Farewell Jon Stewart, religion reporter

(RNS) It was a dark day for satire. Thursday (Aug. 6) was the last episode of “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.” The show was a favorite of many journalists, as Stewart gets to tell the “fake news” we often wish we could report.

Over the years, Stewart has trod heavily on the religion beat, often with uproarious results. (Remember the recurring segment “This Week in God”?) Here are a few of our favorites, going back through Stewart’s entire 16-year tenure. (And we’re sorry about the commercials — Comedy Central, can you cut us a break if we promise to buy a Swiffer Sweeper and eat at Panera?)

Bye, Jon. If this retirement thing doesn’t work out, you could always come and work for RNS.

1. “Popeular Science” — aired June 25, 2015


“In the words of our Lord and Savior, ‘Drill, baby, drill.'”

2. “Faith/Off” — aired Sept. 26, 2013


“Whatever you call the supreme being, I think everyone can all agree it’s a dude with a sweet white beard who lives in the clouds. How can that be wrong?”

3. “The God Wife” — aired Sept. 20, 2012


“Jesus was married? That is some pure, uncut sitcom bait. ‘He can raise the dead, but heaven help him when he forgets to put down the toilet seat!’ Kevin James is Jesus in ‘King of Kings.’”

4. “Team Muhammad vs. Team Jesus – Extremist Makeover” — aired Aug. 19, 2010


“Peace be with you … BUT NOT YOU!”

5. “Passion Pays” — aired March 3, 2004


“Look who’s speaking Aramaic!”

6. “Man of Faith” — aired Feb. 12, 2008


“It’s easier to change the Constitution because amending God’s standards is a bureaucratic nightmare. Ya gotta get three-quarters of the angels to ratify it and then it gets sent back to House of Cherubs, and you know they’re gonna load it with pork. It’s a mess.”

7. “Tomb With a Jew” — aired March 1, 2007


“Never mind God had a son. God had a grandson? Talk about the most spoiled kid in history!”

8. “Come Let Us A-Door Him” — aired Feb. 3, 1999


Jesus “appears” in the woodgrain of a door. “Knock, knock. Who’s there? Jesus. Jesus who? Jesus, would ya stop hitting me in the face?”

Videos courtesy of “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart”


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Kimberly Winston

Kimberly Winston is a freelance religion reporter based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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  • Great list, brought back good memories and laughs. He’ll be missed. Got go buy some Loreal Glossy shampoo now, thanks for the “heads up” re: the commercials (see what I did there?). Love your articles, this one made me smile.

  • Stewart’s finest moment as a religion reporter came when he attacked American Atheists for suing the National September 11 Memorial & Museum over the Ground Zero “Cross” and conveniently neglected to mention that he just happens to be on the museum’s board of directors. Oops! But what’s a little conflict of interest when you’re busy fighting the good fight to defend religious privilege?

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