religion to deny science.

    America is regressive enough without religion in politics. The first candidate to acknowledge the Bible is just nonsense will get my vote.

  • Of COURSE there’s an Atheist Vote.

    How do you think our education system became a place where teens and pre-teens engage in sex like gerbils in a cage and urban schools have drop out rates like rain in Brazil. Where the populace is so mentally ill that suicide and depression are as common as green on a suburban lawn. Where violence and vice are a human rights campaign. Negative behaviors and rotten morality etc., etc., etc., etc..

    It’s no surprise that sodomy and drugs are now being legalized by cheering throngs. Where just surviving the fertilization process is as risky as wearing the wrong colors in a gang-infested part of town.

    We are living in a godless age where the ultimate authority is egotism.

    Without doubt, and in no number of shades of grey there is an Atheist Vote. Go buy some condoms and hope you survive your next sex act.

  • Thanks Carrot head, you are such a loyal fan of mine. Your inability to comprehend, though, bars you from being my BFF. I stand over here with people who have morals, limits, societal understanding, and a sense of history. You, you little religious wannabe, stand over there with the battered, bullied, emotionally damaged outsiders that try to create a world that they might fit into. You have some faceless “friends’ here of course, but do they really count? C’mon, be honest.
    No, you blending into normal society will only make you invisible again….and oh, those memories are still raw.

  • The fact is, any abandoning of acceptance of the presence of God has absolutely no connection to any legitimate analysis.
    They trot out lies like, “All the wars in history were caused by religion”.
    They toss about depraved sentiments like, “If you love someone, then you accept anything whatsoever that they do”, a denial of how parents behave. But, then, there doesn’t seem to be many studies relating atheistic tendencies and treatment of parents by their children who became atheists.
    They trundle garbage like saying they have proof God is not present, then, when asked for it, blurt, “You can’t prove a negative”, itself a lie.
    Then they engage in the delusional act of demanding God is not present, then write His name with a lowercase “g” to spite Him!

  • Really? Sounds like a liberal-progressive left-winger gay activist.

    Whoops, sorry for the redundancy.

  • I wish that Julian Penrod would not pour out so much hatred and venom against people who happen not to share his views.

  • BB,

    “How do you think our education system became a place where ….egotism”

    The Far Right Christian Republican policies which cut funding for education across the board, cut funding for arts and cultural education, cut shop classes and carpentry classes in high schools and cut funding for trade schools and expanded education for poor people – RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN REPUBLICANS increased spending on violence (jails and wars) and increased spending on religion.

    Lousy education caused by cuts from Christians lead to lousy jobs and a lousy country.

    Religion poisoned America.
    But it is beginning to shake off religion somewhat so there is finally hope for the future.

  • Michael,

    Um, the LGBT community, in league with the godless and heretical communities, demand that everyone not only shares their views but has to live by them the moment they step out of their homes. Or else they get showered with hatred and venom.

    You don’t get out much do you? Or just read Larry, Ben in Oakland and Atheist Max for all of the vitriol they can on those people who happen not to share their views.

  • Typical Atheist,

    The kids from private Christian schools are so far advanced in academics, they simply excel to the AP and Honors classes the moment they have to go to a “public” school. My children are typical examples of high achievers. In fact almost every student in Honors and AP classes came from private Christian schools. Now, the druggies and the abortion-chicks, they seemed to have ALL come through the public school system. Every single one of them. The gangsters and the atheists? ALL came through the public school system. Those expelled from the public high schools? ALL came through the public school system. Atheism drives the secular power mongers.

    If you desired to be honest, you would see that it is the unhinged (from God) and rabidly secular that end up in filling mental health clinics and the criminal-corrections institutions. Having a tattoo of Jesus on your chest or shoulder and acting like a demoniac, is far more like a “unbeliever” than a saint.

  • What Christian is in any way surprised by any of these polls? Evangelicals have been bashed as “judgmental” for decades because they kept preaching and teaching that not that many people are believers. Now, they have been proven as honest and worthy handlers of the truth. And of course, of The Truth.

    As the words of Jesus prove beyond any doubt.

  • “the druggies and the abortion-chicks, they seemed to have ALL come through the public school system.”

    The only two kids I knew who died of drug overdoses were in the same Catholic school as me.

    My children went only to public schools until they went on to Ivy League colleges; Harvard and Brown.

    The only conclusion one can fairly surmise is that you are uneducated yourself.

  • “denying the presence of God is concomitant with calls for the legalizing of hard drugs;”

    What a knuckle-headed thing to say!
    The entire Academy of Science is comprised of 3500 ATHEISTS and none of them do hard drugs.

    Meanwhile 99% of the prison population claims to be Christian – yet most of them do hard drugs – even in prison!

    You grew up thinking priests were like Bing Crosby and Jimmy Stewart. Get a book or a newspaper and read something.

  • I am often saddened by athiesm. There is much to gain by religion. Who else created the universe if not God? Was it by chance? How? How could our position in space, the amount of life on this planet, the beauty of the world, all be chance? How could the fact that the Earth has not been destroyed by meteors been chance? Look at the life of Christ, the miracles that He did. Was this all a big hoax? How did he rise from the dead, then? There is a God, end of story.

  • I would like for someone to tell me why the human brain works as it does? I know we have it mapped out, with areas Vs. function, but why? Why memory for that matter? Or why we developed eyes that have lenses, that project light through a liquid to the back of the eye with rods and cones that absorb light, transmit the impulses through nerves to nerve centers in the brain that flip the image over so we can rationalize what we “see,” with the brain crunching images for us? This is a wacky thing to believe is the product of strictly “evolution.” Our earth tends to bring things from order, to disorder. That is nature. All things rot when dead. Life opposes nature. All things life, whether vegetation, or animal, is in opposition to nature. Take a look at any of our other planets. Now those are the product of raw nature. Life on the other hand is a gift from God.

  • Do you want to outdo them?

    If you do, others will simply conclude that you are no better than your opponents.

  • We are just watching the re-invention of a new style secular Socialism. Same vilification’s, same mind-control of the once-civil populace. Most people no nothing of history. Germany’s “National Socialist Party did everything the “secular movement” (see atheism) with “Political Correctness” is doing now. The Christians that stand against the PC Secularism as be vilified in the exact same way as the Jewish population was in Germany and elsewhere. It took decades for the German National Socialists to gain enough power and influence to overtake and overcome the sensible people in their society.

    “Haters, homophobes, ignorant’s, flat earthers” etc., etc., etc.. Christians, who EVEN the Irish show are beneficial for society, are being attacked and cheered on by the PC movement as villainous. German Socialists moved into Churches and once they could not convert them totally, used propaganda against Christians.

    Welcome to the same ol’ same ol’ of history very quickly,…

  • Max propagandist,

    Did you mean the Harvard that was founded by Christians?

    That Harvard?

    Guess “Christians” are the closed minded goofs your propaganda brain-washes people to believe.

    Oh, and Brown University founded by Baptists et al?

    In commemoration of this history, each spring for over two centuries, faculty and the graduating class proceed down the hill, in academic dress, to the grounds of the First Baptist Meeting House (erected in 1774, “for the publick Worship of Almighty GOD and also for holding Commencement in”) to publicly confer the bachelors degree…

  • Atheism proclaims that human beings are just soulless animated dust. Somehow making noise about social justice. Which doesn’t exist in a mindless universe.

    Now, think about why Jesus used that very definition when He said to shake the dust from your shoes and move on when referencing those that reject the Gospel.

    You can’t reach the reprobate. Was Judas at the Cross repenting? No, he committed suicide.

    Sound familiar?

    It’s as sad, but people make their own choices and God is not the tyrant and Puppet Master that atheism demands.

    That is why the choice aspect has to be driven out of this new national socialist movement.

  • OK so we have 3 posters who feel a knee jerk need to talk about atheists but are completely effing clueless about them.

    J. Adams, magical thinking iis no substitute for actual knowledge. You are spouting a canned argument for creationism. You are misrepresenting the scientific ideas it opposes.

    Greg1, your ignorance of biology and evolutionary theory is duly noted and a terrible argument for God. It makes your belief appear to he a function of your personal ignorance. Our eyes are terrible from an engineering perspective. Full of accrued flaws.

  • @BB,

    Of course Harvard and Brown were founded by Christians – everyone was forced to be Christian at one time. So what? The Catholic Church was founded by Fascists who threatened death for non-compliance! What exactly impresses you about this?

    I raised my kids Catholic and had them baptized. Their minds were opened long before mine was – and their Atheism was part of what inspired me to begin to rethink my religion.

    You don’t know the rest of the story. But that doesn’t stop you from making all sorts of claims.

  • Atheist Max, let’s review.

    – “denying the presence of God is concomitant with calls for the legalizing of hard drugs;” –

    That’s proven as true by just watching the real world.

    “The entire Academy of Science is comprised of 3500 ATHEISTS and none of them do hard drugs.”

    Of course. It is scientists with science that invent the drugs!

    “Meanwhile 99% of the prison population claims to be Christian – yet most of them do hard drugs – even in prison!”

    Sir, calling yourself nice, but inventing drugs? Does that make the scientists nice guys?

    If these criminals in prison, were to behave as Jesus and His Apostles did, are you seriously claiming they would end up committing criminal acts? Because, as you know, Christians are in prison for being like Jesus and the only crime they ever committed was to reject other people’s ways of life and never committing any crime.

    Your views seem quite empty.

  • Julian Penrod,

    “any abandoning of acceptance of the presence of God has absolutely no connection to any legitimate analysis….”

    Dogmatic, unimaginative, totalitarian, fascist nonsense.
    You do press all the buttons.

  • @J.Adams,

    “Look at the life of Christ, the miracles that He did. Was this all a big hoax?”

    I was a believer.
    You are free to believe – I’m not telling you that God does not exist. I simply do not know.

    But in the meantime a number of things about Christ stopped adding up:

    Christ is over-rated:
    “Bring to me those enemies, Execute them in front of me” – JESUS (Luke 19:27) This is from a terrible, horrible parable about obedience. Millions of innocent people have been needlessly slaughtered because of those words of Jesus.

    Prayer fails
    Prayers are just wish lists. It might make some people feel better to believe in it – but It is a primitive superstition and it is subverts intelligence and sets up a dishonest view of reality. That is harmful to believers themselves.
    If prayer really worked ambulances would drive to churches and not hospitals.
    I understand why you don’t want to accept this. It hurts. I know.

  • @New Guy,

    “ATHEIST MAX…If these criminals in prison, were to behave as Jesus and His Apostles did, are you seriously claiming they would end up committing criminal acts?”

    It is probably how they got to prison in the first place. LOL!


    “Do any crime you want, I’ll forgive you” (1 John: 1:7)
    “Jesus died so you could get away with your crimes” (Acts 2:38)
    “Go out, screw up the way I know you will; I’ll still forgive you” (1 John 2:1)
    “I died so you could get off the hook, I will forgive any crime” (Matthew 26:28)
    “Ignore the laws of man – I’ll wipe you clean!” (Hebrews 10:17)
    “Jesus came to bless your screw ups with forgiveness!” (John 3:16)

    No other idea has led to more anarchy and irresponsibility
    in the history of civilization. Only Islam comes close.

  • @New Guy,

    Try reading your Bible.
    Replace the word ‘sin’ with ‘crime’ and the wickedness behind these messages becomes clear:

    “If you are not a criminal, I’m not interested in you – I only came to forgive CRIMINALS” – JESUS (Matthew 9:13)

    “God made sure everyone is born a criminal – good news, God will forgive you for all your crimes.” (Romans 3:23)

    “It is free – your crimes can be infinite. They will still be blotted out!” (Acts 3:19)

    “Since JESUS made sure you were born a criminal, he guarantees forgiveness of your crimes” (1 Corinthians 10:13)

    Religion is like Alcohol, Cigarettes, Astrology and Gambling.
    You have your right to it.
    Just don’t expect me to respect it or admire it.
    They are primitive, ridiculous collections of theories about reality.

    We are better off without them.

  • Why ask questions you obviously don’t care about finding the answers to? Is your answer for everything God did it? If you really cared about understanding why thinks happened you’d be reading a science book not the bible. And it’s not chance that we haven’t been destroyed by meteors it’s thanks to planets like Jupiter whose enormous gravity pulls in large meteors that we haven’t been obliterated yet.

  • I don’t need to understand atheists, they define themselves every time they open their mouths. Like me wanting to understand how the anus works…….it is what it is.

  • You want to talk about pressing all the buttons Max, you must have ten pairs of fingers and are as cliche as it comes. When are you going to bring out the true freethinker zinger: “Who created God?” Or, “Why are babies born blind.”

    Wow, how deep.

  • @Zaelkrie

    Yes we Christians know that. Remember, all those great Universities?

    Founded by Christians.

    Now of course, with the rise of humanism the Colleges have to new laws passed to stop rapes of unconscious people.

    Of course, the enlightenment of godless secularism. Brought us porn and drug addiction.

  • Max cliche mill:

    Ask the North Koreans how they like an atheist world? Or the tens of millions in unmarked graves throughout the ex-iron-curtain parts of atheist Europe.

    You have the right to peddle materialism in your brand of hate speech, but don’t expect the attention you crave to not be from those that pity you or interact with you out of fascination for seeing what your kind actually is.

  • A trip into any urban environment today and the filth and horrors committed daily are from a secularism that imparts soulless value in the human mind.

    Atheism as it is fruit falling from the tree.

    We are better off without atheism, but you just can’t keep mankind from choosing godless depravity.

    Seems the very story of mankind. Even our science is used for avarice, vice and violence. As if there was a sin nature in all of us from birth.


  • @BeB,

    “Ask the North Koreans how they like an atheist world?”

    North Korea is the most religious country on earth.

    You love to point to Messianic leaders and complain about how Atheist they are:
    Hitler (Catholic), Stalin (Orthodox Christian Czar – Religious Cult of Personality), Hirohito (Sun God), Pol Pot (Theravada Buddhist Cult of Personality)

    Meanwhile, in the USA you live under an Atheist Regime (“Congress shall make no law establishing a religion”) and yet you have the right to go to your Church unencumbered by Messiahs.
    That is no accident!

    It is the result of Separation of Church and State which ensures you your right to religion and simultaneously keeps Messiahs from taking over this country.

  • You grew up thinking priests were like Bing Crosby and Jimmy Stewart. Get a book or a newspaper and read something. – Atheist Christian-basher to the Max.

    Well, if you take up a newspaper today, and look at the “stories,” you see a secularism that has society so depressed and worried that you can’t tell who is mentally ill or just babbling about one of a dozen problems some poor slob has to deal with in a sickened world.

    Now, over at the Mega Church?

    Happy joy-filled people using their University Degrees for something more worthwhile than making the poor poorer and themselves richer.

    While of course, the atheist organizations are looking for more legal ways to shut up those happy people.

    Oh well, what a weird world of reality we are living in.

    Atheism on the rise, as is mental illness.

  • @BB,

    “Now, over at the Mega Church?
    Happy joy-filled people using their University Degrees for something more worthwhile ….”

    Oh, really?

    “the only cure for homosexuals is that they be put to death” – Pastor Robbie Galaty, Tennessee Megachurch, Sept 4, 2014

    I only wish i was making it up.
    Religion is a disaster.

  • Atheist Max May 29, 2015 at 12:34 am:

    “The only two kids I knew who died of drug overdoses were in the same Catholic school as me.”

    Guess they shouldn’t have become an atheist huh.

    What’s the intense numbers of suicides now in “secular” schools there Maxie?

    So it’s safe to say that godlessness brings on depression and hopelessness even in modern countries. I can see why this is so from what kind of perspective on the negative that you display in your posts.

    At least become a deist and save your own life.

    “My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble minds. That deeply emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God.”

    – Albert Einstein

    It’s OK to be angry at or ignorant of God. It’s not OK to harm people with atheism. Not even…

  • Max
    Your success rate in converting fundamentalists is probably pretty low. You have to accept the fact that many if not all of them are unreachable by anything you can say. The best argument is to live an honorable life.
    best wishes

  • Larry, then why does engineering replicate what nature has given us? Why not start over, and design a totally new system? Why use light absorbing media as a means to generate images? Why not re-engineer the whole thing based upon other scientific principles rather than light (i.e., uv, visible, infrared, and far infrared)?

  • JR. I am an atheist, and the son of a police chief from small town america. I have a close relationship with my christian family, and have islamic friends. I wish to assure you that a disbelief in god does equal to a disbeleif in morals.
    It works the other way as well. A beleif in god does not equate to a beleif in morals. Please be upstanding for christian values and do not engage in name calling, or associating individual people with the attrocities that are commited in the world.
    Fellow atheists; you do not get a free pass. Respect for others is paramount in all forms of peacefull society. Name calling and blaming does nnonot foster communication.
    I hope for a world where one is not judged for their faith or lack there of. Many atheist do not want you to hide your faith. We just don’t want the faithfull ruling our lives. Imagine for a moment being a christian living under sharia law. With so many christian politicians that is a close facsimie.

  • dmj76,

    My job is to sow doubt and question the claims of religious people in the news stories at RNS.

    It is impossible for me to fail in that limited role.

  • Suicide and mental illness and crimes in your secular country Max? As the populace goes godless, the horrors mount up for the populace. Your myopic attempts of quoting Jesus and then ascribing His ways to Hitler and the National Socialist Party he ran shows the utterly worthlessness of your position. Your freethinker cliches are laughable.

    It obviously takes a more numbers of good people versus the godless, to keep things in check. There’s no doubt that EVEN the deists and atheists knew of the sicknesses that materialism creates in the minds of the powerful with their stance on gun ownership for the populace to protect against the actions of godless leaders in power. Paine almost lost his life in fanatical political power grabs of the atheists of France. Which brings me to this interesting observation, you atheists trust men that hadn’t a clue about how their political hubris would be used to slaughter people in the conquest of America. Very telling.

  • Max,

    Produce a link for this please:

    “The only cure for homosexuals is that they be put to death”
    – Pastor Robbie Galaty, Tennessee Megachurch, Sept 4, 2014

    I can’t find anything when I google that.

  • Fran, it’s disgusting and pretty telling that you inject your religion sales job into every post you make.

    How come your god can’t do its own advertising, and you have to do the (poor) job you do instead? The reason is that your god doesn’t exist and isn’t there to do the job.

  • Uh, Greg, your science education is more than a little lacking. Now go study electromagnetic radiation, and modern display technologies too for that matter, and then come on back.

    And go thank your so-called loving god for those pleasant diseases he designed to kill innocent kids while you are at it.

  • I would like for someone to tell you that a statement is not a question? And for you to read up on the Argument from Ignorance repeatedly, and then for you to read up on it all over again.

  • Simon, I know a little more about science than you might think, If God has chosen Organic Matter as the means to do his handiwork, then it will come with variation, but that is what is needed to adapt and change according to environment. Man, however, does most of his scientific work by means of Inorganic Matter, which is fixed, and does not morph and change without energy (Q). So the variations Larry alludes to are part and parcel of working with organic hydrocarbons, but that is why it has the dynamic it has.

  • @Atheist Max:

    “My job is to seek attention and toss around a lot of word salad without ever actually saying anything. ”

    There, fixed it for you.

  • BeB, the prison population is overwhelmingly and disproportionately Christian.

    Your entire post is false, and your religion is part of the problem.

  • BB,

    “Guess they shouldn’t have become an atheist huh.”

    They were not Atheists. They were Christians.
    The vast majority of drug dealers and users are Christians.

    There is no better way to get hooked on a bad drug than “knowing you will be forgiven” for it.

  • Max,

    Thanks for the link. It looks like the Pastor was referencing Leviticus. I noticed that Jesus just said to preach the Gospel, and if it is refused, just move on to those that will accept it. Is there anywhere else this is posted other than the radically ant-Christian, pro-homosexuality website “Huffington Post?” That’s like me sending you to Focus On The Family for an article on some typical atheist that said something about Jesus and Christians.

    If mathematics do not show you reasons to reject a senseless universe, then dude, you believe in what you want to and I’ll believe that nothing x nothing means we don’t exist. Yet, as much as I find atheism and atheists basically lunacy personified, I do recognize that they exist too. And most atheists have some weird sense of justice based (they say) on logic and reason. Yet both existing within matter just moving around for billions upon billions of years until your outrage takes shape, is tragically laughable to me.

  • Simon,

    Are you really actually saying that the criminals in prison were or are following Jesus as did His Apostles and Disciples?

    That’s laughable if you are.

    The Romans, under Pliny and Tacitus knew that people that were “really Christians” acted a certain way. And none of that was in committing crimes other than not living as the Romans did in religious worship or vice and violent crimes.

    Don’t be goofy.

  • Max,

    Let’s examine this:

    Atheist Max May 31, 2015 at 12:05 pm

    “You claim God exists. I only say “I don’t believe you”. That is ALL I say.
    Where is your God? Show me your proof.”

    To me, that actually looks like you are lying. Your attacks on Christians in post after post, look utterly hostile and menacing. I am allowed to judge you for what you say. Your vitriol is directed to simply hurt, demean and destroy. And certainly, know that I support your freedom to hate Christians. If, we are allowed to laugh and atheists like the gooflballs they showcase that they are. I was most definitely an atheist into my adult years. And then once I tested atheism against deism and theism, I rejected the lunacy of an unguided universe. Believe me, I reject religion as much as you do. And for similar reasons. I just don’t hate Christians like you and every other classic atheist does. Why deny what is clearly evident? No one sees you as somehow tolerant of Christians.


  • “I don’t need to understand atheists, ”

    Judging by the outright lies and defamation of them by you, it is clear you not only need to understand them but that you have no idea about them.

    But then again, bigotry is not about being well informed of the subject you are demonstrating a hatred of. Your admitted ignorance and defamatory intent can be seen as nothing more than just one of many forms of bigotry you display here.

    “Like me wanting to understand how the anus works”

    You understand that subject all too well. Your posts show it is your primary source of communication.

  • Greg1, please tell me you are not the product of the public education system. I would feel ashamed that civil servants produced such ignorance.

    Engineering doesn’t replicate what nature produces. It usually improves on nature. Nature’s “design” is loaded with things no engineer would go near. Unnecessary and sometimes harmful bits and flaws left inside, slow ability to modify to changing environments and uses, overspecialization, dysfunctional systems. A joke going around is that an intelligent designer would never have created Man the way they are. They would have:
    -Made them water breathing/saltwater dwelling as 3/4 of the planet is salt water
    -Not made them bipedal, as gravity exerts horrific stresses on the backs and legs of bipeds given the framework is mostly quadrupedal in setup.
    -Not given us underarm odor
    -Given our intestines to produce vitamins (like most animals)
    -Given men retractable or internal scrotums so our junk isn’t so exposed to harm