Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly - March 16, 2016

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Religion in Cuba - As President Obama embarks on his trip to Cuba this weekend, what is the state of religion in Cuba after 50 years of repressive Communist rule? Dan Lothian reports from Cuba on the wary but emerging signs of religious life there, and the growing hope that Cuba’s younger generation can somehow be introduced to the religious practice that many have never known. Originally broadcast July 24, 2015.

India's Artificial Limb Enterprise - In Jaipur, India, poor disabled people who need artificial limbs - up to 25,000 per year - are getting them free of charge. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports that new arms and legs made of a simple construction material are providing for their recipients not only mobility but dignity - critically important in a society in which disability is seen as a sign of bad Karma in a previous life. Originally broadcast January 16, 2015.

Holy Week - The three days leading up to Easter comprise the holiest time of the year for Christians.  Filled with worship, prayer and pilgrimages, they commemorate Jesus’ crucifixion on Good Friday and resurrection on Easter.  Father Kenneth Semon of The Church of the Holy Faith in Santa Fe, New Mexico says “To go through the experience of the three days is really to go through what changes life for people.” Originally broadcast March 29, 2013.