Burns Strider was a senior adviser to the pro-Hillary Clinton super-PAC Correct The Record and directed faith outreach for Clinton's 2008 campaign. A Southern Baptist from Mississippi, Strider is founder and principal of The Eleison Group, a faith-based political, governmental and nonprofit consulting firm. Photo courtesy of The Eleison Group

Report: Hillary Clinton protected faith adviser accused of sexual harassment in 2008

(USA Today) — Hillary Clinton reportedly asked to keep an adviser to her 2008 presidential campaign onboard, despite accusations that he had sexually harassed a young woman.

The New York Times reported that Burns Strider, Clinton's faith adviser at the time, was accused of harassing a 30-year-old woman who shared an office with him. The woman told the campaign that Strider sent her suggestive emails, rubbed her shoulders inappropriately and kissed her on the forehead.

A sexual harassment report was made to campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle. Doyle reportedly approached Clinton and asked that Strider be fired. Clinton declined to do so, and Strider remained on staff.

Strider, who was married at the time, instead was docked several weeks of pay and was ordered to undergo counseling, per the Times.

The young woman, who reportedly signed a nondisclosure agreement that prevents her from publicly speaking about the campaign's inner workings, was moved to a new job.

"To ensure a safe working environment, the campaign had a process to address complaints of misconduct or harassment. When matters arose, they were reviewed in accordance with these policies, and appropriate action was taken," read a statement from the law firm that represented the 2008 campaign. "This complaint was no exception."

Strider reportedly worked for an independent group that supported Clinton's 2016 candidacy. He was fired from that position for workplace issues, including allegations that he harassed a young woman.

Strider still appears to be close with Clinton. He attended her birthday party in October, along with his son.

An active Twitter user, he tweeted several times about the Alabama Senate special election between Democrat Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore, who faced several accusations of sexual misconduct.

Strider also appeared to mock conservative Bill O'Reilly, who said he was mad at God over his own sexual harassment scandal.

Prior to the 2008 Clinton campaign, Strider worked on Capitol Hill, including as a senior adviser to then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.


  1. No surprise. She defended her husband and turned a blind eye. For too many power is more important than truth or morality.

  2. Oh come on. Just this one time, please. Let’s cut Burns Strider some slack, yeah? – because, you know, of what Hillary Clinton said. Which makes all’s well that ends well.

    “A story appeared today about something that happened in 2008. I was dismayed when it occurred, but was heartened the young woman came forward, was heard, and had her concerns taken seriously and addressed. … I called her today to tell her how proud I am of her and to make sure she knows what all women should: we deserve to be heard.”
    – Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton, Twitter, January 26 and 27, 2018.

  3. Morality is the rules that you live by. Different cultures and different sub-cultures have different senses of morality. Competition, survival, human nature, and other circumstances all factor in. When we nee the thief, we take them down from the gallows.

    “The young woman, who reportedly signed a nondisclosure agreement that prevents her from publicly speaking about the campaign’s inner workings, was moved to a new job.” — The young woman also had a “moral obligation” to report the inner workings in this case to authorities or even media, to prevent other young women from being harassed or worse. Being sexually harassed is not part of the “campaign’s inner workings”. Maybe she did not want to give up the power of having a job working on Hilary’s campaign because she continued to work for Secretary Clinton. I am not blaming the victim, but what was her moral obligation according to you?

  4. What hurts worse– when someone intentionally steps on your foot, or when they smile and say ‘I am sorry’????

  5. Conservatives should avoid speaking of “turning a blind eye”, “truth” or “morality” given their overwhelming support of Donald Trump. A man who takes immorality and impropriety to a whole other level beyond whatever examples they can think of in contrast.

  6. Yep. Neither party has the moral high ground on this one. A plague on both houses.

  7. But one party makes it part of their campaign. Claiming to vote for “values” and “morals”. Which really translates to voting for the privilege to tell others how to live their lives.

    Evangelical Christians have long claimed that Republicans were the party reflecting their values and efforts to uphold their vision of moral society. Of course now their support of the immoral valueless Trump shows what an obvious fiction such claims are.

  8. I agree that Trump and his supporters — Evangelicals in particular — are particularly odious, but there’s no shortage of hypocrisy to go around in partisan politics, especially on the matter of sexual harassment. I repeat, neither party has the moral high ground.

  9. “neither party has the moral high ground”

    True, but only one tried to claim it. 🙂

  10. Seriously? After the way Democrats — and HRC in particular — clucked and tsked-tsked when the Trump Access Hollywood recording broke? There was no shortage of righteous indignation on their part.

    I just want to be honest about this. There’s plenty to criticize Trump for in terms of policy, personal conduct and the way he’s demeaned the presidency. But when it comes to sexual misconduct, it’s pretty much a wash. Both parties are dirty and neither should throw a stone at the other.

  11. The Republican Party is protecting a serial adulterer, serial marrier, who has been credibly accused of visiting a prostitute and paying her $130K to not tell anyone after his last marriage to a woman who did softcore porn on the internet of a type appealing particularly to heterosexual men.

    In the past year, hoe many Republican family values types have promised to resign after having been caught promoting abortion, extramarital affairs, divorce, and showing their tiny weenies to strange women on the internet.

    But my all means, let’s bring up Hillary.


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