Episcopal Church suspended from full participation in Anglican Communion

England’s best-known cathedral and mother church of the 77 million-member worldwide Anglican Communion. Religion News Service photo by Trevor Grundy
England’s best-known cathedral and mother church of the 77 million-member worldwide Anglican Communion. Religion News Service photo by Trevor Grundy

England’s best-known cathedral and the mother church of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Religion News Service photo by Trevor Grundy

(RNS) The Anglican Communion voted to censure its American branch, the Episcopal Church, during a meeting in Canterbury, England, called to reflect on the future of the communion.

The vote Thursday (Jan. 14) to suspend the Episcopal Church from voting and decision-making for a period of three years was leaked a day ahead of a press conference that had been scheduled for Friday.

Details of the suspension were first reported by Anglican Ink, a Connecticut-based publication that said they came from a leaked communique. The vote passed by a two-thirds margin, the publication said, and included prominent voices among African bishops who have loudly condemned the American church for its liberal stance on gays.

The dramatic demotion follows a string of Episcopal Church decisions stretching back to 2003, when it elected Gene Robinson, an openly gay man, as a bishop of New Hampshire. That decision led dozens of U.S. churches to break away from the Episcopal Church and declare their allegiance to a series of rival groups, including the Anglican Church in North America.

In July, the Episcopal Church voted to allow its clergy to perform same-sex marriages, a move not taken by the majority of churches in the Anglican Communion.

“Given the seriousness of these matters we formally acknowledge this distance by requiring that for a period of three years The Episcopal Church no longer represent us on ecumenical and interfaith bodies … ,” a statement issued by the Anglican Communion reads. “They will not take part in decision making on any issues pertaining to doctrine or polity.”

“The traditional doctrine of the church in view of the teaching of Scripture, upholds marriage as between a man and a woman in faithful, lifelong union,” the statement also notes. “The majority of those gathered reaffirm this teaching.”

The Anglican Communion consists of 44 member churches from around the world, representing about 85 million Christians.

The Episcopal Church, the predominant church of many of the 13 original Colonies, has had a disproportionate influence on public life in the United States. The majority of U.S. presidents have been Episcopalians and its influence still far surpasses its 1.8 million U.S. members, who now find themselves without a voice in Anglican Communion decisions.

The three-year term of the suspension is the amount of time until the next denomination-wide meeting of the Episcopal Church, when it will vote on a response, though other church groups could respond sooner.

The suspension comes after four days of discussions among church leaders — “primates,” in church parlance — over the Episcopal Church’s position on gay marriage in relation to the position of the broader Anglican Communion. The meetings apparently got testy; British Christian media reported that the archbishop of Uganda, among the most conservative of Anglican branches, walked out amid disagreements.

Jeffrey Walton, the Anglican program director at the Institute on Religion and Democracy in Washington, D.C., said the suspension of the Episcopal Church is significant but does not, at this point, represent a schism, or irreparable rupture, within the Anglican Communion.

“This is not kicking the Episcopal Church out of the Anglican Communion, but it is saying is that by making these decisions for the past 12 or so years the Episcopal Church has created this distance and there will be consequences to those decisions.”

Other Anglican experts were mystified at the Anglican Communion’s statement, which consisted of eight brief points.

“This is not how Anglicans should behave,” said Christina Rees, a member of the General Synod, the governing body of the Church of England. “It’s awful. It’s a terrible outcome to the meeting of the primates in Canterbury. What action will now be taken against all those churches in the Anglican Communion who treat gay men and women as criminals? Will they be suspended for three years, too?”

Jim Naughton, former canon for the Diocese of Washington and now a communications consultant specializing in the Episcopal Church, called the sanctions a “weird” attempt by the primates to take power away from elected bodies and claim it for themselves.

But Naughton expects no impact in the life of the Episcopal Church.

“We can accept these actions with grace and humility but the Episcopal Church is not going back,” Naughton said. “We can’t repent what is not sin.”

Bishop Ian Douglas of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut wondered whether the Anglican primates wanted the Episcopal Church to repent for its position on same-sex marriage. “Or were they asking for an apology for how the (church’s governing body) went about opening all the roles and rites of the church, including marriage, to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Episcopalians?”

Kevin Eckstrom, director of communications for Washington National Cathedral, the seat of newly installed Presiding Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry, said that while this suspension will be greeted by sadness in the Episcopal Church, it has been on a parallel track with the Anglican Communion for a while.

“It is not unlike a couple who are having marital problems and are sleeping in separate bedrooms,” he said. “Maybe now they are going to formalize the separation.”

Curry told Episcopal News Service the sanction would be painful for many in the Episcopal Church to receive. “Many of us have committed ourselves and our church to being ‘a house of prayer for all people,’ as the Bible says, when all are truly welcome,” Curry said.

Communion leaders also reportedly wanted to censure the Anglican Church of Canada, but because it has not yet adopted same-sex marriage rites, no action was taken.

The Lambeth Palace press office, home of the archbishop of Canterbury, did not respond to requests for comment about the vote, which was leaked to the media.

(Kimberly Winston is a national correspondent for Religion News Service. Senior National Correspondent Cathy Grossman contributed to this report from Washington, D.C., and reporter Trevor Grundy contributed from Canterbury, England.) 

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Kimberly Winston

Kimberly Winston is a freelance religion reporter based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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  • Meanwhile, somewhere in Africa, some Anglican priest or bishop spouts homophobic drivel from a pulpit, while his three wives, one official and the other two listen from a pew

  • Well said, hear hear, I agree.

    I mean, it would only be fair, right? If they think we’re so tainted and all…

  • What’s going on is a matter of numbers plus culture clash. I suspect the vast majority of Anglicans around the world today are no longer from western churches, but from churches in the developing world. They minister in traditional societies which in their mind are in a struggle for autonomy against what they see as a liberal, cultural form of the old western imperialism.

    Western leftist church leaders obviously hate being seen as the new imperialists, but churches outside of western countries see them exactly in that way.

    For all its chatter about multiculturalism, the cultural left would like nothing better than to impose its own monoculture on the rest of the world. This Anglican vote reflects the rest of the world pushing back. London is now responding to the push-back and taking it seriously — because without these third-world churches, there effectively is no Anglican communion and no Anglican future demographically.

  • Btw, The Anglican Church should also cease being the established church of the United Kingdom and Royal Family. The UK is a multi-faith and multi-ethnic nation. Such sectarian connections are now a liability for a church which prides itself on such narrow criteria for its members.

  • In most cases the Anglican church’s proliferation in the developing world was due to “old imperialists”. Where the British Empire went, so also the Anglican church. Whereas in developing, democratic nations the influence of reactionary religious leaders was on the wane, the opposite was the case in less politically free and economically developed areas.

    “Multiculturalism” is a term that is constantly misunderstood by conservative types, nativists and snarky types. Usually conservatives use the term as an epithet (usually in service of some offensive remark denigrating a given minority group).

    Multiculturalism does not mean moral relativism, nor obsequious acceptance of all acts as “cultural expression”. It means one does not favor any given ethnicity, race or religion in official acts. It does not mean one forgoes ideas like civil liberties, public order or moral concepts. Multiculturalism is still not acceptance of stuff like: honor killings, child brides, human…

  • It sound they are giving the EC three years to repent and change they position on same sex marriage. I doubt this will happen, so the EC will either be kicked out or leave on their own accord.

    That is my prediction anyway. I also predict more traditional Anglican churches in the US will surpass the EC, and the EC will become another UCC concerned about gay marriage and little else.

  • You are completely wrong…the gay marriage issue has been resolved, it is the law of the land in the US since June last year and ECUSA approved rites for same-sex marriages…so gay marriage is not precisely one of their worries….try again

  • Larry, that’s true of every church movement. Missionaries from developed nations originally planted in developing countries.

    But these churches now are run by indigenous groups who reject imperialism, past or present.

    As for multiculturalism, it simply means an accepting all cultures and refraining from making moral judgments about which is or isn’t better.

    But multiculturalism can’t stand on its own without lapsing into cultural relativism. And it’s on this issue that western leftists are contradictory & hypocritical:

    Within their own home countries (America, European states), they support multiculturalism as a stand-alone, and reject not just assimilation but a sensible third way of pluralism, in which cultural diversity is affirmed but a larger national identity — ie American, British, French, etc., also is embraced.

    But looking abroad, they do the opposite and throw cultural diversity under the bus since it tilts against them there.

  • Not at all. Google Christian polygamy in Africa. Your eyes will be as opened as you want them To be.

  • Not at all….the bishops from Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya are African…unless someone moved those countries to another continent.

    Play another card….

  • True…but gay marriage is a fact, is happening so it is no longer a concern for ECUSA …so you are still utterly wrong

  • It comes down to, money. Canada and the U.S. have it, and Africa does not. If there is a split, and I’m sure there will be. The Church of England will follow the money, they have to. Let me put that another way, they can not afford not to.

  • Gay marriage is not happening in the Anglican communion, which is the only place Anglicans have authority. The EC can’t make its own rules if it wants to stay in the worldwide body.

  • The Episcopal Church is selling their headquarters because they can’t afford it. They are fewer than two million in an 85 million person communion. The EC will be expelled if they don’t quit first.

  • Again, they can’t pay their own bills. The National Cathedral runs a $14 million deficit every year. The reason they can’t pay their bills is because they have lost so many members.

  • “As for multiculturalism, it simply means an accepting all cultures and refraining from making moral judgments about which is or isn’t better.”

    That is YOUR definition of multiculturalism. One which misunderstands the meaning and purpose of it as I said before. You have nativists/racists/sectarianists who claim multiculturalism is some kind of knee jerk acceptance of anything from a culture other than the majority. But such claims are usually done in order to justify giving intentional offense or to further discriminatory agendas.

    The US is a multicultural nation by its nature. If anything the culture which seems to get the biggest “pass” from the laws and societal norms for anti-social/destructive behavior is associated with the majority. White Christian (preferably of a fundamentalist stripe).

    Your distinction with “pluralism” is another self-imposed definition. It also misses the point that people who oppose multiculturalism also don’t want a pluralist society.

  • Excellent. How a Church with doctrine based on Scriptures put up with a church influenced by political correctness.

  • Building condos on top of St. John’s the Devine in NYC. They cannot pay their bills. Sold a little bitty lot next to the church so they could keep lights on. Putting a skinny skyscraper next door.

  • Well they will fund the charities if the Africans will take it. Michael Curry will NOT like being suspended from the Anglican Communion.

  • Doesn’t matter…They make the rules.. Either you stay in or you end up being some itty bitty off shoot of something that has been around for a long time.

  • Hey, be thankful for the way things currently are. Instead of a mere suspension, the Anglicans really could have called for an EXORCISM of the Episcopal Church!!!

  • Political Correctness is on the way out the door. It serves no purpose and gets people in Europe, Asia and Africa blown up every day.

  • Rowan Williams said 10 or so years ago that the people who were going to get hurt by this decision were the liberals and the gays. Maybe it is time they started their own church and left the conservatives alone. The church will not pull out or get expelled.

  • The most shocking thing about this article to me is the numbers. Only 85 million Anglicans, worldwide? Only 1.8 million in the United States? Wow, that is tiny in the global perspective of things. Basically irrelevant in the overal scheme of world religion. I am not saying that any of these 85 million people are unimportant, just that perhaps it merits consideration whether this is the true path.

  • I am appalled by many of these comments. People’s entire religious faith seems to be centered around their disgust with gay people. Without their contempt for gay people, they would have no faith at all. They would have nothing to pray about and nothing to help them to get on in the world. Pretty sad. My own faith is centered on Jesus Christ, his kingdom, and the good news.

  • Nat, the Cathedral Church of st. Peter and Paul, (The National Cathedral) does not have members. There is a parish church, St. Albans, on its grounds that does.

  • 85 millions sounds like a lot of people to me. 1.8 million is smaller than Kansas City, though. And the EC shrinks every year.

  • I totally agree with you on this. Perhaps this three year period is an opportunity to reflect and vision how the domination grows forward. In ways that are inclusive and does not deny anyone a place at the table.

  • I think Christians destroy their own unity. Every one has a different definition of the faith.

  • Heartbreaking and sad. My family has been Episcopalian since coming from England and helping form Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg. This issue isn’t about homosexual ordination or “marriages”. It’s about being true to the Word of God as revealed in scripture, not by “cultural relevancy” and an absence of absolutes. Homosexuals and all people need the saving blood of Jesus. All sinners should be welcomed with grace and kindness into the church, but without renouncing sin and accepting the grace of Jesus no one is part of The Church. The church must be a place of grace AND truth. The Gospel is nothing less. Now we’re Anglicans, and are delighted to experience grace and truth. I pray for TEC to repent and return to its biblical foundations, not just defined by its social, political and cultural activism. Jesus wasn’t everything to everyone, and neither can TEC. Take an unpopular, but biblical stand, and be assured that many will fall away.

  • has nothing to do with racism. it’s a simple fact that some artifacts of cultures older than Sub-saharan Christianity persist in the implicated countries’ social milieu. Some people think it’s hypocritical that African church leadership condems gay people while looking the other way when it comes to other, uh, irregular marital practices.

  • The Episcopal church should have had the balls to leave that Communion years ago. They are correct. We no longer have anything in common. They have chose the path of antiquated rules and viewpoints and have thereby condemned themselves to irrelevance and extinction. Take your African brothers with you. Good luck supporting yourselves on what the African communions can collect. Come to think of it, this will save the Episcopal Church tons of money since they used to have to give a portion to the Anglican Communion.

  • For once I agree with Larry, but you think they’re really going to listen to us here in the “colonies?”

  • Dear Larry,

    First of all, this bickering and mudslinging is not of Christ. Jesus said in John 6:43, “Don’t bicker among yourselves over me. You’re not in charge here. The Father who sent me is in charge”. In the end, only God can condemn.

    Now in a considerate and loving manner, I think it worthwhile to look at the matter from the Anglican perspective. The Anglicans are most likely looking at the issue at hand with passages such as 1 Corinthians 6:9, “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality.”

    It is important to note that it does not say necessarily say that homosexuals themselves will not inherit the kingdom, but merely those who do PRACTICE homosexuality.

  • The law of the land also says that citizens can believe in other gods and have other idols, but I don’t think most Christians in the US, regardless of where they stand on the gay marriage, would think that would be appropriate for the church to condone.

  • Larry, we’re talking about three possibilities to choose: (1) stand-alone multiculturalism, which collapses into cultural relativism and Balkanization (2) the opposite extremism of mono-culturalism or total assimilation into a dominant culture (3) a third way of pluralism — in which the cultural diversity of multiculturalism is recognized and celebrated while at the same time Americanism is accepted as the broad umbrella which we all accept, regardless of our culture.

    I favor the third way — it gives us the best of both worlds — unity and diversity.

    My point is that the left-wing crazies favor pure multiculturalism, ie cultural diversity without a common American identity, the intolerant far right favors American identity without any diversity — ie a European-style blood-and-soil country, and I favor pluralism, which lets us have cultural diversity but under an umbrella of a broader American identity.

  • Except Matthew 5:18-19, where Jesus said “For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”

    Like many who take the traditionalist view, we want to get there, but if we follow the teachings of Jesus, I don’t see how you can. I believe we are brothers, and I believe we will inherit the Kingdom together, but my allegiance is first to God and his Word.

  • It would be far more racist and patronizing to look the other way when black men who pretend to holiness act in a bigoted manner.

  • Funny, this coming from a church that was founded on adultery, divorce, and remarriage.

    When you say the same Things about people who divorce except for adultery, people who divorce and then remarry, people who earn their 30 pieces of silver by lying, by reviling and slandering gay people, even the 2/3 of the world that rejects the Christian story, and of unrepentant sinners, you might have a point.

    But all of the rest of the sins of the world usually merit a resounding Tsk-tsk from those who want to tell gay people what is wrong with our lives, what is not all right with God, and then have sinnerized us, pathologized us, mythologized us, and criminalized us to the margins of society– with love, of course– doing everything they can to harms us. tHey really have not liked that we’ve gotten uppity, even with the self anointed godly.

    I suggest reading what Jesus had to say about those who bar the gates of heaven to others. He was God, and he should know.

  • Jesus prayed before His death that the Body of Christ — the universe of Christians — be one.

    As CS Lewis, a middle-church Anglican, once said, the division of the Body is a scandal and a disgrace. Nobody’s going to fix it by waving a magic wand, it will be fixed because it must be fixed.

    As for the Anglican/Episcopal split, the Episcopalians have to realize the implications being a tiny part of a world church. Even if they believe their theology and morality are the wave of the future, jumping far ahead of the rest of the Anglican communion was a schismatic act. If, again, one believes in the Gospel concept of one Lord, one Body, one faith, and one baptism, then you can’t have one segment of the church leaping ahead of everyone else. For the sake of unity alone, and in obedience to Christ’s prayer for unity, the Episcopal leaders should have shown more charity, grace, and consideration of the whole Anglican family.

  • Worshipping other gods/idols is legal. Does that mean the church should bless it? My guess is nearly 100% of Christians will say that the state should not impose religion on the people (i.e. separation of church and state is good law), but nearly 100% of Christians will say that the church shouldn’t advocate worshipping other Gods.

  • This is embarrassing to watch, the Anglican communion scrambling to satisfies the more conservative bishops. God is not a bigot or a homophobe, so no one who claims to be a follower of God shouldn’t be allowed to be either of those Things. Everyone sounds like a bunch of baptists claiming sin and damnation.

  • So, this week the ECUSA was effectively suspended from the Anglican Communion. It looks like Welby was wrong about that.

    Nothing says love so much as Doctrinal purity, doctrinal rigidity, and excluding the heretics.

    Apparently, there are only two sins in the African primate worldview, or two that need concern the Guys in the Pointy Hats. homosexuality, and coming in a distant second, treating women as equals.

    There is surely no heterosexual polygamy, divorce, and adultery in Christian Africa. Hetero polygamy is simply serial marriage without divorce, and so adultery isn’t really happening. And it keeps the women in their place.

    There is no corruption, no war, no famine, no sectarian and general religious war in Africa. There is plenty of time to make sure the uppity homos and uppity women are kept down, and that anybody who is remotely Christlike in demeanor
    And action are also marginalized.

    Onward, Christian soldiers, to the Pointy Hat Store!!!!

  • I always love it when True Christians cite Corinthians.

    Adulterers don’t make it. Jesus said that people who divorced except for adultery would be adulterers if they remarried. A resounding tsk-tsk for the divorced adulterers, and the adulterous divorced. But gays!!!!!

    He also said that looking at another with lust in your heart was committing adultery. Happens a zillion times a day, every day, to the same people– I.e., all people–They don’t repent, they do it a zillion times a day. bUt gays!!!

    There is an entire industry, Revile and Slander Inc., that earns its 30 pieces by Lyin’ for Jesus. There is no lie about gay people that this industry will not utter, no matter how illogical, vicious, or demonstrably untrue. Not a peep for the Biblically Correct! bUt gays!!!!!

    2/3 of the world thinks the Christian story is nonsense. half of them are idolaters. Not a sound from Good Christians (TM). But gays!!!!

    Makes you wonder what this is really about?

  • I agree with you Margaret. I think it is time to cut ties with the Anglican Communion. Financial included.

  • Simply put, the Anglican Communion, now dominated by some of the most primitive people on earth, is seeking to preserve and protect the sanctity of traditional Christian bigotry and cruelty by punishing the Episcopal Church for their enlightened human decency.

  • The funny thing is that Jesus never said anything about homosexuals or gay marriage

    How do you like them apples?

  • The price of sin; going against God. The Anglican and Episcopalian churches are liberal and they need serious guidance; a teaching magisterium.

  • Too simple, Richard.

    The problem of the Episcopal Church goes beyond any one issue. It goes back at least a century. The Episcopal Church lacked, and lacks, a moral compass and prophetic witness. It was & is a vessel of conformity.

    At any given time, the Episcopal Church has been a near-perfect reflection of America’s cultural elites. A century ago, the cultural elite were conservative Republicans. And so were Episcopalians. No daylight between them.

    Nor is there any daylight between today’s cultural elites and today’s Episcopal Church.

    Here we are in 2016 and while the issues have changed dramatically, guess where the Episcopal Church is?

    Exactly where today’s cultural elite is.

    The Episcopal Church has changed its positions dramatically — but in precise proportion to how the cultural elite has changed its position.

    It was the tool of the 1916 elite and it is the tool of the 2016 elite.

    No moral compass, no prophetic witness.

  • You forgot that the Bishop will drive away in a chauffeured driven car through Anglican slums on the way to his palace!!
    I have no time for the African drivel!!
    Three cheers for racial and sexual justice in the USA and Canada!
    I live the reality of an inclusive church which I believe is calling us to be in 2016!

  • Really? Following all the law are you? Better read it again.. I’m sure this is not the venue to have the LGBT debate again, but may I just say that the reason I moved to the Anglican communion was to avoid the biblical fundamentalism with which I was raised.. The bible is a product of its time. As we know it today, it was created by and for the church and not the church for it. None of us “follow the law” as such nor should we.


    Are any churches worthy enough to follow anything and everything they proclaim?

    I’d rather consider and think about these things when it comes to my life and how I should live —

    …our [church] knowledge is partial and incomplete
    …we [churches] see things imperfectly…
    …All that I [any church] know is partial and incomplete…
    (1 Corinthians 13:9,12)

    All LGBT stuff falls into these and other verses —

    All things are allowable, all things are lawful, all things are permissible…1 Corinthians 6:12…..1 Corinthians 10:23

    WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION or understanding Paul wrote. Don’t let any one or any church stand in your way.

    You may believe there’s nothing wrong with what you are doing, so you can keep it between yourself and God if you want…
    …BLESSED are those who ‘don’t condemn themselves’ for doing or being what they have decided is best for themselves….Romans 14:22

    All of those are good and easy to follow.

  • Lots of angry, white, rich people on here from the West seem to be frustrated they cannot foist their newfangled interpretation of their ‘Holy’ Book and their new approach to Christianity on those less white, less rich, and ‘less intelligent’ in the rest of the world. It’s so annoying when those in the 3rd world think they know better than their imperialistic brothers and sisters in the faith. What the heck!

  • Every country and culture has it’s problems to deal with, this does not in any way change the fact that African Bishops stand against embracing sin as an acceptable practice—-anywhere.

  • Can you really find credibility for your comment by blaming a clergyman for what comes with the job? Can you read his heart?

  • Billy, when Paul wrote about all “things” being permissible but not beneficial he was quite literally talking about THINGS — namely, in this context, food and drink, used in pagan sacrifice, which some believed magically defiled in some actual, material way but which was only unclean insofar as it was known to have been associated with idol worship and therefore carrying the taint of condoning idolatry, in which case they were to be avoided.

    You can not stretch his words here to cancel all of his other exhortations to purity in behavior. And while Jesus said there would always be temptations to sin, it is a dangerous thing to be the one through whom those temptations are presented and encouraged.

  • Ben, I’m afraid you’re destined to “wonder” about this for a long time. You’re not an Episcopalian nor even a believer in a general sense. You have nothing to do with them nor they with you. And they’re a small group getting smaller every day — why fume about what they’re doing or why?

  • The Episcopal Church has been swirling around the drain for a while now. This suspension will accelerate its rotations.

  • “Too simple, Richard.”

    I don’t think so. If it were not for the primitive wing of the Anglican Communion trying to force the sophisticated Episcopal Church to regress into sanctifying virulent anti-gay bigotry, we would not be having this conversation.

  • Your figure for Roman Catholic Sunday attendance in England are wrong. And Antoine who chooses to name himself as ‘Dr’ suggests a little problem.

  • At this point I don`t think Canucks will give a rodents`s rear-end for what the Anglican Communion or the African Bishops will do or say. ABORTION has been legal in Canada for over a decade and ABORTIONISTS will keep ripping unborn babies to pieces inside their mothers womb whether African Bishops like it or not…..same in the US,hay ABORTION is legal regardless of what the bishop of Bujumburu or any other African village says or think.

  • It’s been disheartening to see, for years, many good American Episcopalians, with very liberal views, sending their money – totaling many millions of dollars, to support Anglican churches that preached hatred of LGBT people – resulting in attacks, deaths, and hateful laws. Hopefully this will stop that flow of money from loving people going to support hate.

  • Yeah, they should have given up dignity and respect (even compassion) for the LGBTQ folks for another century or so just for the sake of unity with a bunch of backward, machismo, homophobic wanna-be popes in the African/Asian world. I say send all the break away Anglicans who left the ECUSA over there with their own kind – let;s see how they like Uganda!

  • Sure, all they have to do is pray harder and believe better and their “gay tendencies” will go away – how compassionate that is. After all, God couldn’t have made them that way because He doesn’t make mistakes!

  • If you’re implying a magisterium llke the Roman Church, then you need to look again. They’ve instituted traditions made up out of whole cloth as authoritative as Scripture – not so faithful!

  • Yes, it is cultural imperialism by the west. In the west we are taught multi culturalism and no one culture is better than another, unfortunately, many posters here are reactionaries and do not truly believe in multi culturalism. Also, many posters post hateful racist remarks. Europe is right to let in millions from the Muslim culture who are against marriage equality. Europe shows true tolerance, that America could learn from. The refugees will change the culture of Europe, not the other way around.

  • Episcopal Church is so broke it can’t pay attention. They ran off all those members when than gay man was ordained. I guess they will run off a million more and shut the doors.

  • And only about 1% of their membership is gay and the other 2% walk around with the rainbow flag with them and the other 97% roll their eyes. But the 3% is very vocal and the 97% just sit there.

  • African Christians will be killed if the Church of England accepts gay marriage, the archbishop of Canterbury has suggested. Speaking on an LBC phone in, Justin Welby said he had stood by a mass grave in Nigeria of 330 Christians who had been massacred by neighbours who had justified the atrocity by saying: “If we leave a Christian community here we will all be made to become homosexual and so we will kill all the Christians.”

  • Amen Brother,

    The Eucharist is truly the blood soul and divinity of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!!!!!!!

  • Why are slaves involved in church matters. Sometimes those negroes in Africa forget the teachings in the old testament. Slaves must know their place or before you know it they will be takin’ up with whites. Shame on the English Episcopal for its’ African ties. They should cut them off. I’d make them live in the blood houses(women having periods). However they are so liberal I’m sure Negroes will still be messing with the church.

  • William..soon you can read all about Jesus and homosexuals. There is a NEW translation coming out and it will clear up some misconceptions. Like making fishers of men. We all know women are referred to as fish…so I can assume fishers of men refers to drag queens.See how easy it can be to understand when you have someone to tell you. I can’t wait to read the real men in Mary Magdalen’s life.

  • “You, sinful and godless you !” … yelled the African bishop from the pulpit…while his three wives listened attentively from the pews

  • When God, His Word, Sacred Tradition, and Holy Doctrine take the back seat to human desires, whims, sin, trends, etc., then this happens, Good for the Mother Church!

  • Jesus came too fulfill the Old Law while starting the New. –The New Law DOES NOT void observance of the Old Law EXCEPT in the point of ceremonial precepts. Now the latter were figurative of something to come. Wherefore from the very fact that the ceremonial precepts were fulfilled when those things were accomplished which they foreshadowed, it follows that they are no longer to be observed: for it they were to be observed, this would mean that something is still to be accomplished and is not yet fulfilled. Thus the promise of a future gift holds no longer when it has been fulfilled by the presentation of the gift. In this way the legal ceremonies are abolished by being fulfilled.
    St. Thomas Aquinas

  • It belongs to the law to direct human acts according to the order of righteousness, wherein also the New Law surpasses the Old Law, since it DIRECTS OUR internal acts, according to Mat. 5:20: “Unless your justice abound more than that of the Scribes and Pharisees, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Hence the saying that “the Old Law restrains the hand, but the New Law CONTROLS the mind” ( Sentent. iii, D, xl).
    St. Thomas Aquinas

  • Well, it’s about time! The Episcopalians have gotten so off-track that most of their leaders can’t even call themselves Christians anymore. All they preach now is environmentalism, homosexuality, hatred of Israel, and fluffy everyone-is-right-except-for-conservative Christians doctrine, rather than real Scripture. London should’ve done this sooner, but hey, better late than never.

    Funny how the Episcopalians have been pushing for liberalism and gay marriage to the point where nearly all the real Christians in their ranks have left. And not only that, they’re now bankrupting themselves! The ELCA and PC-USA and UCC will almost certainly be next.

  • Jesus really only admonished two groups of people. He chastised the rich for putting their wealth above people; but he condemned the self-righteous for putting themselves above others. Shame on the Anglican community for acting like Pharisees and Sadducees.

  • Jesús asked us to follow God’s teaching not to work hard to changed it because time goes by and now we are in 2016! Read both Old and New testament. Nothing is written about conforming the Bible to the world. Rather is clearly written “do not conform to the world”. I guess people do not even read the Bible anymore. Pretty clear to me..

  • You must an expert!! I come from Europe. Now one where I come from has tried to teach me that Jesús and God teaches about same-sex marriages and sins as church standard in the New World. Refuge won’t change the Gospel teaching. Go and live there for a while…

  • In Christian humility we are all called to consider that it may be ourselves, not others, who are following a false Christ.

  • The Anglican Communion is a fiction. Its meetings have no authority. They are not like synods or the old church councils. They have NO authority. The Archbishop of Canterbury is already working on a solution which would leave each Anglican church totally and formally autonomous in every way and not allow one branch to attack another, at least not at their worldwide meetings. in other words he plans to recognize the reality, strip the illusion of unity from the Anglican Communion and the Lambeth Conference, ask for civility and hope things go OK. But it won’t matter if they don’t. The whole business of Canterbury and Lambeth is to create the illusion that the Anglicans have a Patriarch somewhat resembling those in the Orthodox churches. But it’s an illusion, mainly designed to give the Archbishop of Canterbury some heft in working with Rome.

  • The Catholic church in England is in decline. It has a way to go to catch up with the Church of England, but it’s gaining. The churches (Catholics included) have lost the intellectual and cultural elites and the educated and the poor. It holds on, as in France, to a certain section of the middle class, a small subset of the educated. … And yet the Church of England has figured out how to make many of its cathedrals centers of well-attended cultural events and religious worship.

  • Steve- I fully agree with you and the scripture-believing Anglicans who made this decision. The America Church has moved from apostasy to practices of blasphemy. From some of the comments on this thread, it’s clear that the Episcopal Church is toast. God’s Word is true yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

  • “We can accept these actions with grace and humility but the Episcopal Church is not going back,” Naughton said. “We can’t repent what is not sin.”

    Really? What Bible are you reading from? (Romans 1:24-27)

  • Amen, Bill!

    The more TEC is persecuted, the closer this Episcopalian feels to Jesus. I really don’t care a whit for the “Anglican” Communion. I DO care for ministering to suffering LGBTs in the pseudo-Anglican parts of the world.

  • And kids don’t get “force-fed” other beliefs, some of them quite opposite of the Bible, by our society and its institutions?

    Your contempt is quite selective, Joan.

    And calling the Bible a “mythbook” only parades your ignorance of its contents, thus underscoring Steve’s point.

  • The post-1960s left and racism aren’t mutually exclusive. There are unmistakable, sickening parallels between the racial beliefs of the old Jim Crow Democrats of yesteryear and those of politically correct leftists today.

    What both have in common is a demand that people of color stay on the plantation and accept that they are not capable enough to make it through life themselves, and a feeling of outrage when black or brown people refuse to be led around on a leash by King or Queen White, but break their fetters and are self-determining.

    This is why the worst racist attacks are directed against non-liberal minorities — the left views minorities as its property and is enraged when black and brown people declare their independence of them and, worse, outvote them in the church.

  • Salerio, would you care to elaborate on that? Which planet played host to God’s supposedly murdering every inhabitant?

    And which planet besides ours has inhabitants?

    It sounds like you belong to some UFO cult.

  • That’s basically it, Michael. Regardless of how one views the issues defining this cultural and religious divide, it’s obvious that Lord and Lady White are angry that their supposed inferiors are the majority and are not taking their lead on issues. Occasionally, the lord and lady will pick out an errant native and flog them mercilessly — verbally, that is — but those pesky black and brown people aren’t going back to the plantation, no matter how much these angry white people rage.

  • Maybe they should take a clue from the Catholic Church and get rid of the ‘homosexual’ abusers, although I’ll concede they came kicking and screaming, and still have not acknowledged that it was a homosexual sex abuse scandal.

  • You conveniently erase thousands of year of history in the British Isles…Paganism existed in those lands way before the Romans came and brought Christianity.

    It sounds hilarious: the true Church of “England” is the “Roman” Catholic Church

  • Obviously not…and Rwandan Anglican bishops never cooperated with the genocide of Tutsis…it did not happen

  • Yup, we can read his heart very well.

    I get to drive in a limousine. You get to starve, because my limousine ride costs money that could be going to your food.

  • Slavery is permitted in the bible….why did we ever get rid of it ?…what were we thinking ?

  • Here is what Welby said, pandering to people whose ignorance and homophobia could not be more pronounced.

    “Were the Church of England to accept gay marriages, he commented, “the impact of that on Christians far from here, in South Sudan, Pakistan, Nigeria and other places would be absolutely catastrophic….Nonetheless Welby condemned homophobia and said, “to treat every human being with equal importance and dignity is a fundamental part of being a Christian.”…He explained that the reasoning behind the massacre of Nigerian Christians was essentially, “If we leave a Christian community here we will all be made to become homosexual and so we’re going to kill the Christians.”

    And thus continues the intellectual, moral, political, and spiritual dithering and vapidity of the highly paid religious class.

  • If we treat the people we have always despised in God’s name even remotely decently, why, there might be consequences for the people we actually think are far superior– our tribe, not theirs. “I’ll condemn the homohatred my church has been peddling for centuries, but I won’t accept the consequences that homohatred has visited upon the innocent members of our tribe. I’m not too concerned about the other innocent victims of centuries of homohatred– gay people.” And of course, there is also the tacit endorsement of stupidity, ignorance, superstition, tribalism, and a host of other ills that beset the dark continent– and western civilization, wherever religious fundamentalism sinks its claws.

    does that about cover it, welby?

    Who exactly would kill your tribe members? Oh, yes! Other religionists who worship a different version of your god. You people have been slaughtering each other for a thousand years– when each has taken the time out from slaughtering us.

  • I am very sad to hear that the Church of England would put down the Episcopal Church of USA down for being inclusive. God is within all of us and we are all God’s children!! To treat us by not allowing us to partake in decision making etc. is appalling. It is no wonder England has few church attendants in the churches on Sunday. I think this should be all taken and studied a bit more because God is all about love and treating us all equally. I am a very proud Episcopalian and always will be!

  • The picture is clear, isn’t it? U.S. Episcopalians, and LGBTQ individuals especially, are being punished for the ignorance and hatred of some members of the Anglican Communion. What would Jesus do? We know what St. Paul would do. I Cor 13:8-13. “The greatest of these is love.” If only.

  • One more reason to stop funding African bishops and their junkets to London…charity begins at home

  • I saw the segregation of this church in years past, in the name of what is holy. There was a separate all black Episcopalian church in my town. So I expect the same treatment to all that aren’t going to fall in line with what was. I am afraid that is why Africa so readily follows…aren’t they still wearing white wigs?

  • “I am appalled by many of these comments. People’s entire religious faith seems to be centered around their disgust with gay people.”

    And I am appalled by people with gender confusion forcing others to accept what contradicts their religion. Disgust for the sin never the sinner. Because the sin is what separates us from God and leads to death.

  • You gonna pay the bills? Anglicans in Africa are getting murdered left and right over this and you say they are hypocritical. How selfish

  • Banks in NYC will cut off their credit. They know there is not over 1500-2000 gays in the whole church and will realize that the ECUSA is on its death bed. Tell the gays to start loading up the collection plate. They will need it.

  • “Were the Church of England to accept gay marriages, he commented, “the impact of that on Christians far from here, in South Sudan, Pakistan, Nigeria and other places would be absolutely catastrophic….Nonetheless Welby condemned homophobia and said, “to treat every human being with equal importance and dignity is a fundamental part of being a Christian.”…He explained that the reasoning behind the massacre of Nigerian Christians was essentially, “If we leave a Christian community here we will all be made to become homosexual and so we’re going to kill the Christians.”

    And thus continues the intellectual, moral, political, and spiritual dithering and vapidity of the highly paid religious class.

  • At Easter, the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, the leader of the Anglican church, spoke of Christian “martyrs”. Christians were living under persecution in almost half of the 38 Anglican provinces worldwide, he said this month. “They fear for their lives every day.”

    The Prince of Wales has described threats to Christians in the Middle East as “an indescribable tragedy”.

  • i dont understand why lgbt would want to go to a church that does not agree to gay marriage then want to change their beliefs why did they go there why not start there own church rather then divide and destroy an existing church.dont sound very godly to me.but yes we should love them and respect them and they should love the members and respect them too, not divide and destroy

  • “IF” God’s Word says homosexuality is wrong, and the church allows homosexuals to be ordained and married, the church is saying we know better than God and leads people to believe they don’t need repentance of forgiveness. That puts them at risk of spending eternity apart from God. It’s not about condemnation or division, it’s about correct teaching. We don’t treat most other sins as we can choose if it’s OK with God, but homosexuality seems to encourage “pride” that they are sinning.

  • Curry is quoted as referring to churches as a “house of prayer”. I agree with that name for a church. However, how many people actually step inside the building with the purpose of prayer. When people begin being intentional on a daily basis of sitting in quietness in a church, Monday -Saturday, praying, we will begin to see more clearly what is truly important to God and to others and ourselves. Anyone dare to take the risk?

    What if we committed to praying in the church in the same way that we commit to exercising our bodies in a gym, which is a nearly daily practice for many. Just as a coach does not exercise for us, neither do we expect a church leader to do our praying for us. We can each offer our own prayers, daily, but something new might be to enter the ” house of prayer” to do some of our prayer work.

  • So some of the God botherers are murdering some of the other God botherers because the former group believes the slanders, lies, and reviling, completely divorced from facts, logic, experience, and reality, that both groups have been telling themselves to justify 2000 years of hatred and harm directed at gay people.

    As always, antigay Christian heterosexuals commit every violation of the morality they claim to uphold as god’s will, and then blame gay people for it.

    Perhaps antigay Christian heterosexuals should start talking to their churches about the kinds of lies, slanders, and revilings that they are willing to put out there.

  • You might like to notice that it is antigay, presumably heterosexual, Christians and Muslims who are murdering each other. You might also notice the attempts of you and your fellow travelers to pin it all on gay people, claiming that we are ruining everything because we dare to call for an end to YOUR RELIGIOUS PREJUDICES GIVEN WEIGHT IN SECULAR LAW..

    Sick. Sick. Sick.

  • You sound confused about MY gender. I’m not.

    No one is forcing others to accept that which contradicts their religion. They don’t have to accept a thing more than they have to accept about people that reject the entirety of their religious belief, not the itty bitty little ditty you use to justify Homobigotry as god’s will.

    If you can live with people who think that the Christian story is nonsense, And have problem protecting their religious beliefs, then you should have no problem at all with the 1/10 of 1% of your religious beliefs that are antigay.

    Own your prejudices, rather than claiming that they are special. they are not.

  • When Welby expresses the concerns about 2000 years of Homobigotry, much if it currently being expressed in half of the provinces of the Anglican communion, and supported by antigay bishops and priests, perhaps we can have a conversation.

  • My son is in the army. Since the eradication of “don’t ask, don’t tell” and the acceptance of homosexuals in the military, gay violence and rape (gay men and women attacking and raping other gay and heterosexual men and women) has gone rampant, and it is kept a tight secret. Gays are no more innocent of hate, violence and revenge than anyone else.

  • Yes, and so i imagine with the low numbers in membership and the financial embarrassment that is about to follow will change some opinions about this same sex marriage. Liberals will quickly see that they can’t afford to cut on the lights in their church.

  • Well there is 80 million Anglicans who live in Africa. There is about 1.8 million Episcopalians ( Anglicans)in the US. Who do you think makes the rules?

  • And yet, your son seems to know it, and you seem to know it, and professional antigays like Tony Perkins and Brian Fissure seem to know it, but no one else in the entire military, the entire government, and the entire country, and in the entire world seems to know it.

    Where are all of these victims of sexual assault? And yes, I am aware that they exist, but not one person in the entire government, legt alone this phalanx of soldiers you are talking about, that has talked about this epidemic of same-sex assaults. It’s always the people in the tinfoil hats. Oh, that’s right. it is a tightly held secret.

    which, even if real, doesn’t prove that it is out gay soldiers who are doing it. But that’s because rape is about violence and domination. That’s what happens in prison. Men who are perceived as weak are raped by men deemed heteroseuxal.

    Hombigotry is about making up stuff to slander and defame the people you don’t like.

  • Pedophiles are not necessarily homosexuals. They like children not consenting adults.
    The Roman Catholic Church is slowly fixing her problems with pedophiles and not near fast enough.

  • And where did you get this hearsay?There has always been gays in the US military. The sex abuse has been really bad since Bush got us into the second Gulf war and when they had to lower the standards of people who can join the military. And that was long before they lifted Don’t ask Don’t tell. And the majority of the sex abuse is Males raping females

  • Instead of offering a reasoned response foe your position you resort to name calling. That’s why there is no real dialogue around this issue.

  • The same sex marriages are not legal with in the church and don’t count. They did not have the authority to do them or change doctrine. Prayer book says marriage is between man and woman and prayer book holds constitutional authority. Prayer book has not been changed and they all look like fools. Hope people sue them for same sex marriage that is a scam. Might as well gotten somebody off the side of the road to marry them.

  • And all these liberals act like they will pick up the church out of the Communion. Think again, the shoe is on the other foot and you will be taken to court like the conservatives were. If you want gay marriage I would suggest moving into another denomination. Not happening in Anglican Communion. Church had no authority to change the Anglican’s doctrine.

  • Well go borrow a couple of billion from the bank because you will need it to fight off family land trusts. The weddings are worthless in the church and I would highly suggest you start your own church.

  • Well you liberals better bring your checkbooks because if we get kicked out you are all going to be sued.

  • Doesn’t matter …liberals who support gay marriage need to leave before more mass beheadings happen. People are sick of the left.

  • As I understand EC history, there was a split in the church over human slavery in the US. I think the EC survived that split, even though the Anglican Church apparently didn’t feel it necessary to “discipline” the EC for going along with slavery for so long after England had outlawed such abhorrent behavior. BTW, the OT and NT both reference human slavery without condemning the practice. Surely we cannot take that as approval by God of this now universally-condemned institution, can we?

  • David and other Judaen patriarchs were polygamists. It was legal. The bible clearly documents polygamy as a measure of a man’s stature. Do times change? Yes. Does the Church and its doctrine change? Yes. Do people like to keep things as they know and feel comfortable with them? Generally, yes.
    The previous post is only rhetorical, not debatable. The EC is changing and some are bothered by that. Seems factual. I’m sticking with the EC.

  • Have you ever wondered why God created homosexuals? Every culture that has ever been studied has had a 5-10% group of persons who experience their sexual intimacy as being “normally” with someone of the same sex. I can think of no easy answer to my question. Could it be that we mere humans can not fathom God’s design? We are relatively sure that He eschews violence, looking to have our swords made into plowshares. He also seems to be on the side of charity. Could He who called His creation “GOOD” really want to restrict how we were to love one another. Perhaps. But surely we must be humble in our judgments. I think it behooves us to distinguish between that which makes us uncomfortable and sin. So many have been injured- gay and straight- because of the inability to contain, regulate, and integrate our sexuality. And that includes our judgments about others’ sexual journey. Surely sex makes fools out of all of us. Why should the Anglican Communion be any different?!

  • I just read your opinion. Jesus said that he did not come into the world to judge it, he came to save it. He preached love and tolerance. Yes, at the end He will sit upon the right hand of God… And judge individuals then. For my part ( married heterosexual ) I prefer to follow the Lord’s teaching.

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  • Why do you refer to them as primates? I don’t know much about the Episcopalian Church or the Anglocan church but it would surprise me if they Refered to themselves as “primates”

  • Primate is the traditional title of the head of any Anglican denomination…it’s also used in Catholicism for senior archbishops of countries.

  • It is often misperceived that the genesis of the Anglican church dates back to King Henry VIII’s desire for a divorce in the 16th century, which the Roman Church would not allow. However, scratching history’s surface a little deeper we find that the Anglican church began long before this event, dating back at least until the 6th century with Augustine of Canterbury’s mission in 597AD. Augustine was sent from Rome to help give more structure to the native Celtic Christians. When Augustine arrived, the Celtic Christian faith was folded into the Roman church, while still acknowledging that the Celtic Christians were functioning as a viable apostolic church.

  • LOL You think she called them primates as a racial slur!! Top kek. That is the funniest thing I have read all day.

  • The Anglican Church, as envisioned by Henry VIII and later reformers had LITTLE to do with the early church in England, as Henry’s “Church of England” abolished connections TO that early English church: religious orders, Marian traditions, the veneration of saints, and many other religious customs and devotions were ended. The C.o.E. – with the monarch as its head – began with HENRY, though his cronies attempted to justify its existence with the same, “But we’ve always existed” nonsense. Henry broke with Rome for reasons of power, the succession (a woman could never rule England of course) and greed. He sacked monasteries and stole wealth and property, giving some to friends. It’s said that England lost some TWO THIRDS of its religious paintings, sculpture, books, and other things, the collective cultural and spiritual heritage of a nation, accumulated over centuries, thanks to him. The Oxford Movement did attempt to bring much of this back. Heck, prior to his break with Rome, Henry DEFENDED the Roman Catholic Church – HIS church – against Luther and the like.

    Odd that you say that the Anglican Church began with Augustine – a man who was sent to England from ROME. That Rome, and the Bishop of Rome – the Pope – were with the Church in England from the beginning. Even “Native Celtic
    Christians” received Christianity in 430 AD from Palladius, a bishop of Britain sent by: Pope Celestine.