Radio host Stevie Jay, empty tomb's Shannon & Sylvia: Send God a Valentine

Stevie Jay interviews Shannon and Sylvia about Valentine’s Day and helping little children live

Radio Host Stevie Jay (ESPN 93.5 FM) invited Shannon and Sylvia to talk about sending a Valentine to God.

Stevie Jay introduces the interview, to be aired on February 14, 2019, with, "What a good day to talk love. What a good day to talk Mission Match."

As Shannon and Sylvia describe how empty tomb, inc.’s Mission Match can help the 3,000 children dying each day around the world, Stevie Jay notes, "And they're dying unnecessarily from things we fix with our pinkie here in America, right?"

Sylvia and Shannon share the immediate goal of 3,000 people donating $50 once this year so 50 churches can do projects to help the children. And that is just the start. The idea, they explain, is to get churches mobilized nationwide by applying for these matching funds. Stevie Jay responds, "Everybody can do this. You really can. And if you feel like you are helping a child somewhere in the world not die from simple things we can fix for $50 bucks one time this year …"

Stevie Jay concludes, "So we want 3,000 listeners to go to, donate $50 for a year. They're going to help 50 churches to do projects to help little kids around the world. What the heck's wrong with that?" To which Shannon and Sylvia enthusiastically respond, “Nothing!”

The entire radio interview is available on the Videos page.

A related February 11, 2019, press release is available on with the title: "empty tomb®, inc. Invites People to Send God a Valentine through Mission Match®"

More information about Mission Match, including how to donate $50 for 2019, is at



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