KidSpirit, sole spiritual magazine by and for youth, to present at Parliament of the World’s Religions

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – KidSpirit, the award-winning spiritual magazine by and for young people, is proud to announce its participation in the upcoming Parliament of the World’s Religions. KidSpirit will be one of the few organizations to bring young voices into the growing global interfaith conversation.

KidSpirit, the only forum of its kind, offers a unique perspective on fostering spiritual inquiry and mutual understanding among 11- to 17-year-olds from around the world. At the panel “KidSpirit’s Interfaith Connections: Creating and Sustaining Dynamic Global Youth Exchange,” attendees will hear from two remarkable young editors of the magazine, Nimai Agarwal and Skyler Sallick. The conversation, moderated by Founding Editor Elizabeth Dabney Hochman, will focus on KidSpirit’s groundbreaking platform for youth from diverse religious traditions to share how their backgrounds influence the way they approach life’s big questions. Youth from all major religions have participated in the exchange, as well as those who have no religious affiliation, are from mixed traditions, or are searching. Nimai and Skyler will share their experiences and the impact KidSpirit has had on their spiritual and personal growth. The program will provide an exciting opportunity to interact with these inspiring teens and to learn ways to bring the KidSpirit experience to your community. The panel is scheduled for 2:00pm on Monday, October 19. Learn more here.

Ms. Dabney Hochman will also join Reverend Paul Chaffee, founder of The Interfaith Observer, Mary Ann Brussat, co-founder of Spirituality and Practice, and Reverend Robert Hrasna of Wisdom Circle Ministries on a panel entitled “Knowing Each Other and Working Together: Interfaith Digital Communications for Connecting and Collaborating.” The panelists will explore how members of the interfaith movement can use the internet and other tools to connect, build relationships, and work together toward shared goals. Ms. Dabney Hochman will bring insight into how we can support the future of the interfaith movement by fostering authentic youth involvement. The panel is scheduled for 11:45am on Saturday, October 17. Learn more here.

KidSpirit welcomes interview requests, as well as inquiries from organizations that would like to connect at the Parliament. For more information, please contact Jessie Post at the information below.