Members of the clergy lay hands and pray over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, on Sept. 21, 2016. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

4 evangelicals, 4 different ways to consider Trump

(RNS) Evangelicals are divided on what to do about Donald Trump this November. As I’ve written before, most evangelicals fall into four categories. Some will vote Trump as a protest against Clinton. A few will do the reverse. A large number of evangelicals oppose both candidates. Still others enthusiastically support Trump for president.

On Sept. 16, the National Religious Broadcasters hosted an “evangelical debate” on Trump at the National Press Club in Washington. Two of the speakers at the debate opposed Trump; two of the speakers supported him. Here’s how their arguments played out:

Erick Erickson: 'God has never asked his people to choose the evil.'

The conservative writer and talk radio host made a distinction between those who will privately vote for Trump as the lesser of two evils and those who use their platforms to support his candidacy. He argued that evangelicals harm their witness by publicly supporting Trump.

Trump’s lack of character disqualifies him from evangelical support, Erickson said.

“We have a man running for president of the United States who has bragged about his affairs, who has bragged about stiffing others with the bill, who has cheated women and widows, who has said he’s never had to ask God for forgiveness, who does not identify Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior but says he is a Christian.”

While some evangelicals see Trump as a leader like the ancient kings of the Hebrew Scriptures -- Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus (men who were not Jews, but who, in the Book of Daniel, were good to God’s people), Erickson rejected this way of thinking. He admitted that God might use someone even as flawed as Trump, but that possibility does not persuade someone to vote in a particular way.

“Between the lesser of the two evils, God has never asked his people to choose the evil. He’s done it for them,” Erickson said.

Janet Parshall: 'What will you do with the Court?'

For the national radio host, the critical issue is the Supreme Court.

Dismissing the charges against Trump’s character, she set the current candidate’s flaws in perspective, as following a line of many presidents throughout American history with glaring character flaws: from Thomas Jefferson to Warren G. Harding, Franklin Roosevelt to Bill Clinton.

“We are not electing a Messiah,” she said. “So I don’t fear for having anything less than a ‘sinner’ in the White House. Last time I checked, we have sinners in the Supreme Court, sinners in the Oval Office, sinners in the Congress. In fact, I myself join you today as a sinner, saved by grace.”

Parshall also praised the American election system. “Seventeen candidates strutted upon the GOP stage,” she said. “Those who cared voted. The system worked and the final candidate stepped forward. That’s the way the system worked.”

She urged evangelicals to consider how God’s hand has been involved in this election season. “For those who have been praying and fasting through, during, and for this process, have we now believed the sovereignty of God didn’t apply? … God has a track record of using flawed and broken people, even when it doesn’t look right to us,” she added.

Harry Jackson: Multiple reasons minority evangelicals should support Trump

Jackson, an African-American pastor in Maryland and chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, said Trump may be “the only one who is able to bring some substantive healing to the racial divide.” He mentioned Trump’s economic plan for urban improvement, the opportunity for nonviolent offenders to return home from prison, and family tax incentives that are significant for African-American and Hispanic communities.

And he offered three more general reasons for supporting Trump: religious freedom, Supreme Court justices, and support of Israel.

Bill Wichterman: 'A threat to our democratic republic'

Even though he cares deeply about the Supreme Court, the former congressional staffer and assistant to George W. Bush, does not believe Trump’s potential court nominees justify a vote for a man he thinks may be “a threat to our democratic republic.”

Trump, Wichterman said, “has too often demonstrated contempt for the rule of law. He’s sounded more like a strong man impatient with constitutional constraints.”

Wichterman chastised evangelical leaders who say we need a “bad man” to stand up to bullies on the left.

“It’s almost as if we’re hiring a hit man to play dirty for the sake of good government. … It reflects a lack of faith in the power of virtue to do what needs to be done. We don’t need to do bad to do good. In fact, that’s impossible, if Scripture is to be believed. Ends and means both count in God’s moral accounting.”

Wichterman said he opposes both Trump and Clinton.

“I hate the thought of Hillary Clinton being elected president and she will never get my vote. But I won’t compromise core principle for the sake of party allegiance. … I will not allow Trump to be the face of the nation for the world. I will not stand idly by while our national character is polluted. As Christians, we’re called to do God’s bidding in God’s way, which means doing what we should and entrusting the results to him.”

(Trevin Wax is managing editor of The Gospel Project and author of multiple books, including “Clear Winter Nights: A Journey Into Truth, Doubt and What Comes After”)


  1. Shorter.

    Evangelicals against 2Rump: he goes against everything we believe. That’s why we voted for rMoney and McCain, and that feral snow Barbie. It was all about power, money, and dominion..

    Evangelicals for 2Rump: he goes against everything we believe. That’s why we’ll vote for 2Rump. its still all about power, money, and dominion,

  2. Maybe it’s not about picking the lesser of two or three evils. Maybe it’s like 2 Samuel 24:11-15, where David is allowed to choose the judgment to fall upon the nation. We’re not choosing the lesser of evils, we’re picking our poison. We’ve sowed these two candidates (the primary process), now we reap the consequences. The devil you know versus the one you don’t know.

  3. Maybe its about time Conservative Evangelicals get the hint. Most of America does not care for their agenda. They are not as powerful a political group as they have been led to believe.

    Right now they are bemoaning that none of the 10 candidates who were darlings of the Evangelical community were considered worthy even among purely conservative voters. They bank on Mike Pence being their “inside guy” to the White House. But it is wishful thinking at best. Incompetence, lack of experience and lack of knowledge has never stopped Donald Trump from taking actions on a given subject. The idea that he would defer decisions to Pence is laughable delusion.

    The silliest response was Harry Jackson. Jackson is a right wing shill who thought that opposing marriage equality was a better use of his time than doing anything of substance for the African-American community he allegedly claims to represent. He simply repeated fictitious claims Trump has made. Trump’s plan as little of it he has disclosed of it involves increasing burdens on the middle class and working class while ensuring the wealthy do not pay into the system which supports them. How this is going to help African American and Hispanic families (groups Trump has shown nothing but contempt for) remains to be seen.

  4. Bill Wichterman says Trump ‘A threat to our democratic republic’. I see that as a positive.

  5. Janet Parshall played the sovereignty card when pointing to Trump’s nomination. Should Hillary win, will she accept it as the sovereign will of God, or blame her victory on #NeverTrump-ers for not voting for him?

  6. Here is how we, a people of the faith, Believers who live For Christ live”
    Seek our Lord God Daily, read & study Gods Divine word of Truth. Not My will Be done But Thy will be done” The Lords.
    Sin is what brought Obama To Power’ A nation of people, Through The So called Christian being like Minded with the anti Christ, pleading for a god man on earth, They received what they wanted.
    Not just our nation but the entire world is worse for it.
    >>> The Words spoken in the ear of the people, We are tired of Being the world Police & laid down the rod of Justice. & of course Lucifer picks it up, I could preach this for a long way, I’m not much
    interested in The Anti Christ, To The Children of God, his called, the elect who know vary well to stay firmly Positioned on The Rock of Our Salvation. Jesus Closely watches over his.
    It’s The back sliders on all of this who took up with a different jesus preached, Decided or never actually were in a real Full Gospel church. But in a Carnal church.
    Get your eyes back in to the word of God & repent. God said in His word, I will teach you not to back slid.
    Jeremiah is where you will find it, other wise your as dead & more than the Anti Christ. Ignorance is one thing but to had tasted the Goodness of Christ, God the father, & then to go back to sin. Repent. Get right with God,

    MR Trump is been surrounded by People of faith who have responded To the calling of Righteousness
    through the words of God’ MR. Trump is of the called’ seeking the Anointing Christ Jesus has for Him, He is a Believer, all manor of people are praying for him:”
    It is through The Hoy Spirit. We Beseech Our :Lord Jesus Christ,
    The people of Faith’ They of the called’ called to the Obedience of Gods word.
    Last Night The Children of God prayed For MR Trump, laying of hands.
    May be to us God will have Mercy & redeem our nation from The strong hold
    Lucifer has on it.
    The American Standard.
    Truth’ The God of Glory said, in Matthew 4:4 Jesus answered and said,
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “It is written” <<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Man Shall Not Live On Bread Alone, But on Every Word That Proceeds Out Of The Mouth Of God"
    That is word for word from what the Aramaic Bible/ Gospels say in The English Translation.
    Philippians 4:6 Be Carful for nothing, bit in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be known:
    It is Humility Before God at all times, The God of Creation will not be mocked;
    To the anti Christ, The Lord has already said in the day of the Lord all matters with them well be dealt with up front. To us we are to remain stranding in the word of God. Being faithful in all manor of speaking to The Truths of God, Our Lord Jesus
    Christ: God owns the white house. Lucifer is the thief, The father of Lies,
    of course we know him for the Murderer he is.

  7. Load of crap.

    Sin is what brought Obama to power? I believe it was an election, where a majority of people rejected the not-really-a-Christian Mormon.

    Our nation and the world are the worse for it? How about Bush and his two undeclared wars that have destabilized the entire middle east, and the greatest recession since 1929.

    2rump is surrounded by people of faith? So his three marriages, numerous adulteries, living in unrepentant sin, four bankruptcies (us unenlightened folk generally call those THEFT)– and his admission that he is a billionaire who doesn’t pay taxes when you do have convinced you that he is god’s choice.

    you have no candidate of faith at all. Just a lust for power and dominion.

  8. I’m going to repeat it, The failing was in the nations people,
    which the anit Christ has been hard work on dealing with.
    You sir are offended, out raged by truth not the lie,
    The sin’s of man are not Trumps alone, The man is repenting,
    seeking direction through truth, It is through the heart of man God looks at.
    How about You, & Your secrete sins are what ? & so everyone has to remain a captive because it brothers you on what level.

  9. Repeating it doesn’t make it more true, less hypocritical, less detached from reality, or less naive.

    The man is repenting? Then why is he adulterously married to his third wife, and not remarried to his first? He routinely lies, and is caught in his lies. and we all know that lying is one of the things God hateth. He routinely slanders and reviles other people.

    But sure. Believe whatever you like. Maybe you can blame his much hoped for loss on sin, rather than God not sharing your political opinions.

    But i suspect God isn’t actually a republican.

  10. You can repeat it all you want Jim. It’s still a load of crap.

  11. What’s left of the “witness” of right-wing Christians and Christianists is being shredded via their support for trump. It’s a big mistake that can’t be talked, rationalized, or bible quoted away. The hegemony of Christianists’ is rapidly shrinking due to their own behavior.

  12. Perhaps it’s a witness that needs to be shredded away. For too long Christians have settled for ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  13. they haven’t settled for them. They enthusiastically supported them as long as they could get the gays, pretend to do a thing about abortion, feed the war machine, and pretend to give a flying fig about religion.
    Power. money. Dominion. That’s what it has always been about.

  14. Jim, was your long comment a parody? If so, I want to congratulate you for being able to cram such an enormous amount of unbelievable nonsense into one comment. It certainly does illustrate the utter absurdity of TrueChristianity™

  15. here’s the short, The day of The Lord: God will not Be mocked:
    God & His word are one in the same:
    It says what it means & means what it says:
    It’s the rule of Law:
    GOD In His Word, having all Preeminence”> In all manor of word
    & thought.
    shot the messenger’ But God in His word will never change. It remains the same for all Eternity” heaven & earth will pass away but his word will never
    go way. Your argument is with God & his word. I gave it & that is all I can do.

  16. Actually, I think the diminishing of Christianity is a good thing. It’s a painful experience, but birth and rebirth always are. If there is no big money in Christianity, the scalawags, the charlatans, the greedy false prophets and false teachers will mostly slink away. My hope is that the faith will lose its closr association with politics, power, condemnation and hate.

    Then it can become a good thing.

  17. Our government is corrupted by big money, not just American Christianity. Big money is the corrupter of many entities made up of individuals; many, but not all.

  18. You are giving the old Jeremiah doom and gloom routine in support of a serial philanderer, racist, fraud, who bribes government officials. That is the most retarded thing I have seen all day.

    Do us all a favor and protest the wicked sinful ways of the nation by self-immolation.

  19. “Your argument is with God & his word.”

    Nope. We aren’t talking to God, we are talking to a delusional person who has a thin skin.

    If God was all knowing and all powerful, why would he need someone like you to ensure his will is done? He should be able to do it himself. Why does God seem to have the most cretinous, dishonest, ignorant mooks as his servants?

  20. Being You mentioned Jeremiah, I’ll say this in Love, God is abounds with Mercy’
    Jeremiah’ 3:14′ For starts it Thee Divine Plead of God, don’t waist your selves away in sin’ The hand of God reaching Forth to all of Humanity. Not Me,, not my words,
    God said, Return… faithless people” Declares the LORD, For I am Your Husband,
    I will Choose you- one – from a Town and two from a Clan- and bring you to Zion.
    Isaiah 54:5 For your Husband is Your Maker’ Whose Name is The Lord God of
    Israel, Who Is Called The God of all the earth.
    Jeremiah 3:13, God Said, but before that’ to take note, calling God a Liar is to be considered a child of Lucifer, For Lucifer is the father of Lie’s
    That’s a heads up, God Can Not Lie. That’s Gospel Truth.
    Go said, Only Acknowledge your Iniquity” ! !, a good place To take a time out & ponder
    The way of Truth, not to gush out. an other God said thing:
    & To take pause, Don’t be burning Your Bridge’s. man of the dust of the earth. an other time out to pause & ponder.
    Jeremiah continues to say, God said, That You Have Transgressed AGAINST The Lord Your God, Now he is directing this right at the back sliders, They who had tasted
    The Goodness of God, but fell back in to sin.
    And Have Scattered Your Favors to Strangers & Under every green tree.
    Now it gets vary serious, For all of Humanity is been given enough truth in there heart
    mind & soul To Know God is real & alive, . And you Have not Obeyed My Voice”
    DeClares The Lord.
    It’s an open & shut case. spilling ones seamen where one ought not be doing it at all”
    Hay, anyone Think God is not looking down on earth’ think again.
    Here’s an other heads up’ Honestly” I was vary much content not to utter anything
    God redeeming to anyone, I was content in my self to let it ride’ But the word of the Lord came to me, where upon God made it abundantly Clear To Me, I’m all taped out when It comes to his Patient’s with Me. it’s been given to you to Know, I had been made clear to you, My word, The axe was at the base of the tree so to speak.
    I’m Vietnam Vet, I have the goods to back me up what it cost me in Flesh * Misery
    in that war, God spared my life, that was a long while back, I’m not going to bother ‘
    with all the in Between stuff, Frankly speaking You got the kick start of a life time.
    Jesus Saves, he loves you, not me, The love of the Lord is in me, His works, his
    time & pain in dealing with the likes of Me, A sinner saved by Grace.
    > God said,< But Calling a Liar, it;'s you back side, generally when after a little time
    has passed to had pondered Calling God a Liar, draws a reward that is not good.
    That's loving you sinners giving You a heads up on what not To do.
    Now I get to hear it" where once I was like the many who bulked.
    here it Is" Because They have Perverted their ways, They have forgotten The Lord..
    GOD WANTS TO SAVE ALL PEOPLE. question,' will it happen, "NO'
    if one is a hard worker" at being filled with Debauchery & all the rest that comes with Being a none repented Sinner" Your Toast. Ok. No hate in that, Just telling truth.
    One God, one Universe made by the will of God, One Jesus Christ. One Lucifer,
    and a whole lot of demonic powers & principality's, want to argue over that matter'
    Take it up with God,
    hells hole is a bed of worms.
    Jesus Christ in our stead went to the cross, where by God made him sin, Jesus
    became sin, taking depravity wickedness upon him self The sins of the world,
    In Turn, God looks to Humanity, I love you so much, I gave my son to sin for Your
    deliverance, His Blood has paid The Price In Full.
    All Those who will believe On my son, Jesus Christ, I will save. calling on His name"
    That's the way of God people, God will have no part of sin.
    Now you want to go To God, You need to Go through Jesus Christ, first
    Christ said so & It is an Other God said Thing. learn to read the bible,
    It will save you a lot of pain & suffering.
    That's my Love message, not hate. hate sin, But Love the Lord God & his word'
    Love Righteousness, It will save your soul.

  21. As Janet said, We are all sinners. Is Trump willing to be advised by the Godly people, even evangelicals? Will he be serious and realistic to follow Godly counsels? Jesus said to them, “Assuredly, I say to you that tax collectors and harlots enter the kingdom of God before you. (Matt 21:31). It is better now prayerfully approach Trump and tell our concerns before it is too late.

  22. Saved in the Southern Baptist church at age 12, I cannot fathom how real Christians could ever vote for Trump’s moral idiocy and against the second Clinton to run for president.

    Trump is the flip-flopping former Democrat, based on his philandering past practices and disregard for women, most likely to appoint Supreme Court justices in favor of abortion on demand as a matter of male irresponsibility and male economic convenience. As a centrist and a sincere Christian, Clinton is far more likely to be guided by God to make moral choices for Supreme Court appointments.

    Hillary Clinton, a lifelong Methodist, as a woman married one time only and still married to a former US president, ought to have sufficient Biblical “male headship” in her married life to satisfy complementarian evangelicals of her moral legitimacy over thrice serially married, twice-divorced Donald Trump (who on the video record wants to date his own daughter, Ivanka, with whom he openly stated he has “sex” most in common).

    Also painfully evident is Trump’s moral idiocy of chronic fact-checked “pants on fire” lying, playboy mentality (as his Howard Stern interviews typify), cruel disparagement of everybody who doesn’t feed his inflated ego, casual bigotry, and dismissive exploitation against those vulnerable to his profiteering.

    A third party vote is essentially a vote for Trump in an electoral system that can only elect a Republican or a Democrat. Trump is essentially the second Democrat — and a more socially liberal one than Clinton from his own personal immorality — in this presidential race.

    Clinton for 2016 is by far the better moral choice for all Christians and other people of good will.

    I pray that all Christians will understand their calling and obligation under the anointing of Jesus Christ with the dispensation of the Holy Spirit to be guided by God alone as their highest and sovereign authority in voting for president this year.

  23. “A third party vote is essentially a vote for Trump in an electoral system that can only elect a Republican or a Democrat. Trump is essentially the second Democrat — and a more socially liberal one than Clinton from his own personal immorality — in this presidential race.”

    And you were doing so well! Being either a democrat or a liberal, much less a so called Christian, has nothing to do with morality.

  24. God will not be mocked

    Sure he will. I do it all the time. Hyper conservative so called Christians do it all the time, and make a great deal of money doing it.

    Mammon or God? Hahahahahahaha!

  25. good for you, It is to some to be made the goat”
    & it is to others to witness their destruction.
    They that see’ shall be even more true to the hope
    found in Jesus Christ. but as for you, dark days;

  26. Oh, goody! you get to prove how righteous you are by watching my “destruction.” Your god has had 66 years to destroy me; instead, I’ve been blessed beyond measure in my life. Maybe he’s wait until I’m worm food. That will certainly prove his point– or yours.
    You so called Christians have been threatening everyone with “my gawd is gonna getcha” ever since the first querulous old man raised a shaky finger at another querulous old man and hissed: “HERETIC!”
    I’m not worried about it. I don’t think Jesus is anywhere as nasty a figure as so many so-called Christians seem to need to believe.

  27. I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.
    – Voltaire

  28. The Photo. Is up lifting to the Saints In Christ Jesus. It Edifies The God of Glory. The Hope we all have in God, through his word of truth for our lives. It is to the praise of Jesus that MR. Trump, family & Trusted people of the faith stand in Humble assembly before the Lord, In prayer, for the spirit of God, seeking His blessings, .
    It is to the Glory of God Almighty; seeing MR Trump being surrounded by those in the faith,
    God makes the way.
    Psalm 101.6 My eyes will be on the faithful in the land, that they may dwell with me………………………..
    I’m given to The letter to the Thessalonians 5:16. inspired by the works of the spirit of our
    deliverance through the Blood of the lamb, He who called us to the righteousness that comes
    through the faith we all share in Christ Jesus, & by the renewing of our minds through the Gospels
    We Give God all the Glory & Praise for our Salvation.
    It says in verse 16. Rejoice always, Verse 17. Give Thanks in All Circumstances; For this is God’s Perfect
    Will For “US” in Christ Jesus.

  29. There is only one way to speak to this Photo, & that is to Glorify God, any other message that is not
    Edifying To The Lord Jesus, The Holy Spirit would be of the anti Christ. For the word of God
    is vary clear on this matter, For with out the Spirit of God in This mans heart, it would be
    impossible for any man to acknowledge Christ Jesus as Lord, The Lord over his Life as it is
    with all who are of the saved in Christ, For God Him self Called this man to be.
    Beware, here’s your heads up,>>>> Do not slander the Holy Spirit,<<<<<<<<<<<<
    It would be the Unforgiveable Sin………………………………….

  30. There are problems with the positions the 4 listed people took. For example, Erick Erickson’s position is compounded by the definition of evil. We are all a mix of good and evil and rarely, though some have tried very hard to accomplish this, has there been any American running for the Presidency who is pure evil. Though I agree with those who would never vote for Trump, his reasons for opposing Trump need work.

    Janet Parshall’s reason for supporting Trump shows Evangelical reasoning at its worse and why we have the presidential choices that we have today. Abortion is not the only important issue in any election let alone this one. The abortion is issue is why the GOP has taken granted support from evangelicals. And though she didn’t explicitly state that she was picking a president based on their stand on abortion in what was described above, such a concern for the make up of the Supreme Court usually suggests that concern.

    Harry Jackson’s reason for supporting Trump, like Parshall’s, relies on reductionism, only for him, healing the racial divide is this issue. He is right that healing that divide must revolve around the economy of urban neighborhoods. For all of the talk about crimes committed by Blacks, rarely does anyone attribute that crime to economic factors instead of race.

    But Clinton made a valid point about Trump’s approach to economics; it is a rehash of Reagan’s Trickle-Down economics only Trump, and rightly so, wants to pay more attention to our trade agreements than I remember Reagan doing. So even with his economic renewal plans, can we expect economic hope to be restored to those urban neighborhoods that need it the most, or will we merely see an increase in the number of poverty-level wages paid to those living in poor neighborhoods? As for addressing mass incarceration, both candidates are offering similar proposals as far as I have seen.

    Finally, there Wickterman’s view. On the one hand, I agree with his assessment of Trump though not for the same reasons. Thus, I would say that most of our past and both of our current Presidential candidates from the two major parties pose threats to our democracy. But then again, so do the voters. THe biggest threat to our democracy doesn’t necessarily come from Trump’s flaws cited by Wickerman. The biggest threat to our democracy comes from our nation’s loving embrace of authoritarianism. Our leaders are marketed as heroes and thus they become active authoritarians. The voters, on the other hand, want to elect officials whom they can ignore until the next election and thus become passive authoritarians. And we want officials whom we can ignore because we don’t want to distracted from our personal lives and our quest for prosperity. So we vote for the leaders we feel who will take care of business so we can follow our own pursuits.

    To pursue a true democracy, we need to pursue those political and economic systems that demand our constant participation in decision making. And we can’t do that when we vote for officials we can ignore because we are too busy with our personal lives and pursuing our own prosperity.

    If we want to vote for democracy, we won’t vote for the candidates of those political parties that take our votes for granted. We will vote for those representatives who best share our views and principles. And such candidates are third party candidates, then voting for them is voting for the a future when third party candidates are viable candidates.

  31. Perhaps we should think about the old truism that people get the government they deserve, on either count the prospects don’t look good.

  32. I have been thinking a lot about what you wrote here. And I have been convinced that you exactly exemplify the problem. You’re willing to declare that Trump is God’s choice, and that the fact that he is surrounded by so-called Christians makes the morality of his campaign a reality.

    Still a load of crap. Let’s look at Donnie in all of his glory. Do you like:

    Fornicating Donnie, who has Bragged publicly of his adulteries and affairs.

    Adulterous Donnie, who is married to his third wife.

    Thieving Donnie, who has declared bankruptcy four times and screwed inumerable people in order to avoid paying his debts.

    Lying Donnie, who’s been called in so many lies on just about a daily basis. “I never said that” when there is this picture and his tweet and his words that he actually did say.

    Gambling Donnie. I’m not sure where the bible decries gambling, but certainly, conservative Christians do so. It’s immoral, sinful, and wicked. So I’m told. I just think its boring.

    Billionaire Donnie – assuming that he is not lying yet again. Who was it that said “it is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle that it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” No one important to your type of Christianity.

    Slandering Donnie, who says all kinds of untrue things about other people, none of them nice. Something like Mexicans that come to this country are all rapists and drug dealers.

    Two Corinthians Donnie, who claims to read his Bible but doesn’t seem to know what even every atheist knows: it’s second Corinthian, not two Corinthian’s.

    Maybe its beauty contest Donnie, who publicly encourages women to wear absolutely next to nothing, encouraging heterosexual men to look at them with lust in their hearts, which as we all know, someone no longer important to Christianity says is exactly the same as committing adultery in their hearts.

    How about billionaire Donnie that never pays any taxes, as far as we know, and at least as far as he is admitted? All that stuff about rendering to caesar or is simply unimportant, another example of somebody not actually important to modern Christianity saying something inconvenient. Or does this make him socially irresponsible Donnie, Someone for whom compassion for the poor is also unimportant.

    I could continue on in this vein for quite a while, but I won’t. Your insistence that Trump is sent by God doesn’t say much good for you, for Trump, for God, or for what passes for modern Christianity.

  33. Trump being the pick’ ? “Trump walked on water” All of the thought best in Washington DC-s, so thought best, all of the round table, shakers & movers, The under world’ The entire world order, The good old boys, the liberal party is all about there good old boy & gal with the rest of the world. IT Was……………………….
    >>>>>>>>>>>>”” Trump On Blind Ignorance, <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>”There But For The Grace of God, Go I………. <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>Are you with me so far,…………………………..
    I have no idea who you are, I’m not out to insult you, besides You could vary well be a great scholar. Which I am not.
    To the man or woman of God’ it is to wait on the Lord………
    It is to want to learn to understand through the eyes of God’ Jesus Christ>>>>>>> But not so with God, If you knew what God says about Money you better understand, For all money is the deign of God, / Exchange
    The hand of God is on this man, it defies all worldly understanding’
    Including with me on that level. I am only Left with one response until
    shown other wise………….. I voiced what I knew & able to conclude from
    It is a witness for what God is able to do with one who
    has faith of a mustered seed, & not much more than the next sinner living out side of Christ, Or so it seems” God Knows his heart.
    It is to wait & see. To the wise in the Lord, I’ll say’ from the back rows,
    You hear the faint sound, Let me show you how it’s done, step back, &
    give me some elbow room. & you do.
    Trust me on this, Blind faith always comes at a risk of being rolled
    over” We read about Paul, The man had nearly been killed left for dead,
    ship wrecked out sea, Three times. Bit by a deadly snake,
    was as good as dead from this type sank & didn’t get ill.
    If Trump were to win the white house, become the next sitting President’ would that cause in you to seek Christ Jesus, To pick the
    word of God up, TO become a Person in the faith.
    Not all people are people of a spoken faith as I put out here,
    Walk as Peter had, To want to Know The heart & soul of God though his word. Walk On water.
    To see it through the eyes of King David. man of faith.
    To know…..
    It’s a lumpy road at times” more often than Not”
    which always brings me back to, The Lord God Jesus Christ Said,
    I look it up that It would encourage me. Gods word, We live by faith:
    & The man with many people standing around looking down at the mans son ravaged by a evil wicked thing that Tormented his child,
    Pleaded with Christ, & he says To Jesus Christ The son of God’
    Oh God I believe You, Help Me In My Unbelief. Jesus spoke to the demon in the boy, Ruled it out of him, I used the word rule, Because
    Gods living word of Truth has
    Jesus has Preeminence.
    & that would be the prayer of a life time if you knew nothing else.
    Oh God Help me in My Unbelief. It would be a divine Prayer from your heart to the Lord God. it’s the heart God looks in to.
    As sinner saved By grace. I often say Lord Have mercy on me.
    Jesus Loves you,

  34. In short, the fact that Trump is morally bankrupt on so many levels does not matter at all. He’s a republican, the republicans are the party of god, and that is all that matters. You’ve got to recover the lost ground.

  35. Dear sir so was the woman that was about to Be Stoned’ so was the woman at the well, so were all of the Tax collectors, so were all of the people, To live by the law ofd the word is to be judged under the law of the word, Break one of the laws handed down you have broken them all. The law of the word convicts everyone,
    Lucifer & the Anti Christ’s always go to the law to as it’s weapon of Choice.
    By your position not any souls are redeemable’ & your sir coming off as exalting the evils of mans being have to right of Deliverance. Just the opposite of Gods living word.
    The Apostle Mark’ Evangelist, Companion To the
    Apostle Paul, Mark 2:17 God Said, It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but
    the Sick: Again, The God of all Creation stated, In & through Jesus Christ”
    & you sir, are gravely mistaken.
    Mercy through the Blood the Blood of the lamb OF God, Jesus Christ
    had no sin, he was with out spot. only the4 anti Christ would bulk at saving
    the souls of the lost & so on. God has come to help the weak & injured, to lift up the
    abused, To gather the sheep. Out of his Compassion have we seen the wonders
    of Gods Mercy For the ,Man of the duct of the earth.
    The God of my salvation has reveled these matters to me’ Through His word.
    Saint Mark records the dinner with Jesus. These are the words out of the Aramaic
    translation” Mark 2. 15 And it was that as he reclined at supper” in house”
    There were many” stop here I will add to this by adding that they were The More
    Unscrupulous souls about hated by all:) Now back to the word.:
    There where many Tax Collectors and Sinners Reclining at Supper with Yeshua
    and with his Disciples, For many had come, and they were following him.
    And The Scribes and The Pharisees saw him eating with Tax Collectors and with
    sinners: They Said How it is that he eats and drinks with the tax collectors and sinners. 17, But when Yeshua / Jesus heard them’ The Healthy Have No Need
    for a Physician, but those who have become vary ill.
    I Have not Come To Call The Righteous , But Sinners.
    it’s God’s word……………….. take it up with God.
    He’ll give you some time”

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