The Glitter Ash Wednesday logo. Image courtesy of Queer Virtue

‘Glitter Ash Wednesday’ sparkles for LGBT Christians and others

(RNS) Lighten up, Ash Wednesday.

A New York-based advocacy group called Parity is asking Christians who favor LGBT equality  — "queer positive Christians," in their parlance — to show their support by wearing "glitter ash" on their foreheads to mark Ash Wednesday (March 1).

Ash Wednesday kicks off the six-week somber season called Lent that leads to Easter, and is usually marked in churches with the color purple. Traditionally, plain gray ashes, blessed by a minister or priest, are smeared on the foreheads of Christians to symbolize repentance.

"This is a way for queer Christians and queer-positive persons of faith to say 'We are here,'" said Marian Edmonds-Allen, Parity's executive director. "It is also a way for other people to be a witness to that and be in solidarity with them."

Not all Christian denominations welcome openly LGBT people. The Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, The Presbyterian Church (USA), the United Church of Christ and Metropolitan Community Church all ordain LGBT clergy, and every mainline Protestant and Catholic denomination has some organization that supports openly gay members, though those organizations are not officially sponsored by the denomination.

Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen. Photo courtesy of

Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen. Photo courtesy of

Edmonds-Allen hopes "Glitter Ash Wednesday" will make support for those groups visible in a way usually reserved for princesses and unicorns.

"For some traditions, it is true" that Christians are not supposed to draw attention to their piety, Edmonds-Allen said. "The ashes go on and the ashes go off — it is a private thing. But glitter ashes are still appropriate. It is a recognition of the reality of queer Christians in the world and the beauty LGBTQ Christians bring to faith."

Traditionally, Ash Wednesday ashes are made by burning the palm fronds used in the previous year's Palm Sunday service to re-enact the day Christians believe Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem. Some churches make their own, while others buy them from church supply companies.

Parity is mixing professional makeup-grade purple glitter with traditional ashes. The organization will send glitter ashes at no cost — though a donation is suggested — to any congregation or individual that requests them.

The plan is to have glitter ashes available in churches for the asking. Regular ashes will also be available.

So far, Parity has had requests for glitter ash from churches in multiple states, including California, Missouri, Massachusetts, Alabama and Georgia. The Metropolitan Community Church will make glitter ashes available in any of its churches that want them.


  1. Would be an interesting idea, except there are no homosexual Christians.

    “Surely no rebel can expect the king to pardon his treason while he remains in open revolt”. Spurgeon

  2. There you go again, attacking other Christians. Jesus is gonna be very unhappy with you.

  3. I’ve not attacked any Christians, Ben. I’ve laid the scriptures out enough that you should remember.

  4. Yes you did, deary. That’s what Sandimonious people do. They attack Mormons for not being Christians, gay people for not being Christians, Catholics for not being Christians.
    Whatever you think you laid out does not obviate your attacks on others.

  5. Well, you have actually assimilated some truth while here, eh Ben? Good for you.
    I don’t need to attack others. They hurt themselves more than I could ever.

  6. I’m glad you feel free to attack other Christians for not being the right sort of Christian. It does warm Satan’s heart.

    But I’m even gladder that you admit it.

  7. Hmm. May I ask, what is that unidentified flying object in the lower left corner of the “Glitter Ash” logo?

    It looks like one of those scary shiny shape-shifting alien craft, the kind you don’t want to meet on a dark country road.

    I know it can’t be the Cross Of Christ that the repentant prayerful Christians put on their foreheads on Ash Wednesday, so don’t even try to sell me on that notion. It’s gotta be a UFO !!

  8. Yes, by all means lets take a day, the start of Lent, a time of reflection, a time to sacrifice, a time to remember our Lord and Savior and what He has done for us all and usurp it for a lame attempt of furthering an agenda that has no relation to Ash Wednesday. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

    So LGBT groups do not want people to remember our own sinfulness, our own need to atone to the Lord, to humbly come and receive a sign that we are dust and to dust we shall return. They believe their agenda is more important, like a congressional earmark they think they can dingleberry onto a religious observance? That their own religious disposition is not themselves to take ashes from the previous years blessed palms, but to appropriate a religion that they themselves ridicule, and professes to hate them?

    If they cannot see how this is an undeniable religious abomination, as well as countering their so called social justice causes then they are certainly a force for evil.

  9. The sins against gay people by Christians is certainly something that is worth commenting on.

    however…,”That their own religious disposition is not themselves to take ashes from the previous years blessed palms, but to appropriate a religion that they themselves ridicule, and professes to hate them?”
    Ummm, these are gay Chrsitians that you are talking bout. And their friends, neighbors, families, ministers, fellow congregants, churches, and entire denominations.

  10. Then let them take ashes if they like and keep the glitter for the weekends. It is a blasphemy to put a personal agenda into a religious observance. Any christian with half a faith would know this is a stupid, ignorant ploy.

  11. I suspect it is blasphemy to assume god has a political party, or that god cares about the outcomes of football games, or that god is created in the image of man.
    but there you have it.

  12. well said. It’s another rebellion by the homosexuals against Christ.

  13. And it still won’t make you a good person Sandi. You are wretched.

  14. You’re a little late on that one, Ben, but it isn’t too late for you.

  15. Cat’s In The Cradle: Marxist Sabotage Of Western Civilization Begins With The Children

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    All religions were co-opted by Marxists long ago, and that is why not one Christian denomination alerted the globe to the fake ‘collapse’ of the USSR, and didn’t sound the alarm when the West’s political establishments conspired to not VERIFY the ‘collapse’, even though the survival of the West depends on verification should the ‘collapse’ be a ruse.

    Click my name for blog and read this month’s article, “The Collapse of the ‘Collapse’ of the USSR”.

  17. We are all sinners and in need of God’s mercy. In order to for God’s mercy to meaningfully move us toward further growth in Him, we need to first repent. This is the reminder that the ashes symbolize. To try and give it some other meaning robs us all – heterosexual or homosexual – of the reminder to repent, and so prevents us from meaningfully growing in God’s mercy. We are doing our homosexual brothers and sisters a disservice by giving the ashes some other meaning.

  18. This is digusting. Ash Wednesday and Lent is a time of repentance and sacrifice. May God have mercy on your souls for turning this into some weird gay pride perversion…an act of blasphemy and selfishness.

  19. More selfishness by the sodomite gang. They are so full of themselves when not full of each other.

  20. More LGBTQRSTUVWTH pride, with the emphasis on the pride. The ashes are supposed to be a sign of acknowledging our sins and failures and a commitment to humbling ourselves and doing penance. I’m not seeing the humility here with the fabul-ashes.

  21. I get that these activists are subtly trying to disparage Christianity, the one bulwark which still opposes their sexual behavior, but I would question and advise against the Ash Wednesday observance at all.

    “Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
    But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thine head, and wash thy face;
    That thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which is in secret: and thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly.”
    Matthew 6:16-18

  22. “We know that God does not hear sinners; but if anyone is God-fearing and DOES HIS WILL, He hears him.” John 9:31

    “Be perfect, for your Father in Heaven is perfect.” Jesus

  23. Keep in mind the absolutely blasphemous public celebrations that these sodomites practice: the “hunky ‘jesus'” contests around Easter, the sexual toys in the shape of crucifixes, the various plays portraying Christ as having sexual relationships with his disciples, the contorted “bible” versions that they concoct.

    They have total enmity toward God.

  24. There is no such thing as a “gay christian,” if by “gay” you refer to the common modern term which means active affirmation, participation and advocacy of sexual perversion. It would be like saying a “satanist christian,” or “blasphemer christian.” There is a minimal definition for Christian, or the word has no meaning.

  25. Be careful how you define terms in this regard. A person with homosexual tendencies who denies them and comes to Christ for healing may still be same-sex attracted (a ‘homosexual’) but is redeemed as a Christian nonetheless. It’s those who embrace and affirm that identity who cannot be Christians.

  26. Did Jesus ever “attack” others the way that you define “attack?”

  27. And, Ben in Oakland, if any of those ideas were Christian ones (they are not) or had anything to do with the discussion at hand, maybe your comment would be useful (but it isn’t).

  28. John wrote that not me, and those are the words of Jesus…..not mine.
    Add to your library — Malcolm Lavender’s New Testament. When you contact him, ask him to also send you “He Offered Himself: or Priestly Sacrificial Atonement”
    Scripture Interprets Scripture. To find harmony in the Scriptures, one must analyze all scripture which pertains to a certain topic. How one understands the “Atonement” is critical to believing in the true gospel — 2 Corinthians 11:3-4

  29. Is it your belief that a man who is sexually turned on by other men can have the Spirit of Christ? I understand your ‘point’ that he is not ‘acting’ on those urges. But I’m curious if you believe a man can have a sexual attraction to other men and have the indwelling Holy Spirit. A simple yes or no would suffice. Thanks.

  30. I can sympathize with those more traditional Christians, whatever their view on LGBT issues in the church or society, who aren’t in favor of this move. In a sense it is one group appropriating a cultural practice for its own purpose. I only hope those same Christians were as sympathetic to those who objected a few months ago on RNS when a Christian pastor put a Jewish tallit on Trump during a campaign speech. Looking in your direction Floydlee..

  31. Your obsession with …” hunky ‘jesus’ contests around Easter, the sexual toys in the shape of crucifixes…” — You usually have to watch porn to learn about theses things — is that what you have been doing, Thisoldspouse ?

    Reminds me of my days as an altar-boy at St Rose of Lima…Our parish church had a somewhat handsome Jesus on the large crucifix above the altar, his lean muscle tone, washboard abdomen, loincloth barely covering his groin area…lots of the girls would stare at it during Mass, some of the boys too !! Perhaps one his admirers was you ?

  32. Goshes, Auntie Marxist. I didn’t know I was a Marxist. Here, I thought I was just another human being who isn’t bothering anyone except to exist, and who just got tired of every single justification used to harm other people under the name of faith and morality.

  33. I suspect the word has no meaning, as “Christians” of your sort fling their Theo poo at other Christians for not being the right sort of Christian like they are, as you attack other people for the crime of existing and not asking you or your “god’s” permission to do so, as you remake your god in your own image and then determine the relationship of this god you have created with any and every other soul on the planet.

  34. I would say, off the top of my head this am on my first cup of coffee, if they are capturing their sinful tendencies to Christ, then they are fine, but then they wouldn’t be homosexuals; they are new creatures in Christ and have no need to refer to themselves as “homosexuals”. Why identify yourself with sin, when Christ has been loving enough to adopt one into His family? That’s an insult to Him.

  35. Well, Mary J Nelson, Those ideas are indeed Christian ideas. One need only read the comments and listen to what people who describe them selves as “true Christians” (TM) have to say. One need only read the justifications be evangelicals who describe themselves as True Christians for voting for Grabby Mcpussy, a man who openly flouts every single one of the alleged virtues these super duper Christians says are important in a leader– but not as important as power, money, and dominion. One only read how often the Church has been described as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party– or is it the other way around?

  36. Glitter Ash Wednesday takes people’s eyes off Jesus and on to themselves. It borders on offensive for any group to do this.

  37. The difference being, Lisa, is that homosexuals do not renounce their sin. One must renounce their sin – give it to the Lord – to be a Christian.
    Beloved, you must know the bitterness of sin before you can know the blessedness of forgiveness: Spurgeon

  38. So, in your mind, it is not an attack when someone like you or Sandy tells another Christian that they are not the right sort of Christian? Did Jesus tell Christians to attack Christians? Did jesus appoint you or Sandimonious the right to determine who has a relationship with him and who doesn’t?

  39. “Goshes, Auntie Marxist. I didn’t know I was a Marxist.”

    Now you know you’re a Marxist tool, just like the many the last month who’ve been demonstrating against Trump’s immigration ban, but didn’t think to demonstrate the previous last eight years as the Obama administration sent Libya, Syria and Yemen back to the stone age, killing more than 400,000 and drowning 20,000 in the Mediterranean Sea…

  40. But why stop there? Let’s talk about Bush’s little wars that destabilized the entire middle east, which in turn led to all of this? That have increased our national debt by trillions? That have accomplished nothing except that the people who were killed have remained dead?
    Aunty Marxist, you have some nerve labelling other people as Marxist tools. The world of the libertarian cowboys and the commie-obsessed right doesn’t exist and never has existed, except in your own minds,.

  41. “But why stop there? Let’s talk about Bush’s little wars that
    destabilized the entire middle east, which in turn led to all of this.”

    I don’t (though the Spiked article did!), I merely shortened the time period for ease. Why do you think the West is causing chaos, and especially chaos in Muslim nations? When did the West VERIFY the ‘collapse’ of the USSR? It never did, even though the survival of the West depends on verification should the ‘collapse’ be a ruse, which proves (1) the Marxist co-option of the West’s institution; and (2) there was no ‘collapse’. Without a Marxist co-opted West the USSR couldn’t have faked its ‘collapse’, because a non co-opted West would have immediately VERIFIED the ‘collapse’.

    See my blog for more on this shocking discovery (click my name for link to blog).

  42. It is very true that the Republican Party is much more in line with Christian Faith (the Democratic Party has denounced anything to do with the Bible and Christ anyhow), however your comment has nothing to do with the blasphemy mentioned above or the current conversation.

  43. Supporting one in need is wonderful, but ash Wednesday – a day of penance and fasting commemorating the Lord’s temptation in the desert – is the absolute worst time to further one’s own agenda. Rev. MEA means well in making Christianity accessible, but in actually she is undermining the very foundations of Christian beliefs that she professes to be trying to spread.

  44. Fine…let’s have you advocate for having Muslims pray on rainbow flags during Ramadan. Will you support that *parity*? You are intentionally ignoring the significance of ashes to Christians—“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

  45. “wow…you went way out there didn’t ya?”

    Only for those fast asleep, relying on the Marxist media that doesn’t direct our attention to the shocking fact that the West conspired to not VERIFY the ‘collapse’ of the USSR! Why weren’t you shocked to learn the West never VERIFIED the ‘collapse’ of the USSR? You should have suspected something was wrong when Russians are ‘electing’ for president only Soviet era Communist Party member Quislings…

    Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin – July 10, 1991 – December 31, 1999 – Communist.

    Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin – 31 December 1999 – 7 May 2000 (Acting) and May 7, 2000 – May 7, 2008 – Communist.

    Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev – May 7, 2008 – May 7, 2012, during his studies at the University he joined the Communist Party.

    Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin – May 7, 2012 – Present, Communist.

  46. I believe in religious freedom for everyone. I’m not advocating for anything in particular except that. Well, that and advocating for religionists to start treating other religionists with exactly the same respect that they demand for themselves

  47. The Republican Party is in line with the Christian faith? Nonsense. They are in line with some Christians ideas of Christian faith.

    The Democratic Party has denounced anything to do with the Bible and Christ? Nonsense. Clinton and obama are both committed Christians. If they have denounced anything it, it using the Bible as a weapon against other people, and turning our society based upon religious freedom into a theocracy.

  48. That is what the Pope Francis meant by “if one seeks the lord and has good will (ie to do God’s will because only God’s will is good) who am I to judge”

  49. Wow. Just because you’re a paranoid conspiracy theorist doesn’t mean they are not really out to get you.

  50. “Wow. Just because you’re a paranoid conspiracy theorist”

    I don’t do theories, I do facts such as the conspiracy fact the West conspired in to not VERIFY the fake ‘collapse’ of the USSR, the fake ‘collapse’ also proven by Soviet Communist Party membership INCREASING between 1985-1991, not critically bleeding as Moscow lied, with the West regurgitating Moscow’s lies.

    Once again, why weren’t you shocked when you learned the West conspired to not VERIFY the fake ‘collapse’ of the USSR? Are you slow, or a Marxist?

  51. I find it silly for one reason. It is clear the Catholic Church has no interest in treating gays like human beings and actively campaigns for their discrimination and harm. So why bother to ape their ceremonies?

    Better off making a clear break and join some more affirming Church with their own pomp and ceremony. Its not like there is a shortage of religious movements, faiths and sects which one could choose from.

  52. Fair enough. But definitions have been skewed into oblivion in this evil day. I knew what you meant, though.

  53. I’ll return your question with another question. Is it your belief that a man who is sexually turned on by another woman not his wife (but doesn’t act on is) can have the Spirit of Christ? Or one who is tempted in various ways (alcohol, drugs, stealing, etc.) can be spirit filled?

    No different.

  54. You are deceived. We are not called, nor can we ever be, “nicer” than Jesus. And he was very severe – openly so – with many who came to him with tainted motives, incomplete committals, or less-than-moral backgrounds. You obviously have never read the gospels for yourself, but just regurgitate what you hear other leftists think that Jesus said or is. You don’t even believe what he specifically said, black and white, about what his followers must do, and who is (and by implication, who is not) his disciples.

  55. God bless you.
    Now that I am more awake, you may be interested in James 1:12 Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. 13 Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God,” for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one. 14 But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. 15 Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.

  56. The Sandimonious Queen of Mean. Sandy is just a hater, specifically she’s a hater of LBTG folks and Muslims. She’s no different than Dobson, Jefress, Perkins, F Graham and other well-known haters. She’s a troll on RNS. She’s not worth our time.

  57. Lisa, save your breath. Sandimonious is simply a hater, the Queen of Mean. Don’t waste your time on that troll.

  58. No problem Arbustin; I remember that story. (Note for readers: a “tallit” is a Jewish prayer shawl. During Trump’s visit to a predominately black church, its pastor Wayne Jackson, draped such a prayer shawl around Trump’s shoulders, which Trump humbly accepted on the spot.)

    Even without Googling, a rational person (of any belief system) can intuitively realize its meaning and importance. Consider: it was an outright, no-joke, we-mean-it, you-need-it, Prayer Shawl. The great power of prayer for a person whose life situation desperately needs God’s help and provision, symbolized powerfully by the Jewish prayer shawl.

    Arbustin, I could list 20 people off the cuff, people of any faith or no faith at all, who in their current life situations would allow a Christian preacher to immediately place a Jewish tallit around their shoulders, no questions asked. Is it misappropriation? Shoot no, it ain’t no misappropriation. It’s compatible with Scripture (Deut 22:12). We all need as much biblical prayer & encouragement as possible.

    Jackson later explained, “Jesus was a Jew, Paul was a Jew … You can’t really understand your Christianity without going back to Judaism.” He’s right.

    Dell Markey wrote, “In recent years, Messianic Jews and some Christians have adopted the use of the prayer shawl, adapting some of its symbolism.” Like Jackson’s church, the church I attend is open to Messianic Judaism, and our last Messianic Jewish visitor, DID wear a tallit.

  59. Thank you for your kind response and for remembering. The tallit isn’t just a prayer shawl, however, although I admit I did in fact use that term. Even from a fashion sense it’s often misleading. The tallit contains the four tzitzit, the fringes on the four corners of a garment commanded by Numbers 15:39 and Deuteronomy 22:12. The tzitzit are to be looked at, and in doing so remind us of the commandments. But Christians, for the most part, hold that these commandments are no longer in effect! Messianic Jews or Hebrew Roots Christians perhaps, but neither Jackson nor Trump is one of these, open to the practice though Jackson may be. They like the symbolism of it, they think it looks nice, I’m sure they’re genuine, but it is not in keeping with the purpose of the tallit.
    Take baptism as an example. Ritual immersion was practiced in ancient times by Jews, long before Christianity, and it still is practiced today. Christianity took this practice but changed it considerably. It’s not just, “look we built a mikveh too.” It’s very different and for a completely different purpose.
    The rainbow ashes seem much like the tallit to me, in the same vein as the lesbian nativity scenes from a couple of months ago (and those made even less sense historically). It’s being done for publicity value. Rainbow stoles on LGBT-friendly clerics, on the other hand? People seem to have less of a problem with that because it is now for a completely different purpose, not just mimicking something else.
    tl;dr Suffice it to say it irks me.

  60. Mock away, while you can. Flipping the finger at a time of repentance is diabolical. Not surprising, though.

    They put a purple cloth on Him, stuck thorns in His head to mock His Crown, spat upon Him, and laughed the whole time.

    This is nothing new.

    The “glitter ashes” signifies, simply, that one is an unrepentant sodomite, and that, in the name of sodomy, you will spit upon Christ and His Church, denying during the holy season of Lent even the need to repent for your buggery.

    Sodomy is wicked, crying to heaven for vengeance. Those whose fruits are wicked manifest their evil in many other ways. This is one of them.

    There will come a time, after it’s too late, when you will wish to have not forty days but even one millisecond to repent.

  61. I think you are saying that I said a lot of things I didn’t say, and are telling me what I have read, haven’t read, understand, or don’t. Have a nice day.

  62. Well, then, there you have it. I will nominate you as the second coming of jesus himself, since you know so much about what he thinks about other people. It’s clear to you that Jesus agrees with you, just like it is for Sandimonious.

  63. Pretending for the moment that the gospels have anything to do with any words actually used by a person subsequently dubbed “the Christ”.

    “You don’t even believe what he specifically said, black and white, about what his followers must do, and who is (and by implication, who is not) his disciples.” means

    sell all you have and give the proceeds to the poor

    take no thought for the morrow, don’t lay up treasures on earth – no property, no savings, no pension plan, no regular employment, no provision for your spouse and/or children, no fridges or freezers, no air-conditioning, no insurance etc. etc..

    leave your family and follow him – don’t even bury your dead.

    don’t judge (including don’t judge whether others are considered christian by the christ?)

    Know any christians? – yeah, I thought so.

  64. There are no homosexual Christians who support homosexuality as normal. Supporting homosexuality as normal is against God, aganst society and fellow-men. But there are perverts who pretend themselves to be Christians so that they can advertise their perversion as normal and Christian.

  65. The joy of being free of superstitious belief – I thought it represented a startled macaw!

  66. “You are dust” – actually it’s a heck of a lot better than that – we are all stardust.

  67. You Ben are the kind of person who has turned his back on all it means to be Catholic and will deny it straight faced just so you can argue up and down about how gay people have been wronged. Fact is homosexuality is a dysfunction and its practice is inherently dysfunctional.

  68. I can describe myself as a fire engine. Doesn’t make it so. A person is only Catholic if they adhere to the teachings of Christ. Nuff said.

  69. My ass. You don’t believe in religious freedom at all. All you want to do is abolish religion at the hands of the gay community. If you wanted religious freedom for all you would respect our faith but, you are not. You are arguing with everyone to change their faith into something it isn’t to accommodate sinners and stop calling them sinners at that.

  70. I always understood that, compared to other varieties of christianity, the RCC was distinctly big on “tradition” and “revelation” and rather light on sourcing its dogma from the bible. Typical of top-down management structures of course.

  71. When he lands I should try asking him how it is that everyone is supposed to know something and keep it a secret at the same time.

  72. Fact is homosexuality is a natural consequence of normal genetic inheritance. It is evolutionarily validated and occurs in many animal species other than homo.

  73. You are playing with words to avoid saying Thisoldspouse was correct.

  74. Odd that someone who appears to be anti-homosexual starts his rant by offering his posterior. Freudian perhaps?

  75. I don’t religious freedom encompasses the right to behave maliciously under color of law towards people you disapprove of. We have laws at every level of government that forbid such discrimination on the basis of religious belief, yours OR Mine. Why is this different? Why can you not extend the same respect to gay people you routinely extend to all of the other people you believe are sinners and will roast in hell forever?

    no, I don’t wish to abolish religion. There are plenty of gay Christians, gay religious people, and plenty of Christians, ministers, churches, and entire denominations that support us. Or haven’t you bothered reading the article?

    I absolutely respect your faith, far more than you so-called Christians respect it and each other. I’m not the one flinging theo poo at Christians for not being the right sort of Christian. That’s all you and yours. I’m the one that defends other Christians– and other religious people– from that malice. And let us not forget that it was hyper conservative Christians that passed those marriage bills which severely restricted the religious freedom of gay people, religious gay people, and the many Christians, Jews, rabbis, ministers, churches, and entire denominations that support us.

    you don’t have to change your faith at all. You just need to start having the respect for other people’s beliefs that you expect for your own. Or is treating other people the way you would like to be treated just way too jesus-y for you.

    but repsecting your faith is not the same thing as allowing your faith to run roughshod over the lives of innocent people whom you have convinced yourself are worthy of your despite, or worthy of your god’s despite.

    If you want your beliefs to be respected, you can start by having respectable religious beliefs. Using them to justify harm directed at innocent people is not respectable.

  76. you’ll have to take that up with other Christians. I’m an atheist. As for adhering to the teachings of Christ, you REALLY need ot tlak to other Christians about that.

  77. No, you are making up stuff about me.
    Your beliefs about homosexuality being a dysfunction are simply that– your beliefs. Actual evidence argues against it. I feel just fine, I have a great life, and I am afraid my many friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family members would tend to disagree with you vociferously.

  78. Funny. I’d say the same things about Christians who attack other Christians.
    I’d certainly say the same thing about Christians who claim to know the relationship of god with anyone lese.
    As for calling my life an attack on society, fellow men, and god, Well, all I can say is…
    God, what an a-hole.

  79. I’m a gay Christian and while I have no objection to rainbow sparkles, I would be uncomfortable with using them at Lent. In my church community, it is the beginning of a solemn season, and we put away our allelujahs and bright colors until Easter. #FaithfullyLGBT

  80. Gawd is gonna getcha.
    One more so-called Christian attacking other Christians. One more posting containing reviling and slander about people you don’t know and know nothing about.
    the only person crying to heaven for vengeance is you, hiding your hate and despite behind your religious beliefs and pretending that you are being holy.
    it’s not holy. It’s a-holey.

  81. Is that because the only Christian belief that matter’s is “get the gays?”

  82. As I always say to these guys who go on and on and on and on and on about all that hot sweaty mansex…
    1) you aren’t doing it right, or
    2) if it bothers you so much, perhaps you ought not to think about it as much as you clearly do.

  83. “When he lands I should try asking him how it is that everyone is
    supposed to know something and keep it a secret at the same time.”

    Because Marxists don’t advertise!* That being cleared up, why weren’t you shocked to learn that the West conspired to not verify the ‘collapse’ of the USSR even though the West knew the ‘collapse’ was a fake? Why do you think the West’s political/intelligence/media institutions were regurgitating Moscow’s lies regarding a critically bleeding Communist Party membership, when in reality membership was INCREASING between 1985-1991? As I said, Marxists don’t advertise the news that was never reported in the first place. The media not only engages in fake news, it engages in the non-reporting of the news.

    Why weren’t you shocked to learn that there was no de-communization throughout the USSR? With Marxists still in control of the USSR’s various militaries and police and political establishments, then that proves there was no ‘collapse’ of the USSR! Pretty simple.
    * Though Marxist sabotage operations are clearly visible by those with eyes to see, eyes that don’t accept one thing the lying West’s political/media establishments have to say on any subject.

  84. As I was reading your comment, I couldn’t help thinking about an old saying often repeated by Super Christians: “God will not be mocked.” Obviously, that saying is as phony as almost everything else uttered by Super Christians. I personally mock your god almost every day, and have no worries about doing so whatsoever.

  85. Perhaps Christians should be thanking LGBT people for acknowledging the existence of Ash Wednesday. The fact is that, in America, the number/percentage of Christians is declining while the number/percentage of nones/agnostics/atheists is increasing. Given that reality, it seems counter-intuitive to be bashing people who are helping to keep your religion alive.

  86. “. . . there are no homosexual Christians.”

    Oh, how I wish that were true! . . . because it would then have to be acknowledged that homosexuals are exceptionally intelligent.

  87. There is no such thing as a “gay Christian” You fashion a god to mirror your perversion and self obsession. You cheapen Christ’s sacrifice. This isn’t about YOU.

  88. No – not really, though I see where you’re coming from. The early bible, as with the KJV, was heavily influenced by (effectively the content had to meet the political approval of) the temporal powers of the day (emperor/king). Also, there were many churches other than the Roman one involved in the meeting which formalised the structure of the Bible

    That said, a substantial body of RCC required belief (transubstantiation for example) arose through papal decree/revelation rather than biblical source.

  89. I would like to hear Ben’s (Ben in Oakland’s) response to Nicole Jablonski’s specific post there. Agree or disagree Ben?

  90. Trust the LGBT folks to politicize the imposition of ashes here at the beginning of the Lenten liturgical season. Their political agenda has absolutely NOTHING to do with these Christian traditions; it’s just another opportunity to make a political statement and use religion to stuff their agenda down the throats of those seeking to honor this solemn time of spiritual growth. Unfortunately many mainline churches will be taken in by this political thrust. The message of Lent and Easter will be compromised and adulterated by this cute little prank.

  91. no ~ and I’ve no idea how you inferred that from what I said. The “only christian belief that matters” (if it absolutely had to be brought down to one) is to do the will of God.

  92. Which always seems to coincide with the will of his followers.

  93. Why, doc, I didn’t know you cared abut my opinion, being one of them thar evil gay goliath gays you are always going on about.
    Absolutely I agree with her, 100%. But then, she isn’t being dogmatic, merely expressing her own opinion, and that of her congregation. How could I disagree with that?

    But in point of fact, I already did comment on her implication. Thrice, in fact. But of course, none of this was a response to Ms. Jablonski. (Any relation to Edward Jablonski?). SHE is being quite reasonable about it. SHE isn’t attacking anyone. SHE isn’t insisting that she is the only True Christian (TM). That’s all you and yours.

    “I absolutely respect your faith, far more than you so-called Christians respect it and each other. I’m not the one flinging theo poo at Christians for not being the right sort of Christian. That’s all you and yours. I’m the one that defends other Christians– and other religious people– from that malice.”

    “Funny. I’d say the same things about Christians who attack other Christians. I’d certainly say the same thing about Christians who claim to know the relationship of god with anyone else.”

    “One more so-called Christian attacking other Christians. One more posting containing reviling and slander about people you don’t know and know nothing about. The only person crying to heaven for vengeance is you, hiding your hate and despite behind your religious beliefs and pretending that you are being holy. it’s not holy. It’s a-holey.’
    But none of that is Ms. Jablonsky. She is not attacking anyone. she isn’t insisting that her positon is the only truth available.

  94. I have no interest in debating my eternal salvation with you. I’m simply expressing that not all gay church members want glitter ashes.

  95. Some of us belong to affirming, liturgical, protestant churches and we do follow the liturgical calendar and come together in mourning on Ash Wednesday.

  96. Come-on, Ben don’t you remember the Bible passage where the unrepentant sodomites crucified Jesus? Oh wait, it was the religious leaders who had him crucified. Oops.

  97. Do you know anyone who identifies as LGBT and Christian? I suspect that if you did, you would realize they show up on Ash Wednesday for the same reasons you do, “to honor this sacred time of spiritual growth.”

  98. Pretending to be Christian sounds like a lot of work. Is it like an undercover thing? Do they get paid?

    But then again, it would probably be a lot less work to pretend to be a gay Christian than to be an actual gay Christian. Have you ever thought about what that’s like?
    Gay people can’t understand why you would want anything to do with a Church says you’re “inherently disordered.”** And the Church, well I think you’ve represented that pretty well. And yet they persist. It’s almost like they have a sincere faith in God. . .

    **(United Methodist Book of Discipline, I believe)

  99. I stand corrected. I didn’t realize it was a holiday outside of Catholicism. My sincerest apologies.

  100. Actually Nicole I do know Christians that are gay/lesbian; in some cases I worship alongside them. (The bisexual and transgendered don’t make such a big fuss about their sexual identity—at least not here in Denver!
    I believe there are LGBT folks who are sincere Christians. The focus of my message here was the ones who pounce on whatever group or audience available to them and push their political agenda to the max.

  101. lol. seriously, we don’t care. This is a useless propaganda thread here.

  102. “lol. seriously, we don’t care. This is a useless propaganda thread here.”

    Another Marxist on the thread peddling the human species’ multi genders societal sabotage operation. Where’s Darwin when he’s really needed! Comrade Josh 0, you’re in need of ‘mental illness’ counseling!

  103. Where did you get that fact? Because it’s inaccurate. People are born gay. Just as others are born straight.

  104. Really? Dust is rather blah & dull. Stardust is vibrant & full of energy. I’d much rather be stardust than just plain old dust.

  105. IDK what ‘religion’ you follow, but you come across as very intolerant, angry & filled with rage. If those are tenets of your religion, quite frankly, it must be a sucky religion.

  106. You mean like hate-filled homophobic Christians like yourself?

  107. “[Fake] Fact is homosexuality is a dysfunction and its practice is inherently dysfunctional.”

    If people basking in their delusions of Christian superiority were to give the slightest bit of credibility to the notion of evidence, they would create two detailed side-by-side lists: 1) the suffering that homosexuals have inflicted on humanity through the centuries, and 2) the suffering that Christians have inflicted on humanity through the centuries.

    While the homo list would probably be just a blank sheet of paper, it’s a certainty that reams of paper would be required to print out the Christian list, plus the additions to it that occur daily. Thus, the obvious conclusion would be that society should do everything possible to discourage Christianity (and most other religions, especially Islam).

  108. You will, of course, believe whatever you think you need to believe. It really, Glenn Beck?

  109. Thank you for demonstrating there is no such thing as a True Christian (TM) you fashion your god to mirror your perversion and self obsession. You cheapen Christ’s sacrifice. It’s all about YOU!

  110. Actually, let me rephrase that.
    It wasn’t us. It was the Romans.
    It wasn’t us. It was the religious authorities of his day.
    It wasn’t us. It was the Big Guy himself. It was all a part of his plan

  111. I wish! We are in self-gratifying times my friend. Loving neighbor as self, giving one’s hard earned money to the indigent, walking the extra mile with someone you can’t stand….I’m not seeing much of it. It’s hard. It’s totally counter-cultural.

  112. Of course you are right, and the glitter is awful. There is hope however that some will wonder what the heck this whole thing is about, do a tiny bit of research, and get a glimpse of the great sacrifice made for them, and a baby step towards truth is made. The Lord can use ANYHING 🙂

  113. Again, I wasn’t talking to you. Another Christian might know what I’m talking about.

  114. What you said, tfrattar. Many is the time when the will of God has blown my plans and preferences to smithereens.

  115. mine too! Kind of makes you wonder what He has in mind – apparently something contrary to my “plans and preferences” 🙂

  116. Shawnie, I know exactly what you are talking about. I know far more about your religion than you find it in your magnificence as a bible-believing Christian to give me credit for. Most atheists do. That’s why we’re atheists.

  117. Sorry, but I haven’t found that to be the case. Lots of words, lots of assertions, not much substance.

  118. This is another gesture that makes it so difficult to remain a member of any religious organization. My faith is not a solidarity movement. The reason I have ashes put on my forehead is to remind me that I am made of dust and to dust I shall return and only in heaven will I live forever with God. It is for me and no one else that I put ashes on my forehead.

    In heaven I will only be known as a Child of God and not by the groups I associate with here on an imperfect world. “Vanity, Vanity all is Vanity.”

  119. Committed Christians? Hill and O are committed to one thing – themselves and their advancement.

  120. um, not a shred of evidence to support your politically correct BS

  121. I’m gay and I say please no. This reminds me of Easter when I was told in the sermon that we shouldn’t treat Easter as a celebration or victory march. Now people want to turn Ash Wednesday into gay pride? No no no! This is backwards! Easter IS a victory march and Ash Wednesday is somber and sad. Ash Wednesday is death and de at and Easter is reserection and renewed life. People say this glitter is to repent of homophobia as a society. Yes that’s a sin but everyone sins and this is making homophobia a “featured sin but f the wee”. Ashes are that we all sin and are all equal in being mortal sinners. Please for the love of God no don’t do this.

  122. I am gay and I say please for the love of God no! Ashes are about mortality and that as mortal sinners we are all equal. I do NOT want to be singled out as gay on Ash Wednesday.

  123. It would have been all of us, if we were present in the crowd, shouting “crucify him!” to Pilate. Yes, even you and I.

  124. What do you actually mean by calling yourself “gay?” THat is too sloppy. What does “gay” mean as it applies to you?

  125. It is one of the most relevant, in-context scriptures to address Ash Wednesday in existence. There are a few scriptures which defy ambiguity, and this is one of them.

  126. What do you think “God will not be mocked” means, exactly? People have been mocking God for millennia, even in Scripture. So the phrase has to have another relevant meaning. Perhaps it means that God will never be mocked with impunity.

  127. If we are so-called “homophobic” it’s because God has declared himself “homophobic.” At least we’re in good company.

  128. Lets see how well you understand Christianity, Ben. Who loves more? A person who warns someone not to follow a path that leads to destruction, or one who tells you what you wish to hear and privately writes you off as a lost cause?

  129. You must be joking. Keep spitting in God’s face and pay an eternal price. Celebrate your sin and He will give you over to a reprobate mind (Romans 1.)

  130. Why,I think I’ll choose option 3: the person who doesn’t assume that what he believes to be true supersedes the knowledge and agency than another person who obviously knows far more abut the subject, and who likewise doesn’t assume that the object of his disaffections absolutely requires his input and supervision, and hasn’t heard all of this garbage before and dismissed it for the garbage it is.

  131. No, maybe you, but not me. But then, I’m an atheist and a humanist, so I don’t support capital punishment, I don’t believe that torture has entertainment value, don’t think that public spectacles of violence help to improve the populace, and I have no interest whatsoever in crying out for the blood of innocents, or even the guilty, for that matter.

    I also thought that Mel Gibson’s little epic was in fact the worst sort of Sado porn masquerading as piety that I’ve ever seen. But then, that’s me.

    I also can read the christian story for what it is, so clearly laid out in the Bible, and so wonderfully obfuscated by the church. Jesus was simply the descendant of David, the priest and king on both sides of his family, who claimed to be the promised messiah but turned out to be just another man. Sort of like the Trumpelstiltskin of his time, but with morals. Unlike Trumpee, he actually offended the religious authorities of his time, rather than stroking their…egos.

    So, no, you wouldn’t find me there.

  132. Just like 99.99% of every so called Christian ever?

    I’m glad you are privy to their innermost thoughts, and their relationship with their god. Someone would almost think you were just being a Donald about it, making stuff up and projecting your own garbage onto others.

  133. A simple question you wouldn’t answer. Are you new at this?

  134. You offered two choices only. It’s very much like asking “do you still beat your wife?”

    There were more choices than just your two.

  135. Since the plan as it is spelled out is offering parishioners a choice for glitter ash or traditional ash, why the righteous indignation? Stop looking for occasions to be judgmental and to be offended. I was raised Roman Catholic, so I would continue to observe Ash Wednesday in the traditional manner. But that is my choice, and I love God enough to not make judgments of how others choose to pray, worship or commemorate a religious service. If so-called Christians would spend less time bashing others, and more time observing what Jesus stated were the most important commandments – love thy God with all your heart and soul, and love thy neighbor as thyself, there’d be a lot more Grace in the world, and we need that.

  136. Please supply a mainstream Christian theologian of any note that says “god has a political party” (rather than God caring, perhaps, whether a political party supports or condemns, say, slavery, murder or such. I rather think God did not, for example, support the Nazi party), “God cares about the outcome of a football game” (by which I assume you mean who wins or loses rather than the attitudes of the players) or that “God is created in the image of a man” (rather than the exact opposite …imago dei).

  137. That would be a misunderstanding of the RCC. The Catholic church considers both the revelation of scriptures and the church (the Magisterium or Tradition of the church…which is different from “tradition” which might just refer to some usual way of doing something) to be inspired by God. The revelation of the church cannot contradict scripture.

  138. Thanks – I probably should have said “exclusively sourcing” rather than just sourcing.

    The teachings of Christ, as I understand them to be believed, include “taking no thought for the morrow, leaving the dead unburied and owning absolutely nothing. Neither those individual members I’ve known nor the RCC itself seems to meet NTB’s ” A person is only Catholic if they adhere to the teachings of Christ”.

  139. I know a homosexual who is Christian. No one else at church knows about his sexual orientation but everyone knows that he is a devoted Catholic man. He doesn’t support homosexuality as normal and doesnt speak about it at all, just carries on with his personal life. I wouldn’t call him a pervert. And I definitely don’t see why he can’t be a good Christian.

  140. Hmmm…you need to take account for a bit of Hebrew hyperbole in the verses you cite, since, obviously, from other scriptural verses, they do not apply in quite the universal way you are implying.

  141. First of all the Article is very poor written and misguided. Second I have no Idea why you would get involved covering a religious matter when you also cover atheism. I’m very confused by you. Christinas welcome all people in their sin as long as they repent and change their ways, I mean any kind of freaks or terrorists, murderes, you name it, as long as there is sensiere repentence of sin. But we cannot accept lgbst ways of life if they dont want to repent. Same goes for rapist, murderers, terrorists, ect…!

  142. I wonder if the LGBT group know they are asking people to promote self centeredness over selflessness?

    Lent is about remembering what Jesus did. Why is LGBT group so intent on eradicating Jesus by devising ways to put human above God?

  143. Pick-and-mix Christianity?

    It’s an odd god that expects his people to work out what he meant because he can’t formulate his ideas with sufficient clarity to communicate effectively.

  144. What “sins against gay people”? Telling them that being homosexual is a sin against God and an abomination in His sight?

  145. Let’s see.

    Sodomy laws. Anti adoption laws. Anti marriage campaigns. Lies about how we are a threat to everything good and holy. Demonization campaigns.

    God also said not to concern yourself with the sins of others. But it doesn’t stop you.

    I also bet you don’t go around telling people who are not Christians, or Christians of YOUr sort, how much god hares them for not believing what you do.

  146. It’s an odd reader who cannot comprehend that the language and the culture of the writer (inspired by God, not controlled by Him like a robot) might impact the exact meaning said writer’s words.

  147. It would take an odd god to fail to realise this and take effective steps to correct it, wouldn’t it? Or is confusion, hatred and aggression between people his desired outcome?

    Just as it takes an odd person to believe in something for which there is neither valid evidence nor need and then twist their thought processes into ever more convoluted confusion in order to try to cover up the irrationality in their belief-dependant logic.

  148. Interesting…I guess God should just take over the writer’s minds? Weird notion of God, free will, etc.

  149. Come to that; God is a weird notion, and one that just gets weirder as you explore it’s ramifications (as we are).

    And, by the way, the evidence from experimental neuroscience is very strongly indicating that “free will” is a figment of our story-telling survival technique.

  150. “God is weird” is rather subjective and not much of an argument. And…if you don’t want to bother with free will…well..feel free.

  151. The only I ever purchase ashes on my forehead was when I was a Catholic.And that was the only time

  152. Obama is a Muslim not a Christian he said so him self

  153. “doesn’t support homosexuality as normal” Then we agree, don’ we?

  154. You think so? Then why did God never marry & hang around with 12 other unmarried guys?

  155. Then I guess you can become a homosexual at any time.

  156. um, yah well I guess that’s pretty easy since I am lol but that doesn’t mean I buy the “born gay” crap or any of the other PC nonsense passing for science these days.

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