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Hillary Clinton wins projected Muslim vote by landslide in CAIR survey

An audience member holds a "Muslims for Hillary Clinton" sign during a "Family Town Hall" campaign stop with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton; her daughter, Chelsea; and actress Elizabeth Banks in Haverford, Pa., on Oct. 4, 2016. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Brian Snyder *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-MUSLIM-VOTE, originally transmitted on Oct. 13, 2016.

(RNS) A new survey confirms what many have long suspected: An overwhelming majority of Muslim Americans favor Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The nationwide survey released Thursday (Oct. 13) by the Council on American-Islamic Relations found that 86 percent of all registered Muslim voters intend to vote on Nov. 8, and 72 percent say they will cast their vote for Clinton.

Only 4 percent of the survey’s 800 respondents said they would vote for Trump. Three percent plan to vote for Jill Stein, and 2 percent said they would vote for Gary Johnson.

Ninety-one percent of the respondents thought Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States was wrong. After last year’s San Bernardino, Calif., shooting, Trump’s campaign released a statement calling for a complete ban on Muslims immigrating into the U.S. “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

The survey also shows that 85 percent of respondents believe Islamophobia is on the rise. In addition, 30 percent said that they were victims of discrimination or profiling in the past year.

During the second presidential debate, on Oct. 9, undecided Muslim voter Gorbah Hamed asked Trump and Clinton how they would help Muslims like her “deal with the consequences of being labeled as a threat to the country.”

Trump pointed to the issue that he called “radical Islamic terrorism,” saying that the burden is on Muslims to disclose extremists.

“We have to be sure that Muslims come in and report when they see something going on,” he said.

Clinton deviated from Trump’s definition of the threat. Instead, she said that American’s problem is with “violent jihadist terrorists.”

“We are not at war with Islam,” Clinton said, “and it is a mistake, and it plays into the hands of the terrorists, to act as though we are.”

CAIR Government Affairs Director Robert McCaw said he felt as if both candidates’ identifications of the problem were unhelpful.

“There is no jihad that the Islamic State could commit that would be in the name of Islam,” McCaw said. “I would never apply this term to the criminal state ISIS.”

The survey found that the number of Muslim respondents who felt the Republican Party was unfriendly toward Muslims increased to 62 percent from 51 percent in a 2012 survey. At the same time, the number of Muslims who are affiliated with the Republican Party has stayed relatively constant at 6 percent, similar to 2012’s 9 percent and 2008’s 8 percent.

McCaw said one cause for the steady number of Muslim Republicans is that those who align with the Republican Party do so out of economic concerns rather than their civil rights concerns.

“Republican Muslims are still with the party because there’s obviously an economic platform that appeals to their interests,” McCaw said.

According to the survey, the top issues for American Muslims are civil rights, education, jobs and the economy, protecting students from bullying and harassment, the proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S., and terrorism and national security.

In a statement, McCaw said, “Our survey results indicate that presidential candidates still have time to appeal to American Muslim voters by addressing issues such as the erosion of civil rights and growing Islamophobia.”

CAIR’s survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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  • Based on how both candidates have addressed our national community with respect to the question of Muslim integration in our society this is no surprise. It’s merely another constituency coming out or declaring for the major candidate they prefer based on rhetoric. Mrs. Clinton will be endorsed by all the special interest groups and constituencies whose policies and concerns that she publically favors or avers…the same will hold true for Mr. Trump. That’s how politics works. Numbers crunching wonks can now tell us what percentage of the voting public CAIR represents, and then crunch that with more numbers ad nauseam.

  • Let’s see the % of CHRISTIANS, CATHOLICS, PROTESTANTS and EVANGELICALS who are going to vote for Mrs. Bill Clinton, after her associates called them “Losers” and “Outdated” and “Needy Latinos”.
    Don’t forget. The large majority of our Latino population is faithful CATHOLICS, CHRISTIANS and PROTESTANTS. That pathological liar’s associates are “Christophobes”. Now, let’s not play the religion card, shall we? It cuts ALL WAYS.

    Our predictions:
    Mr. Donald Trump – 99.98%

    Mrs. Bill Clinton, aka The RAPIST Enabler – 0.0000000000%
    Yes. This is a landslide and it is very fair.
    Oh, BTW, 70% of Americans called themselves CHRISTIANS in a censor in 2014.

    There would be some 230.000.000 of Americans.

  • It’s so nice to have sound, reasonable discussions without shouting extremism. Don’t you agree?

  • Hillary Clinton made a big mistake!

    She should not have apologized for calling Trump supporters deplorables.

  • Of course they will. Is this supposed to make us feel safer, more confident, or somehow more arrogant in our so called elitist pluralism. The left looks more and more like it should use an ostrich instead of a donkey for its logo given its desire to hide it head in the sand and hope the danger goes away.

  • No, at one time a Christian would be taught to say that some (not all) of their behavior, and many of their words, are deplorable. Saying someone is deplorable would fall under the “Thou raca” admonition. But who cares. Christian is now a meaningless term, and I am not referring to doctrinal contradictions.

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