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Colorado Mormons: Mark your calendars for September 9!

On September 9, the Colorado Faith Forums will offer a symposium on Mormon women scholars. It's going to be terrific and I hope to see you there.

Live in the Denver area? If so, come and join me, Fiona Givens, Neylan McBaine, and Margaret Blair Young for the Colorado Faith Forum at the University of Denver on September 9.

Tickets are $40 and need to be purchased in advance. Lunch is included in the fee. And yes, men are welcome at the event, even though the focus is on women scholars and writers.

My talk is called “Are Mormon Women More Faithful Than Mormon Men?: Insights from the Next Mormons Survey.”

Basically I will be looking at the self-reported differences between Mormon women and men on LDS testimony, prayer habits, Sabbath-keeping, Word of Wisdom adherence, temple attendance, and other issues.

And I will try to make it entertaining and fun, and not too Death-by-PowerPointish. I’m sure the other talks will be terrific — it’s quite a lineup. Hope to see you there!