1. That ANY evangelical support 2Rump says that this is about power, money, and dominion, not faith.

  2. I am a white evangelical Protestant and definitely will not vote for Trump.

  3. Anyone who supports this man must be reading a different Bible.

  4. Or they already know that Hillary is essentially Old Scratch, as Trump mentioned.

  5. “””So, when pollsters talk about “evangelicals,” what they really mean are “white, non-Hispanic Protestants who identify as a born-again or evangelical Christian.””””

    Because that is what “Evangelical” means outside of those who want to pretend words are defined by their etymology or what Theologians claim to be the distinctives.

    The fight to save the term “Evangelical” from what White Born Again Christians have defined it as – for everyone else – is a lost cause and demonstrates a refusal to understand how Language actually works.

    If someone finds Trump’s racism and xenophobia repugnant – I’d suspect they are not an Evangelical, they just don’t yet know they’ve the camp yet.

  6. Hilary didn’t attack a family of a fallen soldier this week, Trump did.

  7. Trump read the prosperity bible as advocated by Norman Vincent Peale, and then lopped off the social good will end of it.

  8. The shift in meaning is the direct result of the attempt to fuse religion and politics. Apparently, those Christians have not read the words “My kingdom is not of this world.”

  9. Your last paragraph says it all. Your statistics are fine. But you’re wrong on the political question. It really is about white evangelical support. That demographic has driven the religious right’s support for the Republican party for decades. In turn, white evangelical support for GOP presidential candidates is key to success. Race and religion aren’t the same thing, but they have a lot to do with each other.

  10. Given the number of Hispanic people I know who attend Evangelical churches, excluding them from the category seems quite surprising.

  11. I think the poll questions go something like “Do you support Trump?”
    Answer: Yes
    Question: have you ever darkened the door of a church?
    Answer: Yes, Christmas and Easter
    Finding: Evangelicals support Trump.

  12. It’s a sad state we are in and also sad commentary on our education system that there are enough evangelicals left to constitute a significant votlng bloc in a presidential election such that they are even news. That is a national embarrassment for the United States. Evangelicals are among the most extreme of a severely deluded lot, that lot being Christians. Maintaining belief in the crazy Christian fantasies in the present day in the face of modern science and medicine reflects poor reasoning skills in the populace and ineffective teaching of critical thinking skills in our schools.

  13. If only that were the case. This election cycle aside, the pews, foldaway chairs, and movie theatre seats are filled weekly–bi-weekly, even–by persons confessing Christ whose obsessive concern is the preservation of social mores and personal beliefs consistent with those that fan the fires of the specific anxieties bequeathed them.

  14. There are lies, damned lies and then there’s statistics.

  15. Just got and ambassador and three Navy Seals killed, then lied as to why is all.

  16. No I’m not voting for the Republican nominee and I abhor the Democratic candidate, but there are over fifty political parties in this country and this year there will be even more of a choice, most much better choices than the ones we are told are our only choice.

  17. The Anti-Hillary brigade have been trying to pin that one on her for a while. They couldn’t find any evidence of wrongdoing or negligence on her part. Much of this is like 9/11 conspiracy theories. People cannot conceive that a bunch of fanatical arabs could plan an attack on Americans which leaves us flatfooted.

    I will say one thing, at this point with 20+ years of accusations,
    nobody could find anything of note. She’s practically bulletproof by now
    and knows it. That is scary for conservatives. They created a
    politician who has no desire to take their threats seriously.

    That being said, there is something deeply tasteless about attacking Gold Star Families. Trump was set up for it. His ego and bluster made such a target too easy to resist.

  18. The only vote that doesn’t count is the one that isn’t cast.

  19. I would have to say that it would be anxieties born out of the fact that elections matter and voters feeling that their alternatives are limited (unfortunately). As the last two election cycles demonstrated.

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