Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly - April 13, 2016

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Catholics, Immigration and Deportation – On April 18, the Supreme Court will take up a case examining President Obama’s executive orders to protect more than four million undocumented immigrants from being deported. The plan was never implemented. Several states filed suit, arguing it was an unconstitutional use of presidential authority. Lower courts have ruled against the plan. But it has strong support in many parts of the faith community, including from the US Catholic Bishops. Correspondent Kim Lawton traveled to the US-Mexico border to report on Catholic advocacy for deported migrants. She also interviewed a critic who says it’s a moral imperative to protect national borders.

Christian Contemplatives - At St. Stephen’s Episcopal church in Richmond, Virginia, people from many Christian traditions gather on Sunday nights to try to encounter God.  Last winter, correspondent Kate Olson talked with worshippers and with church historian Diana Butler Bass about finding God in ancient ceremonies and all around them.