Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly - September 11, 2015

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Religious Freedom Versus Federal Law - The County Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky claims that defying a Supreme Court decision is her Constitutional right.  Can exercising religious freedom trump obeying the law?  Host Bob Abernethy conducts a conversation with church/state experts.

The Battle Over Bear’s Ears, Utah - Twenty-five Indian tribes want the Federal government to protect nearly two million acres of land sacred to Native Americans.  But, as Lucky Severson reports, local residents want at least some of the land kept available for development and use.

A New Jewish Prayer Book - As the Jewish High Holidays begin, Jews in the Reform movement begin using the first revision in 40 years of American Judaism’s most popular prayer book.  We spoke with two Rabbis at the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation about the new book’s acceptance of liberal theology and secular attitudes, including doubt.