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Muslims surpass atheists as most unpopular group in US

A member of the New York City Police Department stands guard during a group prayer session for the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha in the Brooklyn borough of New York City on Aug. 12, 2016. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Stephanie Keith

(RNS) Maybe atheists should just embrace it as a slogan: “Atheists: The group Americans love to hate.”

About 40 percent of Americans say atheists “do not at all agree” with their vision of America, according to a new study from sociologists at the University of Minnesota who compared Americans’ perceptions of minority faith and racial groups.

But the study marks a grimmer milestone — Americans’ disapproval of Muslims has jumped to 45.5 percent from just over 26 percent 10 years ago, the last time the question was asked.

And “nones” — those who say they have no religious affiliation, but may also have spiritual or religious beliefs — are also unpopular. This is significant because nones now make up one-third of the U.S. population.

The study found:

  • Almost half of those surveyed — 48.9 percent — said they would disapprove of their child marrying a Muslim, up from 33.5 percent in 2006.
  • The spiritual but not religious are mistrusted by 12 percent of Americans, while almost 40 percent of Americans say the rise of the “nones” is “not a good thing.”
  • Disapproval rates for several minority groups have grown — Jews, Latinos and Asian-Americans experienced 10-point jumps in disapproval, while recent immigrants, conservative Christians and African-Americans grew about 13 percent each.

The new study also attempts to find out why atheists are so reviled by what its authors call “dominant group members” — aka religious Americans. The findings pinpoint three things: Religious Americans associate atheists with “criminality,” materialism and “a lack of accountability.”

Crowds of atheists and other freethinkers assembled by the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool for the Reason Rally on June 4, 2016 in Washington, D.C. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

Crowds of atheists and other freethinkers assembled by the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool for the Reason Rally on June 4, 2016, in Washington, D.C. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

The study’s authors — sociologists Penny Edgell, Douglas Hartmann, Evan Stewart and Joseph Gerteis — describe the jump in disapproval of Muslims as a major change and are focusing now on identifying reasons for it.

“Religion becomes a signal and a marker, an easy shorthand for Americans’ moral judgment,” Hartmann said. “But that is not the only thing going on with Muslims. It’s more complicated.”

But Hussein Rashid, an adjunct professor at Barnard College who frequently writes and consults about Islam in the U.S., said the jump in anti-Islamic sentiment the study pinpoints is reflected in the current political rhetoric.

“The data from this survey shows that there is an increasing pull away from the promise of America,” he said in an email. “In 10 years, people have a more negative perception of Muslims, Jews, gays, Latinos, and Blacks. As a new America is taking shape, with all its diversity, there is a reactionary response that wants a mythic America of everyone being exactly the same.”

The study has more bad news for atheists — despite a decade of organized effort from groups such as American Atheists, the Secular Coalition for America and Openly Secular to normalize nonbelief, Americans are not buying it — religious belief remains a measure of trustworthiness and belonging, the study found.

“Overall, we find no support for the idea that the increasing visibility of non-religious persons, groups, and movements in American life has reduced anti-atheist sentiment in any significant way,” the study’s authors write.

A small bit of good news for nonbelievers: The number of people who say they would disapprove of their child marrying an atheist has dropped slightly, to 44 percent, down from 48 percent in 2006.

The study was written from data collected in 2014 from 2,500 participants. It was published in the current issue of Social Forces journal. The previous study was published in 2006 by three of the same authors.

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Kimberly Winston

Kimberly Winston is a freelance religion reporter based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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  • Muslims surpass atheists as most unpopular group in US”

    But wait! what about trans people? What about gay people?

  • It appears there’s enough hate to go around for everybody based on the study. If we would take people on their individual merits we would do better. We all (I think) struggle with people we dislike; I can think of a particular co-worker. However, as a purportedly forebearing, tolerant, and compassionate Christian, that says more about me than him. So I go the Cross, confess my guilt, plead for mercy, and resolve to reach higher in my struggle to be forebearing, tolerant, and compassionate towards all.

  • The study is from 2014. The percentages would most likely be different in 2016. The ‘Nones” are gaining ground. Our ‘evil’ plot is to quell religious bigots’ efforts to indoctrinate the masses. 😉

  • Yea for we atheists! Groups like CAIR worry about the image of Islam in the US. I personally don’t care what anyone thinks of my atheism. My career was in science, where atheism is not an issue. I currently live in a small town in South Carolina where time has stood still since 1965. I expect I would be lynched if I went around advertising it.

  • Atheists are associated with criminality and lack of accountability? I assume the accountability part is because we don’t get judged after we die. But what does that say about the folks with that belief? Do they believe that they themselves would run roughshod over polite society without their god looking over their shoulder (and reading their minds)? As far as criminality, the percentage of the prison population that is atheist is FAR lower than than the atheist percentage of the general population. But I suppose those folks wouldn’t want facts eroding their dogmatic beliefs.

  • They think atheists automatically have no ethical or moral compass. That’s where the accusations of criminality and lack of accountability come from.

  • “reactionary response that wants a mythic America of everyone being exactly the same.”

    I’d say that’s a bullseye. And using the phrase “mythic America” is right on also. There has never, ever, ever been a perfectly monolithic America. Ever.

    The shame is on the individual who judges another for who they are, rather than what they do. That’s where we get all the phobias and isms. It’s the responsibility of each American, regardless of immigration status, to be better than that.

    Yesterday I bought new shoes. The very pretty young Muslims woman’s hands still showed the beautiful and intricate henna designs that are part of the Eid celebration from the weekend. When I asked her about it, she was happy to tell me about it. She was very kind and helpful. She explained that she’s studying nursing with hopes of becoming an RN.

    The knowledge that some of you would see this wonderful hijab-wearing person and hate her on sight is a terrible blot on this country. Islamophobia demeans America.

  • I am surprised that the study’s authors are now focusing on identifying reasons for the jump in disapproval of Muslims in the United States.
    There is only one major reason for this trend; namely, that over 90 percent of the terrorist attacks that have occurred in the United States since September 11, 2001 have been committed by Muslims. Consequently, many Americans now view Muslims with an air of hostility.

  • That assertion needs context to actually determine if a valid concern or serious threat. But it is an assertion frequently used to justify Islamophobia. I personally would be more concerned for my personal safety from being in any public space in any location that allows concealed carry. And even more realistically, driving a car with over 100 traffic deaths a day.

  • It’s telling… at least to me, that religionists lump both a religion and atheists together as the most unpopular adversaries. These people must want to cover all the bases so they have more than one convenient target for the psychopathy. Such sick, i.e. dysfunctional people on a institutional level, maybe not individual. They don’t even have a clue as to what goes on with the morality their beliefs. Yet they have such an out sized amount of power/authority it scares the shit outta me to contemplate it.

  • So, the number of atheists in this country is increasing, and the number of “nones” in the country is increasing, and yet disapproval ratings for both groups are increasing? So, I suppose atheists and “nones” were not included as participants in the study? Were Muslims? And the entire study had only 2,500 participants. Regardless of whether or not anti-Muslim and anti-Atheism sentiments exists in the US (which they probably do), it seems that the biggest take-away from this article is that many studies and statistics are total bullshit.

  • 696 incidents in 41 states and the District of Columbia have resulted in 885
    deaths since 2007. In 84 percent of the incidents (585) the concealed carry killer
    committed suicide (293), has already been convicted (222), perpetrated a
    murder-suicide (53), or was killed in the incident (17). Of the 84
    cases still pending, the vast majority (71) of concealed carry killers
    have been charged with criminal homicide, four were deemed incompetent
    to stand trial, and nine incidents are still under investigation. An
    additional 27 incidents were fatal unintentional shootings involving the
    gun of the concealed handgun permit holder. Seventeen of the victims
    were law enforcement officers. Twenty-nine of the incidents were mass
    shootings, resulting in the deaths of 139 victims. That is simply concealed carry, not gun deaths per se. In addition, many terrorism researchers would beg to differ with that 90% Muslim terrorist attack attribution.

  • It didn’t tarnish the reputation of Catholicism or Lutheran Protestantism back in the day. Orthodox Christianity certainly got a pass for their efforts in promoting genocide in the 90’s.

    Go figure.

  • But religious believers who use the argument state outright that they have none and would run amok if not for their belief in God. That is far more scary than their impression of atheists.

  • I think the assertion already has real proof with terrorist attacks being committed by Muslims. This has affected the nation. I live in a medical college community. Hindu’s and Muslims are large part of the student and faculty body. My supervisor is young Indian. She is very nice but what goes on in families after hours is a concern, especially now that the media has given a lot of hype to this. The young man and his girlfriend killing his colleagues, for example. I think terrorism and traffic deaths is not a good comparison at all. Traffic control is a state/county/ community issue.

  • I do. As a young adult there were the ones at Gorazde and Srebrenica. Plus Christian on Christian mass murders at Enniskillen (U2 even referenced it in a concert. The footage became part of the film Rattle and Hum). In my youth bombs going off in London were a semi regular thing thanks to some sectarian minded Irish Catholics.

    My grandparents remember the ones all over Europe. Some of my ancestors came to America fleeing the ones regularly done in western Russia.

  • And somehow this surprises the author??? A cult dedicated to conquest, that will kill you if you don’t convert. And then will cut your head off because “God” told him to?? And he needs a new youtube video.

  • Sorry for your pain, but I’m not so sure I would blame that event on Christianity. Terrorists, yes, tyrants, yes, but Christianity, no.

  • That is because you have a vested interest in avoiding the nasty bits of the history of your faith and the actions people take in service of it. Honesty is not a trait one sees among Christian apologetics.

    But really, I am simply holding your religion to the same standard you apply to others. If you are going to hold a faith of 1.2 billion members responsible for the acts of its most extreme members, it is only fair to apply it to other faiths.

  • Joan you are right that the media has given a lot of hype to Muslim terrorism but you overlook non-muslim incidents. Easy to do when the dominant narrative deems this the only threat rather than recognizing the non-muslim extremist attacks occur at about double the rate as muslim terrorist attacks. For example the Wisconsin Sikh Temple Massacre, the Tennesse Valley Unitarion Universalist
    church shooting, the suicide attack on the IRS building in Austin, or the Dylan Roof church shooting. Perpetrators include persons deemed to be radical Christianists, white supremacists and far-right militia groups. Hate, extremism and fundamentalism apparently are not the exclusive jurisprudence of any group or religion.
    In addition, when you express concern about not knowing about what goes on at home after hours, I wouldn’t be too worried about your supervisor being a secret Muslim terrorist. However, what goes after hours that poses a greater threat and is much more common is when domestic violence spills into the workplace (or someone bullied or who has been fired seeks revenge. )

  • Hate is on the rise because the economy is not doing well for the middle class and poor. It is easier to get people fighting among themselves then to get them to realize that their government has let them down.

    if that is not bad enough we have two awful candidates. One is a loudmouth who doesn’t think before he talks. The other person does not even try to run for the presidency. She doesn’t hold press conferences and only takes questions from journalists who are selected beforehand by her or her staff.

  • 885 since 2007 translates into about 105 a year, in a nation of 150-200 million people that doesn’t even rate a blip on the statistical radar. I do not minimize these deaths and tragedies, I merely point out that life is inherently dangerous and the number of deaths from a host of other causes clearly outweigh those produced via the dangers of concealed carry. Your own numbers show that in the 84% measure of incidents you cite as examples the concealed carrier committed suicide roughly 50 % of the time harming no one but him/her self. Those bent on suicide will find ways to achieve that end by whatever means. Nor did you cite the statistics that reveal the number of incidents where a person carrying a concealed weapon was able to prevent or deter a criminal from harming or robbing others. Ultimately your concern regarding concealed carry does not hold water statistically as a measure of the dangers and death lurking in the pathways of life.

  • And by extension, the same analysis applies to the initial comment as to 90% of terrorist attacks in the US since 9/11. (And seeing as the word attack is used rather than victims also appears to be quite inaccurate) Apparently, statistically you are more likely to be struck by lightening than to die in a terrorism attack.
    So thank you, I agree that you need to know what is a bona fide threat as opposed to a gut feeling.

  • IRA is a political issue, not religious.
    Serbia, Yougoslavia… – there is a great untold story. Massive problems with Muslim population. High crime including kidnapping, rapes, as well as imposing their religious demands.
    Nobody speaks of Kosovo that was once Christian. No longer, Christians are an infinite minority pushed into a corner.
    Reminds me of Myanmar. What would make peaceful Buddhists turn violent? Answer: Islamic supremacy and crime.
    It is everywhere, we see it, we read foreign media,

  • As for the IRA, tell it to Ian Paisley! It was a religious sectarian conflict for the most part. Bosnian genocide somehow has an excuse? What kind of reprehensible revisionist nonsense is this? Kosovo was a Muslim enclave in an orthodox nation. Your ignorance and excuses are ridiculous here.

    The majority of your gripes with Muslims fall under the same categories of political conflicts when you bother to find out about them. You won’t because it’s far easier to just say, “because they are evil Muslims” than to educate yourself on the subject.

  • IRA: North vs South. It was political. They didn’t go around imposing their culture nor bombing or vandalizing churches and churchgoers. They never uttered the name of God or Jesus-Christ while carrying out their deeds. They never cited their religious books either.

    ”The IRA’s primary goal was to force the British to negotiate a withdrawal from Northern Ireland. It used guerrilla tactics against the British Army
    and RUC in both rural and urban areas. It also carried out a bombing
    campaign in Northern Ireland and England against what it saw as
    political and economic targets.”

    Kosovo organ trafficking inquiry chief vows to investigate all evidence

    Guess who was trafficking whose organs? Albania even had slaughterhouses for Christians.

    Kosovo: ”The small minority of Pristina’s religious population that is not Muslim practices Christianity in the form of Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. When Pristina was in a Serbian empire, in the Middle Ages, Eastern Orthodoxy was a predominant faith other than Roman Catholicism.[2]”

    See how fast Islam supremacy spreads.

    70% of the ideology is political under the guise of religion. The word ‘conflict’ does not apply. Replace with ‘conquest’.

    I don’t have gripes with Muslims, only with Islam. Most Muslims don’t know their own ideology. However, more and more are becoming outright aggressive in their demands that we comply. We don’t have this problem with Buddhists, Jews, Hindus…

    Hijab, niqab, halal enforcement, taking up public space for praying, islamic prayer rooms in secular public/private institutions and in workplace, the list is long. Political aka conquering Islam.

  • No it wasn’t. South was already it’s own country. It was protestant pro British v. Catholic merge with Eire crowd. Geographically only because of sectarian segregation.

    “They never uttered the name of God or Jesus-Christ while carrying out their deeds. ”

    They didn’t consider each other Christians. They believed themselves to be Christian and their opponents were not the real thing.

    In Kosovo, the Serbians who were already mass murdering Bosnian Muslims started doing the same after losing its effort at greater Serbia there to a Catholic/Muslim coalition.

    “I don’t have gripes with Muslims, only with Islam.”

    Funny thing is ISIS uses as a recruiting tool the kind of virulent anti Muslim sentiment you demonstrate. You are doing the job for them. You are being an Islamicist stooge and you are too thick to realize it.

    ” We don’t have this problem with Buddhists, Jews, Hindus…”

    Christians already tried to slaughter those groups either through intentional genocide or imperialism. Plenty of Christians have a problem acknowledging and respecting any beliefs but theirs. Even Christians of other sects. The only difference being that we don’t give religious authorities any political power anymore. It’s not because Christianity is any less bloodthirsty. It’s that it is on a tighter leash.

    If you are going to say one given religion is evil, then you have to own up to the real truth in that they all are. Its their nature to enable atrocity (even when they claim to forbid such stuff(.

  • What is sad but predictable in human nature is blaming an entire group for the actions of a minority. This blanket condemnation is based on emotion and ignorance not reason or logic. As an atheist I can sympathize with American Muslims with no connection to Islamism or terrorism.

  • IRA: Didn’t know I had to go in depth, sorry.

    Yes, Christians had their slaughter days also, a long time ago. But does not compare to Islamic slaughter. Yes, most religions are evil and I am against all religions.

    You say Christians need a tight leash or else we would be slaughtering… WOW.

    You also indirectly say that people such as I, and we are many, through our discourse, will turn moderate Muslims into violent Muslims. In other words, you are saying we should submit or else…

    Many Muslims do not know their ideology. I make it a point to speak about it and inform them. Reaction is always the same, either they deflect the conversation or I have to show them the hadiths whereby they blow up in anger at me.

    You never answered my first question re Middle-East as 40% Christian reduced to 3% since Islam showed up.

    Here is another question:
    At a strict minimum, 80 million Hindus were slaughtered by Islam in mid-1900s within a very short time. The result was India buying the peace by ceding a good chunk of its territory to Islam (now Pakistan).
    Who slaughtered these 80 million Hindus? Did moderate Muslims take part in this carnage?

    What to say about the Muslim Brotherhood Morsi’s overthrow in Egypt? Entire Coptic villages torched, hundreds of churches destroyed, all this in a few days, by Muslims who were longtime friends and neighbors of these Coptes.

    I have Muslim friends and acquaintances, having been with a Muslim for 16 years. I have helped quite a few, above and beyond the call of duty.
    I admire Islamic State. Why? They are honest. They are following in the footsteps of Islam’s ideal individual to emulate (PBUH), as of PBUH’s hijra to Yathrib. SALAAM.

  • Maybe you shouldn’t be making blanket generalizations and misstating facts.

    “You say Christians need a tight leash or else we would be slaughtering… WOW.”

    History has shown that on numerous occasions.

    “Many Muslims do not know their ideology.”

    And you know it better than they do. Riiight. After all you spent so much time knowing what they believe first hand. From them. Of course not. You are just regurgitating silly half baked screeds you read online.

    “Reaction is always the same, either they deflect the conversation or I have to show them the hadiths whereby they blow up in anger at me.”

    Much like your anger at me for pointing out the atrocities of Christians. Much like the anger generated when a certain poster here brings up all the New Testament quotes concerning attacking disbelievers and the ones used to justify genocide in the past.

    “At a strict minimum, 80 million Hindus were slaughtered by Islam in mid-1900s within a very short time. The result was India buying the peace by ceding a good chunk of its territory to Islam (now Pakistan). ”

    A few centuries of Divide an Rule doesn’t factor into it at all, right?

    “What to say about the Muslim Brotherhood Morsi’s overthrow in Egypt? Entire Coptic villages torched, hundreds of churches destroyed, all this in a few days, by Muslims who were longtime friends and neighbors of these Coptes.”

    And look at the reaction by the Muslim majority. They ousted the MB and are now swinging back to military dictatorship. Oh well.

    “I have Muslim friends and acquaintances, having been with a Muslim for 16 years. ”
    The typical deflection of the bigot. “I have friends from ___ group”.

    “I have helped quite a few, above and beyond the call of duty. ”

    That sounds far less beneficent coming from you after all those screeds .

    IMO, if you are going to say one religion is somehow evil, you have to admit they all are. Frankly there is no argument which can be made that “X religion is evil, therefore they must be denied their civil liberties”. It is defecating on the values and liberties we hold dear. Or at least I hold dear. I am not to sure of others here.

  • Shame on you. When truth is designated as bigotry.

    I assure you every single Muslim I know wants some form of Sharia of which mandatory blasphemy laws.

    I have been devoting most of my free time since 2008 to learning the ideology.

    I debated devout Muslims for many years through the Noble Qur’an. Totally pointless and time consuming since they come out with all the excuses available to them such as ‘Arabic a necessity to understand it, back-and-forth re contradictory verses (aka abrogation), faulty translation, context…

    So, I switched to a critical thinking approach. Within ten minutes, debate is over. Either they not reply or they threaten me.

    I understood two years ago the best approach is through their ideal individual PBUH (Sira, Hadiths). For some reason, they don’t want to hear it

    Why Islam is a big problem while other ideologies are not?

    Answer: PBUH (Yathrib, last ten years of his life) – atrocities, sexual slaves, raiding, looting, torturing, attacks… list is long – same as Islamic State.

    Also, Noble Qur’an in that there is no consideration for Infidels other than subjugation or death, no love for one’s neighbor, no love for anyone except Allah, total submission to Allah’s words. The ideology cannot be reformed since they believe it is the perfect word of their perfect deity – Allah. PBUH’s atrocities only compound the problem.

    No other ideology is as bloody, conquering and supremacist as Islam.

    Have a great week. And remain peaceful.

  • You are so full of it, I can fertilize a farm with the amount of BS you spew.

    But you know what you are right. The schwarma seller by my office is secretly trying to kill me for Allah. He is raising my sodium and cholesterol levels with the combination white sauce and sriracha.

    “Why Islam is a big problem while other ideologies are not?”

    Other ideologies are not? Since when? You demonstrated early on you are ignomant of anything outside your bigoted screeds.

    You have been spending your time trolling people with the garbage you pick up from hate groups.

    Frankly if you were in my neighborhood you would be reduced to a gibberish pile of incoherence. I am in the region of the country with the second largest Muslim population in the US. There is a madrassa two blocks away from my home. Women with hijab work at the Wal Mart. They sell halal chicken. The horror.

  • Check out halal certification, where the money goes. I stopped buying commercial meat in 2009 because of halal certification and barbaric slaughter (spinal cord is not severed, atrocious agony).

    Hijab: it tells me two things. Very subtle and silent message.
    Muslims are the Best of humanity, Jews and Christians are the most vile of creatures. (A few variances on the verse but all same conclusion).
    Also, Infidel females are impure, our hair and neck are sexual attractants that men cannot resist. In other words, we are sluts for not hiding our skin.

    When I see their young girls all wrapped up, not an inch of visible skin except face, feet and hands, never to feel the wind in their hair and the sun caress their neck for the rest of their lives… This is a crime against young girls and all women. If I did that to my little girl, Youth Protection Services would be at my door and remove my child.

    I never said Muslims are not nice people. I said Islam is a problem to be feared.

    It’s enough. I wish all the best, happiness and health. Have a great week.

  • The Troubles were not a religious issue. They were a political and cultural conflict where the vast majority of one side identified as one sect of Christianity and the vast majority of the other with another sect.

    There were Catholic and atheist loyalists and atheist and protestant nationalists, but there were never loyalist nationalist or a nationalist loyalist. Hence the idea that the Troubles were a religious conflict and not about political power is a false dichotomy.

    Furthermore, there was no occasion where an IRA or UDF terror operation was justified through Christian scripture. None.

  • Cultural being sectarian Christian differences. People literally targeted each other on the basis of which kind of Christian they were.

    BTW any and all religious conflicts are really political and cultural in nature.

    As for scripture, just by the comments on this site we know people will find any possible justification for bad behavior using the Bible. There is no truth whatsoever to the claim that “X religion’s scripture and articles of faith foreclose bad behavior in service of it”. What nasty elements you can attribute to Islam can be imputed to all religions. Nobody has a monopoly on fanaticism. It’s always just a matter of how much political power the fanatics have.

  • ” I stopped buying commercial meat in 2009 because of halal certification
    and barbaric slaughter (spinal cord is not severed, atrocious agony).”

    Why does this give me the impression you hunt people for sport and food? 🙂

    “Hijab: it tells me two things.”
    1. You are a bit of a perv
    2. I don’t want to imagine what you think of Amish, Hindu or Haredi wear as a form of religious identification.

  • despite a decade of organized effort from groups such as American Atheists, the Secular Coalition for America and Openly Secular to normalize nonbelief, Americans are not buying it

    Maybe this has to do with the fact that they’re so belligerent and openly hostile towards those of faith. Maybe if they weren’t threatening legal action against school districts and towns right and left, this might be less of an issue.

  • No… it’s not that all Americans are not buying ‘it.’ It’s religionists like you that aren’t and are willing to drag in anything/any one that’ll supposedly ‘prove’ your point.
    It’s a common tactic to demonize anybody that threatens your exalted and controlling position, which is standard practice for christians in this case, and does apply to other religions.
    Maybe if you weren’t intellectually and emotionally living in, and threatening the whole of humanity with the idiocy of religion through the school districts and towns, right and left, this might be less of an issue.

  • Not in the least.
    Thin skinned people exhibiting a restrictive low level of consciousness like you are a dime a dozen and are so obvious that one could almost be brain dead to see you for what you are.
    Living life isn’t as simple and black and white like religions teach. It’s messy, with it’s good and not so good, and terrible things do happen, but they’re man made. The sky daddy has nothing to do with it. It’s people treating people, as well as other animals, and the planet without understanding and respect.
    Calling out religion on it’s lies about the nature of reality isn’t belligerent or antagonistic to everybody, just to you people who are intellectually lazy, and emotionally inept who are scared existential angst and cognitive dissonance life can and does produce, and especially your own mortality.
    Maybe one day you might shed your bronze age shell, but till that day you deserve all the mental uncomfortably that’ll comes your way. How about you deal with it and not involve anybody else in your dysfunction.

  • And you keep proving my point.

    Maybe if you people were nicer to the rest of us we wouldn’t hate you so much.

  • Being nice to a psychotic belief system and its adherents doesn’t put up appropriate resistance.

    The cover your ass at all costs syndrome on top of the psychosis preached as normalcy that is religion need be relegate to the dust bin of history. To do that one need be firm in the positive aspects of this earthly existence and not put up with such unprovable other worldly nonsense.
    But you adherents are so poor, that like a child, you cry out when you’re confronted with things you know little about, and have no reasonable way to explain and blame the other for your short comings.
    Grow up by proving all the supernatural contentions of you religion, or STFU !!

  • ROFL… and when being belligerent and antagonistic doesn’t work, you’ll do what you people did in the USSR. Murder us.

    Normal people are right to be fearful of you people. Because it always comes down to that.

  • Remember you mentioned murder. I didn’t say directly or intimate that as an solution. It’s abhorrent to me.
    Projecting your supposed solution on me is laughable, and irresponsibly paranoid.
    Your projection of anything dire to incite the faithful is such an obvious ploy to garner support here comes off as comical and sad at the same time.
    You do need therapy, drugs if necessary to get past the narcissism on top of the psychosis you and your gawd operate from.

  • That’s just what you people do.

    For someone who claims to base his thinking on evidence and reason, it is funny that you reject this argument in spite of it happening in every country that has had state imposed atheism as its official religion.

  • Nobody in this country has imposed atheism, now or in the past on you in particular, or the country as a whole. Only paranoids like you would come up with such drivel to try and divert you from having to answer anything that might tarnish the supposed sterling reputation of religion. The opposite is true with about 17,000 churches nationwide.
    You people have literally had free reign to do as you damn well please and have amassed obscene amounts of wealth while not paying taxes, because of that you are major players in politics at every level that can, and have influenced this countrys governance with a dismal track record.
    Last I heard it was a semi free country where all could express an opinion on whatever subject they felt they needed to. Even christers have that right, but for you to play the victim card about something you know nothing about is obscene. While in the process, you try to muzzle and demonize anybody else that thinks and expresses something contrary to your beliefs.
    I won’t hate you. I do feel sorry as that you’re as ignorant, and childishly self righteously arrogant as you are, and that you infect the body politic with your dis-ease to the degree you do.
    You are the poster boy for the definition of religious zealot. And could use something in your life that’d take you away from the duelin’ banjo school of preachin’ and prayin,’ mentality, that Bill Maher mentioned, but alas, it probably won’t happen in your life.
    Put up or shut up…. last call.

  • I simply cite irrefutable evidence from every country that has imposed atheism. The USSR, red China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Mexico (Briefly) and other countries which have imposed atheism as the state religion have used genocide to enforce this religion.

    It only stands to reason that a similar regime in any other country would work the same way.

    Now if you want to be irrational and abandon facts and documented history, that is fine, but that’s the beauty of fact. It doesn’t care what you believe, it is still fact.