Explore Visions Spiritual Pathway, now starting up.

Visions Spiritual Pathway is a new, liberal community now in the process of starting up in Holland, Michigan. Visions is geared to persons who consider themselves spiritual but not religious and others accepting of broad-minded spirituality.  We seek to authentically connect and deeply support individuals traveling a meaning-filled spiritual path of solitude within community.  We live in between our particularized individuality and our shared humanity.  Thus at Visions we see spiritual birth and growth as two parts in one whole.  We support traveling a freely-chosen personal spiritual path, features of which may not be shared by all. And we encourage sharing a venerable stream of sacred wisdom that aims at universal relevance. In this way we honor individuality and commonality without requiring persons to choose, falsely, between one or the other.  Furthermore, unlike heavily-institutionalized, prescientific Christianity, we view knowledge and consciousness of Divine Life, along with vibrant spirituality flowering out therefrom, as undergoing development over the ages. We are liberal, progressive and eclectic as our shared vision of God continues to wind ever closer to the truth for its conservation. We also live in between permanence and change.

Vision Statement: Our audacious, future-goal concerns mainstream culture tipped toward the transforming Vision of Divine Life in mutual integration with scientific knowledge of the cosmos. (For philosophic grounding, see Metaphysics and the Future of Theology: The Voice of Theology in Public Life, by William, J. Meyer.) Mission Statement: The strategy for realizing our end-goal concerns adventurous persons co-creating an authentic community in Holland, Michigan, under the influence of Divine Life and its manifestations, contributing to a wave of vibrant spirituality that spreads far and wide in the distant future.  It is Divine Spirit that empowers life-transforming spirituality, that is, a meaning-filled pathway through Earthly life.

Using active imagery that creates a world, like dreams do, Sky Pilot Kurt Klaas (Master of Divinity, 1989) welcomes you aboard life-changing tours of the Heavens and Earth, of descent from Heaven and re-ascent, or in biblical language, of exile and return. To get the big picture, reflect on persons who report having undergone an overpowering Near Death Experience. In such symbolism-filled visions of ascent from Earth up to Heaven in spirit-form, persons profoundly awaken to their afterlife future, a future that transforms and guides their Earthly life in the present, after having descended back down.  Please consider funding fuel for flights. To continue this tour of sublime awe, wonder and mystery, please travel to and explore www.visions.life