The Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill., on May 29, 2013. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Christoffer Lukas Müller

Anti-Muslim hazing leads to felony charges for Wheaton football players

WHEATON, Ill. (AP) — Five members of a Christian college football team in suburban Chicago face felony charges in the hazing of another team member who alleges they duct-taped his hands and feet and attempted to sodomize him with an object before dumping him half-naked in an off-campus park.

The DuPage County State's Attorney's office announced Monday (Sept. 18) that the five Wheaton College players are charged with aggravated battery, mob action and unlawful restraint.

A judge signed arrest warrants and set $50,000 bonds for the players, who are expected to turn themselves in. As of Tuesday morning, none of them had done so, according to Paul Darrah, a spokesman for the state's attorney's office. Darrah said the most serious charge — aggravated battery — carries a maximum sentence of two to five years in prison.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the victim, a freshman, told police he was in his dormitory room watching basketball on television in March 2016 when his teammates tackled him, put a pillowcase over his head and punched him when he yelled at them to stop.

The student alleges the five put him in the back seat of a car and — with Middle Eastern music playing — made offensive comments about Muslims and told him that he was being kidnapped by Muslims who wanted to have sex with goats and that he would be their "goat" for the night.

After the attack, the victim drove himself to a hospital, where he was treated for bruises and muscle tears in his shoulders. Records indicate that an emergency room nurse called police.

Wheaton College says other players and coaching staff alerted college officials to an "incident." In a statement, the school said it was notified about the attack that same month and, working with an independent investigator, launched an investigation.

"The conduct we discovered as a result of our investigation into this incident was entirely unacceptable and inconsistent with the values we share as human beings. ... We are profoundly saddened that any member of our community could be mistreated in any way."

The students being sought on arrest warrants are 22-year-old James Cooksey, of Jacksonville, Fla.; 21-year-old Kyler Kregal of Grand Rapids, Mich.; 21-year-old Benjamin Pettway, of Lookout Mountain, Ga.; 21-year-old Noah Spielman, of Columbus, Ohio; and 22-year-old Samuel TeBos, of Allendale, Mich.

All are listed on the team roster, and three of them played in the game that the fourth-ranked Division III team played on Saturday, according to the Tribune. Spielman is the son of Chris Spielman, an All-American linebacker at Ohio State and All-Pro linebacker in the NFL who spent the bulk of his career with the Detroit Lions.

The school declined to answer any questions about the students' continued participation on the football team. It said in the statement that, due to federal student privacy protections, it was unable to say what disciplinary measures were taken.

The school said its Board of Trustees has engaged outside experts to lead a review of the anti-hazing policy that the school revised in 2014.


  1. Oh, I can’t wait to get onto this. There is so much information missing in this article, all of it trying to make Wheaton look like an innocent bystander. They were shocked– SHOCKED, I tell you– that something like this could happen. Sort of like Catholic bishops and their “little problem.”

    An “anti-muslim” incident? Only if you have an investment in not seeing what this is really about. Calling it “hazing?” How about forcible kidnapping, as if there is any other kind. how about attempted rape?

    According to a story in the Chicago Tribune…

    “…reporters Christy Gutowski and Stacy St. Clair, the incident took place more than a year ago. The five players barged into the victim’s dorm room, assaulted him, tied his wrists and legs in duct tape, took him out of the dorm, and threw him in a car.

    … After the vehicle began moving, the players played Middle Eastern music and made offensive comments about Muslims, according to the victim’s account.

    At one point, the players suggested to the freshman that he had been kidnapped by Muslims who wanted to fornicate with goats, the teen told investigators. They patted his foot and suggested he would be their “goat” for the evening, the records said.”

    Why did wheaton sit on the story for over a year? These young Christian men were just finally charged. and why did Wheaton discipline them with some community service and an eight page essay? For assault and possible rape? Could it be that they were all football players, and football is important at wheaton? could it be that it really reflects badly on the school and so-called Christian so called morals? Especially after their previous PR disaster regarding the professor who expressed some solidarity with muslims?

    But of course, that’s only a part of the issue. No one seems to be addressing the obvious. so I’ll do it.

    There is an incident in “The Naked Civil Servant” which speaks volumes. Quentin and his obviously gay and effeminate friends are in a café. They’re not bothering anyone. They just exist. They get approached by a gang of allegedly hetero bullies, intent on making trouble with them. It’s clear the situation is about to escalate. Quentin says (not an exact quote): “You boys better get out of here before someone figures out which one of you is queer.”

    Homosexual-hating homosexuals. Conservative religion is infested with them like cockroaches. If they were trying to prove their “invincible” heterosexuality, then why did they choose overt homoerotic sexuality to demonstrate it? Why did they pretend to be muslims when they are so-called Christians? One well known radio commentator, always attacking gay people, once couldn’t answer a direct question about his obsessions with gay sexuality, deflecting with “Don’t go there.” How many priests, constantly attacking gay people, have been found with their hands down the cookie jars pants? Cardinal O’Brien, anyone?

    Which one of these “boys” had this idea? Why did all of them go along with it? Where were their “Christian morals”? Kiss your same-sex boyfriend/girlfriend at wheaton, and you get expelled. Kidnap and molest a fellow student, and you have to write an essay. Where were their parents? Where was the school, and WHY ISNT THE SCHOOL ASKING THESE VERY OBVIOUS QUESTIONS?

  2. Sorry ben, as atrocious as it is, it doesn’t make it “Christian”.
    Romans 13:10 – English Standard Version
    Love does no wrong to a neighbor;

  3. But Christians sure do, dear.
    they are Christian “boys” that go to a “Christian” college, which didn’t call the police as they should have.

  4. The error of your statement is, “Christian” boys. They are boys. Christians are not mandated to do what these “boys” did. Learn your stuff Ben.

  5. Your hopes are not reality, my friend. With someone so needing to appear a “nice guy”, as everyone else is so hatefully wrong, you’ve been faltering on that lately. God bless you.

  6. This “college” expels students who have consensual sex outside of marriage.

    This “college” expels students who kiss a person of the same sex.

    When white male five football players kidnapped and sexually assaulted another student, the “college” made them write a paper. A great big eight page paper. I bet that taught them a lesson.

    In case there is confusion, rape is bad because a person is harmed. Kidnapping is bad because a person is harmed. Consensual sex may be against your rules, but it is not inherently bad because it is, wait for it, consensual.

    The hypocrisy on sex is disgusting.

  7. Congrats Ben. You earned a “god bless you.” In passive aggressive Christianese, that means pretty much the same thing as what these fine upstanding christian men are accused of.

  8. These men are christians.

    And the christians who run the school protected them.

  9. Nobody really knows if your first sentence is true or not, and none of us here are able to go to each crooked brainless bum in person, and obtain an answer. Maybe yes, maybe no. Don’t know.

    But your second sentence is completely accurate. Sure wish you were wrong, but it’s clear that you are right. In terms of totally insane administration cover-ups, Wheaton College has now become the Christian version of Penn State.

    (Except that the secular Penn State is beginning to emerge from its long nightmare after several years at the bottom of the barrel. Wheaton, in contrast, is just beginning its long tour.)

  10. Good for you, doc. You saw the obvious.

    Except for the part about being Christian. These “boys” are christians and go to a Christian school. I don’t seek to blame all Christians for their feloni– err, umm, misbehavior.

    The school chose to cover it up, but we’ll probably disagree about SOME of the reasons.

  11. Coming from Sandimonious, it means an upraised middle finger with a big smiley face on the nail.

  12. It’s not the hypocrisy on sex that is as disgusting as the hypocrisy on morals in general.

    And of course I have a few of my own suspicions.

  13. Well Ben, I am very disappointed at this Wheaton news. I wish Wheaton officials were forced to answer your sharp questions. But maybe the Wheaton gig isn’t what you’re REALLY angry about. There’s something else, that angers you most of all.

    Men and women, teens and youth, being saved, healed, and made whole by the astonishing power of Christ. No longer gay-self-identity, no longer gay-anything. You angrily revile them as “Homosexual-hating homosexuals. Conservative religion is infested with them like cockroaches.”

    So, here’s a great video that Sandy pointed out, and — I want you to know this — I’m gonna use this video as an educational tool to steal (in God’s grace) the young folks right off the gay plantation.

    And if they say “Hold on, I’m Jewish”, I’m gonna offer the Jewish man Ben Newman’s brief article and try to steal THEM too!!

  14. Nonsense. More nonsense. And crappy nonsense at that.


  15. There is a problem here given that this is a setting/ Christian college that requires a statement of faith as part of its acceptance, includes mandatory chapel and is not recommended for liberal or non-Christians (based on student reviews) nor students who expect an active social life. As Ben noted, this was not just one or two players but five – none of them freshmen but in their third or fourth year.- not b boys but young men

    The other troubling variable for me is the lack of practice as to respectful dialogue and reaching out to those who fall into ‘the other’ for many Christian groups and leaders which instead choose at times to use incendiary, derogatory, dismissive and/or inflammatory comments at times under the political/religious umbrella (as permitted under free speech and the 1st amendment) – and sometimes disputable theology.

    Christians do bad things. (Hence the Catholic (and a few others) centuries old tradition of penance, confession and reconciliation.) That they violated scripture does not negate the faith context. And given the context, the length of time to act is equally reprehensible. The institutional response reminds me of the movie Spotlight or the book the Bishop’s Man. And unfortunately, Wheaton is not a stand alone, one-off.within Christian post-secondary institutions as to burying non-Christian behavior.

  16. Had to try googling but the best I could come up with somewhat obvious. All white, one registered Republican, and one the son of a Fox sportscaster. (ex football player) But given that a statement of faith is required, certainly represented themselves as such.

  17. That is hugely offensive but meant to derail the discussion. What really needs to happen is that Wheaton, Liberty U, and Bob jones et al all need to engage in self-reflection to figure out how young Christians under their spiritual leadership and care were transformed into perpetrators and victims. How they didn’t support the weakest in their midst.

  18. Christians do all sorts of things, good and bad, that aren’t mandated to do by their faith. You can call their behavior unchristian if you like, but if your Bible is to be believed, their bad acts don’t cost them salvation.

    Repentance: A get-out-of-jail-free card for Christians only.

    John 10:28–29

  19. Read again. Ben didn’t say their behavior was Christian. He asked where their so-called Christian morality was. And much as you’d wish it so, “Christian” is not synonymous with “love.” Indeed, over the course of my lifetime, it’s come to mean something very different.

    Ecclesiastes 7:20; Romans 3:10, 23

  20. Sin and Repent and re-sin and repent in saecula saeculorum, and count on sock puppet Jesus to forgive you every single Goddam time.

    Nice work if yOu can get it. I’m sure these nice christian boys have repented and asked for forgiveness for their egregious sin against another human,and there will be plenty of Christians to announce the glory of it all, and be grateful that Jesus forgives all sins. They also get to forgive, and so the circle is complete.

  21. No, no derailing at all. There are two separate items that were addressed.

    I did not hesitate to point out where I agreed with Ben, (the Wheaton gig) although that agreement was painful to me.

    The other item, the people Ben reviles without cause, the people who are HIS favorite targets, they could use a little backup. They are in my heart. So I do not hesitate to disagree with Ben about them, and I don’t mind sharing THEIR stories.

    (And I still don’t mind stealing people off the gay plantation! Heh! )

  22. Granted, sometimes initial reports are not accurate, so we must await more info. But they were punished by writing an essay, LOL, so there may be something to this. if these five young men who likely have accepted Jesus as their savior (this is Wheaton) did this…

    “…The teen told investigators that his teammates restrained him with more duct tape during the drive, pulled down his shorts and underwear, then repeatedly tried to insert an object into his rectum. After the freshman yelled at them to stop, he was beaten…’

    …and they still in school and on the football team. — While adult consensual sex before marriage gets you kicked out along with even thinking about being pro-LGBT — then Wheaton must be full of moral thugs.

  23. What hypocrisy. Of the did this atrocious act they weren’t really Christians. How self-serving.

  24. Cue the “no true scotsman” of Christians defending the crimes of Christians who were protected by a Christian institution and the messed up morality coming from that Christian institution that failed to teach right from wrong. Oh, Looking down, I see it’s already going full strength as expected.

  25. And this, dear hearts, is Billy Graham’s alma mater. F*** Wheaton!…

  26. Reviling? ME? I don’t thinks so, Mr. black Pot.

    It’s one thing to believe homosexuality is a sin, and to live your life in celibacy. I can respect that, even if I don’t agree with it. Don’t even think they necessarily hate themselves. So, you are wrong about that and me,

    It’s quite another thing to attack other gay people and to try to harm them because you have issues. Let’s look at Ted hAggard, shall we? Maybe your favorite Christian broadcaster?

  27. And there are people who call themselves Christian teachers, who have fulfilled all levels of college training and still lead people to Hell, Linda. What you have attained does not make one a Christian. It is who you follow.

  28. Sorry, but I’m one of those folks who don’t automatically assume that you’re a Christian merely because you’re enrolled at some Christian school or seminary. Maybe you are, but maybe you ain’t. More info is needed.

  29. The Charlie Sheen Syndrome: no real consequences for their evil actions. They can go home to their communities and become anti-Muslim agitators. A secular school would have expelled the. I suspect the victim becae a “bad person” to the administration and other students. Iwonder f there are classes taught on Islam that presents the religion as something based on lies and a bad religion to be a member of.

  30. Unlike many Christian schools, Wheaton requires a Christian statement of faith in order to be a student. So it’s not just the matter of their enrollment, but what they’ve affirmed. Many of the best known Catholic universities, on the other hand, have many non-Catholic undergrads and even more non-Catholic grad students.

  31. Did you read what the Nashville statement said about being gay? Your statement which aligns with that (being made whole) denies that fact that many gay people are Christian (over 50%) and have to/had struggle with unanswered prayers, therapy, congregational prayers and even, believe it or not, exorcisms . Not the way to minister I would think when the proof of one’s Christianity becomes heterosexuality.

  32. Here I agree with you. I’m not one of those folks who automatically assume YOU’RE a Christian because YOU call YOURSELF one.
    Maybe you are, maybe YOU’RE not.
    Plenty of infor avaialbe.

  33. Floyd is ready to serve up a hot mess o’ “No True Christian” lasagna.

  34. They’re not true Christians after all. Only Floyd, Sandimonious, Shawnie, and Dennis whatshisname are in a position close enough to the divine to decide the relationship of god with any other person on the planet.

  35. Signing a statement of faith is helpful, but the Layricia Hawkins debacle effectively proved that what you signed yesterday may not be where you’re at today. Signed statements aren’t always enough.

    The fact is you and I would need to interview each of those football goons, to obtain some clarity on where they are really at spiritually, right now. And even then, sometimes people try to fake it anyway.

    By the way, Wheaton graduate Bart Ehrman entered Princeton Seminary through one door, and left through an entirely different door. Sometimes signed statements just aren’t enough.

  36. I’ve read the Nashville Statement, a very helpful gig. It makes clear that gay self-identity, gay marriage, etc, will *never* be compatible with Christ and Christianity. The statement also affirms that Christ IS able to do something about it, as with all sin issues.

    Unanswered prayers? Already seen it. Therapy not working too well? Seen it. Congregational prayers not up to snuff? Agreed. And exorcism? I’ve only seen one, and it did actually work, but most clergy don’t dare try it, lest things “don’t work” and somebody get sued.

    I’ve seen all that, Linda. Plus mommies, daddies, & clergy who turn their backs on SSA-afflicted people right when they’re needed most. And yet,,,,,,,I’ve seen Christ work things out over time, all the same.

  37. Nobody is giving the football goons a free pass for anything.

    But some folks tend to be evidence-driven, instead of assumption-driven. The assumption that all these goons are automatically Christians, could use a little shoring up.

  38. Whenever self identified Christians do something bad, the True Christians (TM) do one of the following:

    Proclaim the bad-doers are not True Christians. The No True Christian fallacy is one convenient cop-out.

    Agree that Jesus has forgiven them, which is the other convenient cop-out. and so let’s all just move along to something more profitable, like…


    These thugs attend a Christian school. They make a formal profession of faith. I’m sure they attend church every sunday.

    And they are STILL thugs.

  39. Jonah International? The group run by an ex-con and that was forced to shut down, well after this screed written in 2003?
    And its important to note that BEN NEWMAN nowhere says he is heterosexual, only that he has shut down his sexual-romantic side.
    Also important to note: as far as I can tell,. he hasn’t been heard form since.

  40. what! don’t you understand about the enemies of ELOHEEM commanded to abuse each other in hell and death?

    This is THEIR, Physical Story of The Creation to Command not yours to command.

    ELOHEEM and/or THEIR Son, never promised physical peace on earth to their enemies. where the only garden, they might get is a garden of cut short dying flowers at their funeral.

  41. Yep, the change-oriented, Jewish “Jonah” resource group, was thoroughly shot down by an apparently biased New Jersey judge who VERY explicitly disagreed that homosexuality involves any “disorder” at all.

    So that was the end of the organization, but the judge didn’t (and still doesn’t) have the power to scour the Internet clean of Jonah’s best writings.

    Of those, Ben Newman’s one page essay is among the best. Doesn’t pretend to be perfect, doesn’t even pretend to be Christian, but absolutely makes clear that change is possible, and that God and God’s Word (in this case, the Old Testament Torah) can move a person towards wholeness in this area.

  42. How about Charlene Cothran, the magazine publisher and former activist? What did you think of her story?

  43. As I said, no one has heard from him since. As I said, he never claimed to be hetero, just that he shut himself down.

    Apparently biased? Well, reality does tend to be biased.

  44. As for Jonah, well, it is to laugh. There is a long Newsweek article on their shutdown. This is just a portion of it. You can read all about the “Therapist” have naked frolics all by yourself.

    A therapist’s notes can contain the most horrifying, embarrassing and mundane confessions of his client, the rawest of fears and most guarded of feelings, from sexual desires to homicidal impulses. The key to a good therapy session is that what is said behind that closed door is honest, unfiltered and, like confessions to a priest, completely private. Confidential. A therapist’s notes are not written to be seen by others, much less projected on a screen in a room full of strangers. But on a Thursday afternoon in June, Benjy Unger was in the witness box as notes from one of his therapy sessions were blown up on a monitor next to the jury. The goal of that counseling was to turn Unger from gay to straight.

    Unger and all the people in that Jersey City, New Jersey, courtroom were not shocked by what they were seeing, but they were clearly perplexed. In the middle of one notebook page, Unger’s therapist, Alan Downing, had drawn a stick figure with a bulging gluteus maximus, annotated with truncated phrases—“butt = I am cute,” “play with me” and “fluffy butt.” Below the stick figure, he had written, “Explored his attraction to male butts. Could be dominance, vulnerability, innocence, connection.”

    This drawing was put into evidence as Unger, now 28, was questioned by David Dinielli, a senior attorney in a legal team representing Unger, his friend Chaim Levin, 26, and two other young men. All four were treated at JONAH, the only Jewish gay conversion therapy organization in the country. Three of the four had sessions with Downing, who has no psychology degree or mental health license of any kind, nor any higher education outside of an undergraduate degree in music and theater. Despite that thin resume, Arthur Goldberg, the man who started and still runs JONAH, often boasted that Downing was “an expert in the field” of turning gay men straight. Like many conversion therapists, Downing claims he has been “cured” of homosexuality, or, in the jargon preferred by the industry, he has “overcome” his “unwanted SSA,” same-sex attraction. (JONAH’s legal team declined to comment for this article.)

    Here’s the best part

    Downing seemed obsessed with Unger’s sexual proclivities during their sessions. One of his notes included a matrix of all the men Unger found attractive, paired with detailed notes about their physical characteristics. “Smooth skinned, no facial, attracted to buttocks,” Downing wrote next to one man’s name.

    Later, in his office, Downing would ask Unger to strip naked. He would frolic in a field, naked too, with people he was supposed to be “healing.” He would ask other men to hold each other in darkened rooms. It was all part of the therapy, practiced on tens of thousands of young men in the U.S. and abroad, by a wide network of “life coaches” like Downing.

    For years, very little was known about these methods. When Dinielli joined the Southern Poverty Law Center from a high-powered corporate law firm, he knew he would be working to end gay conversion therapy—one of the firm’s stated goals—but he had no idea how shoddy and sordid the practice was. The deeper they looked, he says, the darker it got. He’d known gay-conversion is a cruel fraud, but he hadn’t realized how deeply perverse it is. “I hadn’t necessarily conceived of it as something so akin to child abuse and sexual abuse,” he says, but he does now. As the firm’s case against JONAH came together, Dinielli was introduced to a surreal world of pseudo-scientific methods and jargon, traumatizing psychodramas and nude cuddling with counselors.”

    So, let’s call this wonderful healing adventure what it really was. some fairly sick individuals with some really big issues doing what the antigay industry does best: using gay people as their scapegoat, using gay people to work out their own issues, using lies and perversion of anything therapeutic, let alone religious, so that they could run around naked and pretend that they are “healed.”

    You call it bias. I call you biased, to put it mildly. These are the facts that were presented at the trial that you call biased. You’ll believe anything, as long as it finishes off with “get the gays.”

    So let’s go back to the original topic, these Wheaton football players, allegedly heterosexual, allegedly christian, going out of their way to demonstrate both be engaging in some fairly homoerotic– um, err, what would you call it?–horseplay.

    I’d say shame on you, but why waste the electrons.

  45. Please stop using “Christian” as an adjective. There is no such thing as a Christian college or university (or football player, or book, or band or nation). There are however educational insitutions affiliated with certain religious groups. That affiliation means different things to different groups.

  46. Spot-on.
    One can forgive homosexuals for feeling that many Christians take brutalization and rape of of gays and lesbians as a much less serious moral matter than are consensual homosexual relations.

  47. Smetimes He doesn’t work things out the way you want – if you recall Paul’s affliction., that was not removed.

    And as you noted, sometimes nothing works. Do you kick these folks out of the church?and back to the ‘gay plantation’ Why not? – because according to the NS, they are beyond redemption? Which is also a step beyond Scripture in which Christ said the only unforgivable sin is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?

  48. Umm. the Bible never describes “Paul’s affliction” as any kind of sin. Whatever Paul’s affliction was, it did not involve him disobeying Scripture and thus wiping out his other statements like (specifically) 1 Cor 10:13.

    Also, I didn’t say anything about “nothing works.” I and many others are quite convinced from experience, that prayer changes things even if you don’t see any quickie results. Therapy by established, reputable, credentialed psychologists and therapists continue to help people overcome many issues, including homosexuality and LGBT.

    I don’t buy into the “Once gay always gay” propaganda at all. Human experience, Christian or even secular, proves otherwise.

  49. That’s the problem. One of them is a moral matter, the other is a moral matter only if you ignore any other moral requirement other than “god says…”– or more accurately, “I say that god says…”

  50. Only self service here at the Morality Cafeteria, Jim.

  51. Nothing “Christian ” about these students who attend an evangelical school (note the lack of Christian in front of evangelical).

  52. Thank you, Sandy, for attempting to insert some rational and thoughtful perspective into this dialogue. Namecalling and vitriol is often the breeding ground for bad decisions individuals by any label or name make.

  53. Perhaps you misconstrued my comments as to nothing works – I was trying to summarize your second paragraph. Hence my comment about Paul. and his unanswered prayer. Never meant to infer it was sin although Paul was a man and no doubt sinned in spite of best intentions.

    Funny that you used 1 Cor passage as I have read about others who ended up being inspired by it as an answer or understanding about living with their sexual identity when prayers and other efforts to become heterosexual were not answered.

    And I don’t buy into gay is always a choice. Sexual conduct is the choice.not identity. So we will have to disagree there. And in spite of the Nashville statement, I am still a faithful Christian.

    I will say life was less complicated for heterosexuals at least, when the norm was don’t ask, don’t tell. and the APA had it defined as a disorder. That’s why my parents never raised question about the two spinsters who lived together down the street – just two women who never married but that it was so nice they had company and someone to eat with after work. And clearly, given the era and their roles as teachers , sexuality issues were not even on the table. So we will never know if they saw themselves as anything more than friends.

    Unfortunately this got also sidelined into a conversation out of how some Christians are perceived to be homophobic. But in this instance, the title inferred anti-Muslim hazing – certainly had elements that were in this vein but also don’t have additional information. So while we spent tons of time discussing gays and “homophobic Christians”vs. beliefs never got around to talking about Islamophobia or likely racism being default constructs for young men presumably raised in a Christian environment attending a Christian college have acquired in a hazing incident described by someone as ‘just getting out of hand’.

  54. Well, you know how this works Linda. You get an RNS article describing some crimes, hatred, bigotry or bullying by people who are supposed to be Christians. Before long, somebody will try to exploit that specific mess to scrounge up support for the pro-gay or gay-activist side, even if the RNS article had absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality or gay folks.

    I just sit there (at first) and watch the thread develop, ’cause I already know what’s coming and what direction it’s gonna come from. And I know when it appears, I’m gonna say something in response, and then it’s just plain game on.

  55. And they certainly never got around to explaining how this “hazing”, which was more like kidnapping and assault”, was “anti-muslim” at an exclusively Christian school, and not homoerotically charged.
    Pinkwashing, white washing, you name it.

  56. It has EVERYTHING to do with it, or didn’t you notice these Christian thugs threatened to rape another student, and apparently tried to play with his nether regions is a forcible rape sort of a way?
    Jeremiah 5:21 comes to mind, but obviously, not for you.

  57. Then according to you, maybe this thread wasn’t “sidelined” at all. Maybe “Islamophobia or likely racism being default constructs for young men presumably raised in a Christian environment attending a Christian college” wasn’t the real focus of this tragic story.

    Threatening homosexual rape on somebody else is bad (see Genesis 19:9), and those goons will pay for it and all else they did. And while stuck in jail, at risk from other inmates, their lives self-wrecked, and facing a tough jobs situation someday, they’ll get to watch stress & shame cover their families like a blanket.

    And Wheaton will pay for letting it slide, just like Penn State paid. So if you want justice Ben, you’ll see it soon. But all their crimes and bigotry and hypocrisy, cannot mask either your sins or mine. Christ is the Solution, and there is no other solution.

  58. As expected, no answer. Hate ’em but cain’t refute ’em.

  59. It was one focus, but the other focus was being ignored, as always. The “anti-muslim” focus was an obvious screen, and really had not much to do with the story at all. If they had put yarmulke’s on their heads, and pasted forelocks to their ears, would we call it an anti-orthodox Jewish hazing incident?

    I don’t think so.

    I’m sorry that these boys were such idiots. I’m sorry they were raised so poorly as to think that this was a good idea– white privilege, Christian privilege, middle class privilege, evangelical privilege. I don’t know, Nor does anyone else, and I don’t care.. I’m sorry that the morals of both students and college reflect nothing of what Christianity claims it is about.

    But then, it so rarely does.

    And quite frankly, I don’t want them in jail, threatened with prison rape, or their lives ruined. But a slap on the wrist is certainly not appropriate. And wheaton deserves a great deal of the “credit”.

    What I stated about this incident, the ignoring of the obvious in favor of “anti-muslim hazing”, is very much to the point. When I was a probation officer, I saw this repeatedly.

    Forgive me for being pretty vague in what I am about to say, but the incident occurred about 35 years ago in Arizona. I haven’t forgotten it, and I will never forget it. Six or seven young thugs beat a young gay man for no other reason than that they had been told repeatedly that gay people were less than human, and they were looking for a less-than-human to beat up. Though he pleaded with them, saying he couldn’t swim, they THREW him off a bridge. He drowned.

    The judge in the matter noted that they were good Christian boys who had never been in trouble, and gave them probation. No, they were not good Christian boys. THEY WERE GODDAM MURDERERS. Maybe they hadn’t been in trouble before, or maybe they just hadn’t been caught before. This “judge”– and I hope HE is rotting in hell right now– decided the life of this poor gay boy was not worth as much as the lives of the seven CHRISTIAN thugs who murdered him.

    And for those bastards, I certainly don’t care if their lives were nasty, brutish, or short.

    but in that incident, what was also missing was the obvious– quite apart from institutionalized anti-gay bigotry. As I have said many times on these pages– yes, shawnie, I’m repeating myself yet again!!!!– is that homosexual hating homosexuals constantly get to exercise their own demons under the guise of exorcising what they–and you– imagine to be mine. As I mentioned in the Quentin Crisp citation, dollars to donuts, one of those young thugs, or more of those young thugs, have some real issues.

    To me, wheaton committed at least THREE moral crimes: ignoring the incident, trying ot label it as anti-muslim hazing, and most likely, avoiding going to deeply into those boys minds for fear of what they might find there.

  60. Regarding Wheaton’s sins, you may be right on all three counts, although I don’t think ANY Muslims will agree with you on count #2.

    As I said, it looks like you will see plenty of justice soon on the football goons, and plenty of disgrace on Wheaton.

    But when you see it all happen, you likely won’t get any closure from it. It ain’t gonna slow down all that huge anger continually simmering in your innards.

    You hate the Bible-believing Christians unless they publicly ditch their own Bibles on the issues of homosexuality and gay marriage, because the Bible speaks directly to **your** life situation (as it does with all of us.)

    You also hate ex-gays and deny their life stories, especially the Christian ones, because such stories prove that Jesus and the Bible are true and effective. You call them “homosexual-hating homosexuals” even if they’ve never wronged, hated on, bullied, or beaten anybody at all,

  61. Sorry. That is ALL your story about me, beginning to end, every bit of it. But what else would I expect from you? You obviously didn’t understand anything that I was saying. But what else would I expect from you?

    This was you. I point out that JONAH was a fraud. You say it was a biased judge. I point out that their so-called counselors were in fact nothing but sick perverts who had never fixed their being gay, and never would. You ignore that AND the obvious. It doesn’t fit your narrative.

    I say I don’t want to see these boys in prison. I don’t need “closure” over it. That’s YOUR story about me, yet again.

    I don’t hate Christians, not even you. I leave that for your type of Christian who continually attack other Christians for not being the right sort of Christian.

    It’s all projection, every single bit of it.

    I don’t need to deny ex-gays and their so-called life stories. There are plenty of ex-ex-gays who have denied those stories. Makes no difference to you.

  62. Who said Wheaton college was a Christian college? But besides that knowing the religion of “islam” is a peaceful religion why did the student believe they would harm him. However they should be prosecuted to the fullest of the law and banned from this college. So lets see if the college does the right thing.

  63. And of course when it comes to Christians your bigot, misogyny, white privileged and conservative alarm goes off even though only foolish liberals make that claim? The fact is many people claim to be Christians including liberals but it just doesn’t make it so.

  64. Maybe because the boys involved were Christians at a self proclaimed Christian college, and the history of Christianity, the religion of love, is filled with auto-da-fe’s, burnings, etc.

    You might want to read the accounts of the death of Jacques Demolay. It’s just like Peter Rabbit. But bloodier.

  65. Right you are. The fact is many people claim to be Christians, including self proclaimed good and true Christians, but it just doesn’t make it so.

    Except when it does.

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