US Catholic-Muslim dialogue launched, Chicago Archbishop Cupich to co-chair

Revelations-Series-Banner-770x150(RNS) The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops announced Monday (Feb. 8) that it was starting a new National Catholic-Muslim Dialogue group, an initiative driven in part by growing anti-Islamic sentiment that many bishops have denounced.

“As the national conversation around Islam grows increasingly fraught, coarse and driven by fear and often willful misinformation, the Catholic Church must help to model real dialogue and good will,” Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski of Springfield, Mass., said in a statement.

Rozanski is head of the bishops’ ecumenical and interreligious committee, which has sponsored three regional Catholic-Muslim dialogues during the past two decades.

“Our current dialogues have advanced the goals of greater understanding, mutual esteem and collaboration between Muslims and Catholics, and the members have established lasting ties of friendship and a deep sense of trust," he said.

Rozanski said Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich would head up the Catholic side of "this crucial conversation" starting on Jan. 1 next year.

But it was not immediately clear who the Muslim co-chair would be or what Islamic groups might take part.

(David Gibson is a national reporter for RNS)


  1. Will someone be around to help overcome “Anti-Catholic” sentiment?

  2. All of those who were martyred defending the one true faith have been scandalized since the hierarchy of the institutional Catholic Church have abandoned the true faith.

    The one, Triune God will not be mocked forever. The soul will be judged by Jesus Christ, not Mohammed.

  3. Maybe Archbishop Cupich will be enlightened as to the sensitivity of Muslims regarding same sex “marriage”. And realize that his approach to encouraging behavior that is not in accord with the laws of God is self-defeating in the effort to improve relations between Muslims and Christians.

  4. You first need to read Catastrophic Failure by Stephen Coughlin, otherwise you will walk into this blind.

  5. Dominic Deus from the Council of the Baptized here: Lainie–lighten up dude! This is not the fourteenth century. We are trying to talk to these people and, you know, understand each other. Who’s ever the the judge of a soul, one thing is certain–it ain’t you. Remember that. Now, go to confession–or just be nicer.

  6. Dominic Deus again: Sherrill, seriously? It would be hard to make a bigger hash of marriage than American Christians have. Af divorce rate of 50% with 80% of the divorces filed by women suggests things are not right Christian marriage. I’d like to get to know some Muslim families and see how it’s going with them. BTW, can you tell me the name of your Laws of God textbook? Surely not the Old Testament. Your are Christina, right? A beneficiary of the New Covenant and love thy neighbor?

  7. Sacrifices of Religious Orders — Trinitarians, Mercedarians, Franciscans…
    Our Lady of Mercy (Ransom), pray for us.

  8. Dominic….
    Please get a copy of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book INFIDEL….and read it to see
    how Islam forces women into arranged marriages, where they are downtrodden, beaten and coerced by tyrannical husbands into lives of extreme suppression. Yes, they condemn rightfully homosexuality but
    their culture is extremely radical toward women’s rights. It is simple…they have none.
    Perhaps Archbishop Cupich could discuss with the Imans their past history of abusing women and children and come to some sort of system of justice toward both.

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