Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly - October 30, 2015

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New Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry — On November 1, Bishop Michael Curry will be installed as the next presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church. He will be the first African-American in the position. Curry will lead a denomination that has faced declining membership and divisions over homosexuality. Kim Lawton talked with Curry about his priorities and challenges.

Jurors’ Race and the Death Penalty — At a time when there is growing racial tension around law enforcement, Tim O’Brien looks at a case being argued at the Supreme Court next week about race and jury selection.

All Saints/All Souls Prayer Flags —This is the season when many Western Christian traditions celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day, which honor saints, martyrs and other Christians who have died. In special program at Washington National Cathedral, people made prayer flags in remembrance of friends and loved ones. Spiritual director Suzie Kline Massey described the spiritual significance of making the prayer flags.