Donald Trump deletes anti-Clinton ‘Star of David’ tweet after criticism

Donald Trump in Scotland
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to the media June 25, 2016, on the golf course at his Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen, Scotland. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Carlo Allegri

Donald Trump deleted a tweet blasting Hillary Clinton after social media erupted over the inclusion of a six-point star, which critics said could be seen as an anti-Semitic use of the Star of David.

The tweet featured a faux newsmagazine cover showing a drawing of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee against a backdrop of hundred-dollar bills. On the right, in a red, six-pointed star, were the words, “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!”

At the bottom was a reference to a Fox News poll that purportedly found 58 percent of respondents believe Clinton is “corrupt.”

The original tweet was posted on @realDonaldTrump — the confirmed account of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee — at 9:37 a.m. Saturday, July 2.

The original tweet was posted on @realDonaldTrump — the confirmed account of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee — at 9:37 a.m. Saturday, July 2.

Social media was quick to respond, with Josh Schwerin, spokesman for the Hillary Clinton campaign, tweeting: “Why is there a Star of David?” Zeke Miller, political reporter for Time, posted simply: “Uh oh… (That star…)” while Vox writer Matthew Iglesias noted “some interesting graphic design choices here.”

Josh Barro, a senior editor at Business Insider, weighed in with this tweet: “Oh, great, A Star of David over money.”

The Verge reports the original tweet was posted on @realDonaldTrump — the confirmed account of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee — at 9:37 a.m. ET, and stayed up for more than two hours before it was deleted. Trump later posted a similar tweet featuring a circle instead of a star.

The Verge said the Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

Unlike other items on Trump’s Twitter feed that have raised eyebrows, such as an unflattering photo of Sen. Ted Cruz’s wife, the Clinton item was not a re-tweet but appeared to be created and posted by the Trump team.

(Doug Stanglin writes for USA Today)

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  • Donald Trump and his crazened supporters are racist clowns who hate America. They defecate all over the constitution every time they open their mouths.

    Drumpf needs to rely on these big brain-washing rallies to garner up support. These bigots cannot fathom that a black man has been so successful. Obama has thrived in office.

  • Someone on the team just picked the wrong star. That’s all. The Chinese communist red star is five pointed I believe. That’s what they intended. She is a communist agent of China.

  • When I ask a Republican why they think Hillary is corrupt, their response essentially describes every poltician.

  • This doesn’t seem like actual Anti-Semitism. Stars of all point-counts are used as graphics to make things “pop” out, because it looks like an explosion or burst. It’s not like a five pointed star would’ve been used as evidence of Trump’s hatred of pagans or a nine pointed star seen as evidence of his hatred of Baha’is.

    It’s extremely unlikely the man is prejudice against the religion of his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren.

    You shouldn’t NEED hyperbole to argue against TRUMP. Calm down. There’s plenty of horrible policy to criticize without seeing racism in every shadow.

  • Whoever wrote that article is an idiot. /pol/ is NOT “an Internet message board for the alt-right, a digital movement of neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and white supremacists”, it is, in fact, a place where trolls go to post politically incendiary things to intentionally offend people. /pol/ is the shortened name of the board, the full name being “Politically Incorrect”.

    The article’s author is looking at an internet site dedicated to offending people for the pure sake of offending people and thinking it’s a serious community of racists. Ridiculous.