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#BoycottTarget reaches 500,000 signers

A sign for a Target store is seen in the Chicago suburb of Evanston, Illinois, on February 10, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Jim Young *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-TARGET-BOYCOTT, originally transmitted on April 25, 2016.

(RNS) Less than a week after Target, the nation’s second-largest discount retailer, announced that transgender customers may use the restroom that “corresponds with their gender identity,” nearly 500,000 people have signed a #BoycottTarget online petition launched by the conservative American Family Association.

In its April 19 announcement, the Minneapolis-based retailer with 1,802 outlets said, “We believe that everyone — every team member, every guest, and every community — deserves to be protected from discrimination, and treated equally.”

The retailer, which had $74 billion in revenue last year, said it was motivated by legislation in about 15 states that would require individuals to use the restroom that corresponds with the sex listed on their birth certificate. The Williams Institute, a think tank based at UCLA, estimates there are 300,000 transgender people (13 or older) in those 15 states.

 The day after Target’s statement, the AFA  launched the boycott, saying, “Target’s policy is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims. Target’s dangerous new policy poses a danger to wives and daughters.”

Mississippi-based AFA called on Target to install additional restrooms to be designated as single occupancy and unisex.

 But Media Matters for America, the progressive non-profit media watchdog, said it’s an “urban myth” that sex offenders exploit non-discrimination laws to gain access to the women’s room. It cited experts in 12 states with non-discrimination laws to corroborate its claim.

 The issue of transgender civil rights has divided the Christian community. In South Dakota, Lutheran Bishop David Zellmer called on Gov. Dennis Daugaard to veto a bill requiring transgender people to use the restroom matching their sex at birth.

 “This is a bill that ostracizes transgender students, putting them at risk in our schools,” said Zellmer. “Let us stand in their corner rather than against them.” On March 1, Daugaard vetoed the bill.

 “There are no easy answers,” said Mark Yarhouse, a conservative evangelical psychologist and author of “Understanding Gender Dysphoria,” on his blog recently. “ What I recommend is a thoughtful, prayerful approach, one characterized by humility about what we know and do not know, and a response that embodies conviction, civility, and compassion.”

 (Timothy C. Morgan is an RNS correspondent)

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  • Given that conflation and outright lying is common for Bryan Fischer and the AFA, I would severely doubt such numbers without independent verification, nor the likelihood it translates to an actual boycott. The AFA goes after Target practically every year. It hasn’t had much of an effect on the chain’s bottom line.

    As for sexual predators, one is more likely to find one among Republican politicians and Christian clergy than among transsexuals. In fact conservative Christians even make excuses for sexual predators amongst themselves. (See the current character witness letters coming from Republican politicians for convicted sex offender Dennis Hastert)

  • “Heaven only knows what goes on in their stalls.”

    Nothing nearly as lurid as what goes on in your twisted imagination.

  • Nothing like defending child molesters to show how big d-bags Conservative Christians can be.

    Also bear in mind that 50% of transsexuals experienced sexual violence in their lives

    While there is absolutely no documented incidents of people being assaulted by trans people in public bathrooms. The rednecks like Fischer and co are far more likely to be the ones committing the violent and lewd acts than those they attack

  • You do realize Target did not make a policy change, right? It didn’t monitor its bathrooms in regards to transgender people before, and it’s not going to now. It’s business as usual at Target, and its restrooms for that matter.

  • It’s also business as usual for the AFA as well, they boycott Target every year for one silly bigoted reason or another. It is attacking a much bigger opponent to look more important and garner PR. It’s all about grifting the bigots. Now that marriage equality is the law of the land, the AFA has no real purpose. It’s like what segregationist lobbies were like after the Civil Rights act was passed.

  • Given the character references to Dennis Hastert, Josh Duggar, and excuses made for the Catholic Church, “Pervs love us” is clearly the slogan of Conservative Christians.

  • Rest rooms that allow unaccompanied minors should be genital appropriate, It is not the transgender I fear as much as the Pedophile who poses as trans gender. I will not shop Target until they have a minor protection policy

  • I tend to avoid restrooms at Target not because of who uses them, but because of the cleanliness of the facility. I have never been in a restroom at Target where the facility was properly maintained. Target needs to give that priority attention first.

  • They do invite you to alert a team member if the restrooms are not in keeping with Target’s high standards.

  • It is clear to me that gay men are not Leon’s concern. Read his comment a couple more times and maybe it will be clear to you. (Please note sarcasm doesn’t translate into text very well…)

  • The enlightened women will be clamoring to get their exclusive bathrooms back as soon as they figure out that too many men pee on the seat and then leave it for the next person who has to sit down to clean it up.

  • If one is to use actual documented instances of abuse, church pews are more likely sites for child abuse than public restrooms.

  • You have far more to fear from pedophiles among clergy or youth leaders. Religious groups have a nasty habit of looking the other way where child abuse is rife. Between apologetics and victim shaming, there is far more to answer for by the people attacking trans people in the name of god than the reverse.

  • To be clear: Appeals to numbers, e.g. “BoycottTarget campaign reaches 500,000 signers,” don’t really work. They don’t mean anything. Even if 500,000,000 people signed on to the campaign, it wouldn’t automatically make them right. To think numbers are impressive, and grant things veracity, is a fallacy known by a number of names: Bandwagon fallacy, appeal to the masses, democratic fallacy, mob appeal, appeal to consensus, or more formally, argumentum ad populum.

    The real problem here is that the Religious Right is using things like bathroom access to harass transgenders, in addition to doing other things like depriving gays of discrimination relief. It doesn’t matter how many of them are behind these campaigns … that’s what they’re doing. It’s despicable, by any standard.

  • Re: “… It is not the transgender I fear as much as the Pedophile who poses as trans gender.”

    Can you provide any documentation that they’re prone to do this?

    Oh, and I expect you know that pedophilia is already illegal in public bathrooms, just as it is everywhere else? Or didn’t you know this?

  • Got a lot of red herrings in these comments, so let’s sort it out. The problem isn’t that transgender persons are going to use the bathroom, it is that non-trans-gender predatory males who are generally not dressing as females will exploit this new rule to harass and possibly harm women.

    Does this happen now under current laws? Sure, but women have some small recourse now. That is, if a male in male garb was lurking in a woman’s restroom, you could tell the store manager, or even the police, that that was the case and the person would be removed. Now, all that person has to say is that they “feel” that they are a woman. Women will no longer have any recourse to have such a person removed.

    Stripping women of this one small right to try to assure their safety in a place where they are extremely vulnerable is wrong. Women already bear the burden of a society in which public sexual harassment and rape are common occurrences. Someone else should bear the burden of accommodating transsexuals, not women.

    Why not men? I suggest that men’s bathrooms become bathrooms anyone of any sex or gender could use–all welcome. Keep women’s bathrooms as a place where women can feel somewhat more secure by continuing to bar males.

  • I wrote this to them on their feedback form:

    I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks: *Thank You* for doing the right thing in affirming your support of transgender people and the use of your restrooms. As a long-time customer, this affects me directly: you see, I am a woman of transgender experience. Few people would know this unless I disclose it, but the current climate of hysteria and overt bigotry makes even my life more risky and dangerous in dealing with this very human need – much more so for my transgender siblings who are more obviously transgender. I weep for them. But I really weep for all of us in this controversy: it is a growing opportunity for our entire society, and it’s an opportunity that many will miss.

    I think that Target leadership realize they are now on the right side of history in the difficult stand they have taken.

    You make me proud to be Target customer, and you now share my stigma, and my courage, and my joy in being the authentic person I was meant to me.

    You all are a Class Act!!

    Blessings & Joy!!

    Brettany Renée Blatchley

  • I don’t think that what you are suggesting is the real problem here. I think that the *real* problem is rooted in taboo:

    Trans women are feared and assumed to be (uncaught) predators because people cannot or will not accept that they are really women. Because people cannot fit that reality into their heads, we are not only assumed to be men (who are are assumed to be threats), we are assumed to be *especially bad men* because we would “stoop” to present ourselves as women…

    …This is a problem on *so many* levels. At it’s base, it assumes that if you were born with male genitalia, then you **MUST** THINK and ACT like it. My genitalia don’t think for me; they never have. My brain is wired *female*, I think, feel like a female person, which leads me to decide, act, look and sound like a woman – it’s not black magic; it’s not some “sin;” it’s not abut “sex,” its about who I am as a person. If you want to talk about pretending, in the “old days,” I was a female person who had to pretend to a “boy” and then a “man;” now, I can simply be myself: a woman.

  • “I suggest that men’s bathrooms become bathrooms anyone of any sex or gender could use–all welcome. Keep women’s bathrooms as a place where women can feel somewhat more secure by continuing to bar males.”

    ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?!

    “All welcome” – not on God’s green earth for *this* girl!

    The *PROBLEM* with this is our “rape culture” and you want me, as a woman, to be vulnerable to men in this way???? This kind of things gets trans people beaten, raped and killed.

    Not on your life would I do this – AND in case anyone from NC is reading, it would be illegal for me to use men’s facilities anyway.

  • Pedophiles by definition are sick and evil, giving them the cover of “I was born in the wrong body” so they can be where privates are exposed, if questioned is not an alibi I do not want to give them. There are same gender pedophiles, and that is also bad. If a little bit of inconvenience on a transgender person prevents a cross gender pedophile to be cot or better yet prevented is it not worth it.

  • Any abuse is evil of the incent young is wrong, I know first hand of the damage that is done by selfish adults with urges on innocent children.

  • That’s nice, but one does not worry about alligators when there is a pack of wild dogs in your neighborhood.

    Instead of making wild hysteric claims about remote and undocumented fears, a sane and reasonable person looks at the real tangible threats nearby. This is simply politics for the sake of attacking a small, socially marginalized group. Bigotry is great for getting votes for some people.

  • It’s one real wrong and one imagined one. You are more concerned with the phony one than the real one. This means either you are a hysteric or covering up a true motive which is far less socially acceptable.

  • we screen all our luggage at air ports and go through screening on the very remote chance that a few people that have perverted religion will take a bomb on the plane, If you knew personally a sweet child that was so harmed you would not be so glib. I have no book against transgender people, God loves us all.

  • Pedophilia is not an inconvenience or an imagined wrong. I give my real name I am not covering up anything Spuddie

  • “non-trans-gender predatory males who are generally not dressing as females will exploit this new rule to harass and possibly harm women.”

    How you can assert this in the absence of any real evidence is mind-boggling.

    “Stripping women of this one small right to try to assure their safety in a place where they are extremely vulnerable is wrong.”

    Sexual harassment and the like is already illegal and a law like this will not stop your hypothetical cross-dressing harasser. And I’d bet money you’ve argued exactly the same thing about various gun-control policy suggestions.

    “Someone else should bear the burden of accommodating transsexuals, not women.”

    Transgendered women are women and so they already bear greater social burdens, including the burdens of discrimination and vulnerability to violence. Sorry, but you can’t use a (very convenient) desire to protect women to justify your fear and ignorance.

  • How many Evangelicals have done, said, or supported fear, ignorance, or bigotry on just about any major social or moral issue of the day? Don’t jump Justin’s case for being skeptical of Evangelical good will. Evangelicals lost the benefit of the doubt years ago.

  • No. No your fears and ignorance and slanders are not worth discriminating against people you refuse to understand or care about.

  • “I have no book against transgender people, God loves us all.”

    You just think that, as a group, they are more prone to child abuse than everyone else. No bigs. “God loves us all.” Even people who lie about other people.

  • Pedophilia by transsexuals in public bathrooms is certainly an imagined wrong. Assault of transsexuals in public restrooms is commonplace.

  • I think as a group trans gender and gay people suffer more abuse foisted upon them than the straight population and the need more protection as youth.

  • Except you can cough up documented incidents of bombs on planes. No so with your fear of trans people. You certainly don’t know of any child which was harmed. So not only am I glib, I am highly skeptical of your actual concern here.

  • maybe you could consider worrying about a problem that actually exists; like, for example, the fact that the majority–the GREAT majority–of sexual abuse of minors is by (heterosexual) fathers of their own children and (hypocritical) conservative clergy.

  • Born and raised and live in rural west Texas. So yes Mike. I would not of said what I said if I didn’t know from experience.

  • Actually, Spuddie here makes my point. Most people who have a negative impression of conservative Christians take their clue from a secular culture that is hostile to conservative Christianity. Liberal/progressive secularists who positively hate Christianity, and of course don’t know any actual Christians, push their negative caricatures of Christians in Hollywood, the media, and much of education. Justin and Spuddie here simply take their cues from the culture uncritically, and read the negative caricature into any interactions they have with Christians online (because again, they don’t know any actual Christians). If i state my biblical conviction that a homosexual lifestyle is a sin, or that same-sex “marriage” is an oxymoron, then I lack civility and compassion. If I don’t buy into whatever LGBT propaganda the left is engaged in at any one time, I’m a “hater” and a “bigot.” People like these guys are walking and writing cliches.

  • EricT, no they haven’t. Read my reply to Spuddie above. We disagree with you, ergo we are ruled by fear and ignorance or bigotry. Hogwash. The fear and ignorance and bigotry is almost all on the secular, anti-religious, leftist side.

  • A man who abuses a child is not a father, a clergy man who abuses a child serves only the devil. The abuse I personally know of was committed by a stranger, not a father, and not a fake clergy nan I have not made a study of the statics. give me the data and the source. until I know that there is no reasonable possibility for stranger abuse I will be opposed to it. I would suggest that you inform the police of the clergy and parental abuse you know of

  • No, you dolt! I get my information about evangelicals by how they represent themselves both in public and online. You are a great example of the dishonest apologia laden responses one has come to expect from them. You want to blame the media and Hollywood for stereotypes yet you give a cliche stereotype filled response. Many evangelicals are bigots and haters. They support attacks on civil liberties of others. This is not stereotype, this is documented overt political platform. You demonstrated amply that you want to use religion to justify personal prejudices against gays.

    If you wanted to show that evangelicals like yourself don’t behave as badly as suggested, you did a horrible job. All I have to do is let you continue posting and you do the job for me.

    Thank you for proving my point.

  • I was not the one physically abused but I know first hand of the abuse, and yes lucky they were convicted.

  • I am not the one who said God hates certain people. That was all you. By all means continue to demonstrate evangelicals are honest and loving folk. 🙂

  • You disagree about whether to treat certain people as human beings. That is as good an expression of bigotry, fear and ignorance as any. Your attempt to frame the discussion as just mild disagreement also demonstrates the kind of dishonest rhetoric one typically sees with evangelicals.

  • Thanks for the clarification Mike. I might suggest getting to know some of you’re brothers and sister Christians that aren’t fundamentalist- before you say they aren’t even followers of Christ.

  • Although I am not an evangelical I can see that you show more hate and bigotry than any evangelical I know, you use your hate and inadequacy of intellect to justify your hatred of those you do not know. My last post to Spuddie

  • Especially when you use such language to justify discrimination of gays. Plenty of things are allegedly sins, but one sin seems to be the alleged justification for treating people as less than human and calling for legalized attack.

    The more you talk the more you are demonstrating the bigotry and nasty behavior that you were denying.

  • You are not an evangelical, you just make the same snarky bigoted comments as one. You bring up dishonest deliberately prejudicial positions and try to justify them with nonsense hysterics.By all means stop responding to me. Whatever makes you feel better.

  • Re Leon Bird’s “Rest rooms that allow unaccompanied minors should be genital appropriate”:

    How do you propose to enforce that? Pre-relief inspections by the genital police?

    Rather than making all those children “hold it” until you can figure out who’s using whose loos, why not re-employ the old-fashioned value of hiring uniformed restroom attendants to keep public lavatories as clean, supplied, well-functioning, and safe as possible for everyone?

  • If you believe these things, then why would you support a law that unnecessarily makes their lives more difficult? Don’t you see how arguments defending this law, and passing the law itself, contribute to a culture that permits abuse against trans folk?

  • “EricT, no they haven’t.”

    Listen, no honest person, religious or otherwise, takes evangelical Christian moral critiques seriously. In light of the way most evangelical Christians have reacted to the legalization of same-sex marriage, alone, it is nearly impossible to hear them as anything other than whiny, self-interested, self-righteous, hypocritical idolaters. And baseless comments about “the secular, anti-religious, leftist side” only confirm that many evangelicals aren’t interested in facts or honesty, because projecting your own worst features on a group you despise is a transparent failure of charity.

  • “Most people who have a negative impression of conservative Christians take their clue from a secular culture that is hostile to conservative Christianity.”

    See, can’t even be honest about *why* evangelical Christians have a bad reputation. It’s *always* someone else’s fault (never mind what you’re faith teaches you about motes and beams and self-righteousness and truth-telling). If you could have admitted that sometimes conservative Christians have done and said things that earn them criticism and that “secular” culture sometimes lampoons Christians with little sympathy, I could at least say you have a point. As it is, we get nothing but whining. Again.

    “If i state my biblical conviction that a homosexual lifestyle is a sin, or that same-sex “marriage” is an oxymoron, then I lack civility and compassion.”

    If you repeat the same tired interpretations and arguments that have been roundly criticized for decades, all in the effort to deny people legal rights that take nothing away from you, then yes, you lack civility and compassion. Yelling louder doesn’t make bad arguments better.

  • All Spuddie did was call out your bad faith arguments and flawed reasoning. Being criticized isn’t the same thing as being persecuted. You do know that, right?

  • “Oh, I see. Calling homosexuality sin is hate.”

    Bearing false witness against your brothers and sisters is, indeed, hate.

  • I support freedom and tolerance and a world where we would need no law, that not being the present case, commonsense acumination for those of different views. That does not include putting some at risk for the convince of others.

  • What independent auditing co is attesting to the figure of 500,000 ?
    The AFA ?

    In addition to supporters, every institution needs an enemy to survive. The AFA and it’s ilk have chosen personal freedoms as it’s enemy.

    The below video has 57,000,000 hits – and it’s spot on as to it’s message – Love One Another….

  • Sure, that’s exactly what those pedophiles would do. It never occurred to them to do that before, but thanks to antigay conservatives, the pedophiles have found the way.

    Except for the pedophiles that are the father or step father,bathe pedophiles that are relatives, and the pedophiles that are priests. They’ll just do it the old fashioned way.

  • The same thing that goes on in every other public restroom. That is not the same thing that goes on in the perveretdperverted imaginations of anti Gay bigots, and hyper conservatives, and hyper conservative religious people,

  • But the hyper conservative and hyper conservative religious bigots and virulently and anti people are constantly telling us that when corporations say stop being bigots to government, they are bullying everyone, but when they do it to companies, why they are just being Christians.

    The hypocrisy would be overwhelming if it weren’t so commonplace.

  • Mike, you demonstrate nicely how conservative primitive Christians are consumed with delusion/fallacy/fantasy while insulating themselves from evidence/logic/reason.

  • Sorry, but you are more in danger of being molested by a male family member than anyone one else.

  • So therefore you have far more to fear from relatives and priests than strangers in public restrooms.

  • There is no reason what so ever to allow males to use female rest rooms and vice versa. I believe in ‘choice’ and if your ‘choice’ was to try to change your sex then you must live with the problems that such a ‘choice’ will bring. It was your ‘choice’. No one forced you to do it. That is as far as ‘choice’ goes. You do not keep getting more ‘choices’ to cover up your first ‘choice’. One ‘choice’ and deal with the consequences.

  • Not the point of the discussion. Back to the subject, fear of trans people using bathrooms is neither a rational nor documented fear. Trans people being the victim of assault in public restrooms is well documented

  • If you go back and read one of your previous comments it is you that strayed from the topic at hand. My comment was just a reply to your’s.

  • Why is no one speaking of the sanitary issues. Ladies rooms do not have urinals and I expect that more body fluids on the toilet seat could not be healthy especially for our little girls. Haven’t seen any one speak about this but I believe that is why men’s rooms have the urinal.

  • People who use the term “same sex attraction” pretty much give the game away that they do not know gay people and have no intention to treat them as people. It’s the primary reason the LDS church uses the term so often.It’s as much a signifier of bigotry as using the term “uppity”.

    You are tired of not being able to ostracize gays with permission by society and laws. Boo hoo. By all means don’t shop at Target. AFA has been boycotting them for years. They don’t care about catering to your prejudices.

  • Now you are just going down the rabbit hole of inane diversion.

    Back to the main point. Fear of transsexual sexual predators in public bathrooms is ridiculous, unfounded. It is usually put out by certain people who regularly make excuses or minimize rampant sexual abuse in their own midst.

  • Assuming its even that much to begin with. Which given the propensity of the AFA for fibbing and misrepresenting facts, cannot be assumed.

  • Re: “The problem isn’t that transgender persons are going to use the bathroom, it is that non-trans-gender predatory males who are generally not dressing as females will exploit this new rule to harass and possibly harm women.”

    So you know they commonly do this? If so, when has it occurred? Documentation please. If you can produce none, then you’re inventing a problem that doesn’t exist.

    Re: “Now, all that person has to say is that they ‘feel’ that they are a woman.”

    So, you think being transgender is just a “feeling”? One that could (like other feelings) change by the moment?

    Re: “Stripping women of this one small right to try to assure their safety in a place where they are extremely vulnerable is wrong.”

    No one has stripped anyone of any rights. Women retain the right to safety in public restrooms. Assault in them was, is, and will remain illegal.

    Re: “Someone else should bear the burden of accommodating transsexuals, not women.”

    I wasn’t aware that transsexuals “burdened” anyone by their mere existence and their need (like all other human beings) to use restrooms. But if you say they do, then they must. I guess. Somehow. I mean, you’ve just said it. So it must be true. Right?

  • Same policy as they’ve always had. Just stated out loud. Tired of the fearmongering.

  • A pointless, irrelevant statement. They ARE their fathers – just bad fathers. It is only a very small percentage of abused minors who are abused by strangers. Most are abused by people they know well, like a relative, a family friend, or someone else in their life like a coach.

    As Danny said, we should not be focussed on imagined problems, but rather on real ones. Transgender women are at risk right now if they are forced to use a men’s bathroom. They, on the other hand, based on the reality and experience we already have, do not pose a threat to other women or to children in public bathrooms.

  • I suppose christians could take responsibility for their own wild imaginings, and build their own bathrooms. Then they could do all their banning and shunning between denominations.

  • The so-called “American Family Association” is known for their dishonesty. Why should we believe their claims that they have that many UNIQUE signatures? Didn’t they claim they had half again as many yesterday?

    These same losers tried a boycott against Disney in 1995 when Disney announced they would treat their LGBT employees equally. The boycott, still the most publicized anti-gay boycott ever, was such a complete failure that not only did Disney not attack their LGBT employees the way AFA wanted, Disney was so flush with cash they bought ABC at that time.

    Conversely, the first boycott LGBT Americans organized resulted in Florida Orange Juice dumping their dishonest anti-gay spokesperson in 1978.

  • Hatred and fear of LGBT Americans is a choice. Why should trans women be subjected to being beaten up in the men’s room because you made that bad choice? Somehow I doubt you would deal with the consequence to trans Americans of YOUR “choice.”

  • I’m sorry you have this problem with the private lives of normal LGBT Americans. Sexual orientation, whether gay or non-gay, has been shown by science to be inborn and unchangeable, and psychologists have shown being gay or lesbian is just as healthy and “normal” as being non-gay. However, psychologists identified homophobia as a mental illness and published their results in the Journal of the National Institutes of Health in 1953. Psychologists report that the most commonly observed symptom of the mental disorder homophobia is cognitive dissonance, an inability of those so afflicted to accept documentation that contradicts their deep-seated phobia and hatred of LGBT Americans.

  • Please remember, only a minority of Christians want to hurt LGBT Americans and subvert the United States Constitution.

  • These anti-gay Hate Laws mean that Mr. Chaz Bono is required to use the ladies room. Sorry, we all know these anti-gay Hate Laws have NOTHING to do with “protecting females.”

  • Isn’t it hilarious how anti-gays always tell us they “personally know” their lies are true?

  • Try common sense and the simple fact that you didn’t shower with the opposite sex either..I wonder why?

  • So, going to a public bathroom … in particular, women’s bathrooms, with have stalls … is, in your mind, the very same thing as showering together? Since when? Please explain.

    No wait, don’t explain. I don’t really want to know how you arrived at that equivalence. Only a sick and twisted mind could reach such a conclusion, and I’d rather have no part of that.

  • “Enemy”? Wow. How will Americans ever solve ANY American problems if Americans consider Americans “the enemy”? What does that accomplish?

    Besides, how do you know what Americans hate or don’t hate? That’s just a made-up story about Americans (i.e., a lie). What does that accomplish?

    Imagine the strength America would have if Americans acknowledged the equality of Americans. Imagine the quality of life Americans would enjoy if Americans learned to live alongside Americans. Imagine the domestic peace Americans would share if Americans respected Americans’ personal boundaries. Imagine the problems Americans would solve if Americans cooperated and collaborated with Americans instead of competing and combating against Americans. Imagine the accomplishments Americans would achieve — and the speed at which Americans would accomplish those achievements — if Americans doubled up on combined resources, win-win imperatives, and “Getting to Know You”.

    Imagine how easy all this would be if Americans simply realized that it’s just a matter of following the Golden Rule, and started treating Americans like Americans would like to be treated by Americans.

    Now imagine the day we can replace “Americans” with “people”.

  • Guess what, Nina? “Gentlemen’s rooms” are not immune from dirty toilet seats!
    See the last paragraph of my comment posted about 3 “scrolled pages” prior to yours.

  • Denny hastert– super heterosexual, super Christian, and super conservative– got 15 months in prison for his financial shenanigans, but that stature of limitations had run out for the sexual abuse allegations.

    Jerry Sandusky– super heterosexual, super father, super Christian– is in prison for years for his sexual abuse of children.

    the boys scouts for decades banned gay people from participating in scouting, under the guise of protecting the children. For decades they have had a sexual abuse scandal, with the perps being primarily heterosexual by intention, and in terms of their interests, experiences, and standing in their communities. For decades, they covered the abuse up in the style of a certain well known religious institution claiming they were the representatives of God on earth.

    As if God would want pedophiles in charge of children.

    Anyone who knows anything about the problem of sexual abuse of children knows that for decades, it has been an established fact that 50% of the time, abusers are fathers or stepfathers, and 25% of the time, a family member.

    And yet, we have writers on these very pages still trying to claim that transsexual individuals who wish to pee in private are predators that require laws. When they are not claiming that, they claim that gay men are the threat, even though this “fact” is simply not even the latest lie they have told about us for centuries.

    Is it any wonder that young people today, who know gay and trans people as human beings, would rather be friends with a gay/trans person than with a self proclaimed good conservative Christian?

  • They personally know that hundreds of thousands of gay people have changed from gay to straight, yet cannot explain why there is no parade of these changed individuals to demonstrate this rather startling “fact.”

  • Will not be doing business with Target. When they correct their policy, I will revisit the matter. Until then, there are other stores that have not caved in to the extreme left and it’s social/political agenda.

  • Scientists have been asking anti-gays for over 40 years, “Show us the ‘ex-gays,’ please, and tell us how you do it?” but the anti-gays always say how they do it is a secret and refuse to give scientists the names of those who “changed.”

  • You do realize that transmen will now be forced to use the women’s restroom, right?

    Oh, and by the way, pedophiles don’t have pose as transgender; they’ve been destroying children ever since time began, and they’ve never needed to claim they’re transgender to gain access to the women’s restroom. You’re so worried about transpeople, you miss the real pervs.

  • Seriously. Wouldn’t it be ironic if a transwoman actually stopped a pedophile from molesting a child in the women’s restroom? And if it were me, I’d beat the living hell out of him on top of that.

  • “The problem isn’t that transgender persons are going to use the bathroom, it is that non-trans-gender predatory males who are generally not dressing as females will exploit this new rule to harass and possibly harm women.”

    Predators have never had to claim they were trans to attack a little girl or woman in the restroom; they don’t need to (and they never will). Those who do will only do it once; the hell they will go through as a result (that is, if they survive) will “cure” them from ever trying that again (if they live long enough to get out of jail; the fact that they are child molesters is enough to get them shanked, or worse). It’s easy to tell a pervert from a transwoman; you never see the transwoman, she blends in, like every other woman. But a perv will stick out like a sore thumb, whether he is dressed up or not (granted, I don’t know this for sure; I’ve never been in a women’s restroom when a perv was in there (and he better be glad I wasn’t)). The fact that he’s lurking should be a dead giveaway, no matter how he is dressed.

    “Now, all that person has to say is that they ‘feel’ that they are a woman.”

    Absolute and total falderal. If you knew anything at all about what it’s like to be transgender, you’d realize how totally stupid your comments are. You don’t just wake up one day and “feel” like a woman, any more than you would wake up and “feel” like a cat, horse, diesel engine or a 2×4. The transgender condition is an actual physical problem with the brain itself, not a disorder “in” the brain. There is medical evidence that backs this up. This is just a gross oversimplification to trivialize a serious [physical] medical condition, and promote irrational fear and hatred.

  • Pervs go where the kids are; churches, schools, Scouts, sports leagues, Boys’/Girls’ Clubs, etc., and they use being a “Christian” as a smokescreen for their rotten behavior (i.e., they never were believers, but they put on a good show for as long as they could). For them, it’s a big con; as long as they talk a good game, no one suspects anything, until it’s too late. They talk the talk, build up trust, and then take advantage of that trust, wreaking havoc and destroying lives as they go. There’s a big difference between saying you’re a Christian, and actually being one. Of course, there are those who are “true believers,” who have urges, and try like heck to fight them, but end up giving in. But they should be punished just like those who are intentional predators.

    Being trans should not be a conservative vs. liberal issue; too bad conservatives are a little slow on the draw as far as embracing facts that don’t agree with their tradition, or their interpretation of Scripture is concerned. It makes it tough to be both trans and conservative.

  • It ain’t a choice, dumbass. It’s something you pretty much have to do, if you want to stay sane.

  • You are very right, but very wrong. This is just another reiteration of the no true Christian or no true Scotsman fallacy. Christians, despite their press releases, are no better than anyone else. To claim they are not Christian because they are not perfect on the one hand, then claim that Christians are not perfect, just (or jest) forgiven on the other, misunderstands both being Christian and being human.

    That’s why I think Christianity is one of the worst things that ever happened to the human race. It teaches people they are born bad, but for the right amount of money and subservience, they are forgiven– with absolutely no evidence for any of it. On the other hand, it teaches them that because they buy the con, that somehow, they don’t have to be better than they actually are.

    I’ll take an ethical person over a Christian person any day.

  • People will sign a boycott because it is a boycott. In this case the numbers mean nothing, because the people who signed this boycott most likely are shopping there today,forgetting what they signed. As for Target they did the right thing,in the end they will be recognized for this change.

  • Some people are more concerned bout the new opportunity made available to Pedophiles and the safety of little girls and woman than the convince of adults. Many evils have existed in the past, a civilized society takes steps to limit the opportunity for there occurrence in the future. The boy scouts require 2 deep adult leadership and an open tent policy when counseling one on one. Some churches (all should) have a never with youth policy for any one convicted or suspected of child abuse.

  • “I’ll take an ethical person over a Christian person any day.”

    You can be both. ya know. Just sayin’. 🙂 However,I can see your point, except for the money and subservience part. For me, neither one of those have anything to do with Christianity, even if it is taught in some churches, but that’s a different story for a different day. My point was that pervs use the church to hide out (just like with schools, Boy Scouts, ball teams, etc.), and when they get caught, because they are associated with a church, it makes all churchgoers look bad. For every TV preacher that teaches “give me money, and lots of it, and God will bless you (which is total BS),” there are 10,000 or so who teach the word of God as it is in the Bible, and money and subservience hardly ever come up. I could say more, but again, that’s a different story for different day.

  • The stats are that only about 20 percent actually get the sex change operation. So most likely they take aim which is not very good in a toilet That is something known for centuries. That is why the urinsl was invented

  • There’s an old joke for that longstanding fact:

    There was once a Quaker dairy farmer with an ornery cow. The cow would sometimes get the farmer in the face with her tail, sometimes kick him off his stool, and sometimes kick a full bucket of milk over. Well, one day, she did all three. The angry, frustrated Quaker got to his feet, faced the cow, and said, “I cannot curse and I cannot strike thee, but I can and I shall sell thee to a Baptist.”