New memoir questions faith in God, in the Church, and in Ministry

A new Seven Storey Mountain for the 21st Century

In Losing My Religion: A Memoir of Faith and Finding, William C. Mills takes his readers on a spiritual roller coaster ride, from religion to faith, from certainty to mystery.

After four years of college and six years of seminary Mills was ready for a parish—or so he thought. He didn’t realize much of his time would be endless discussions about bagels and coffee, digging ditches, and parking lot condom patrols. More importantly, he never realized that he would be betrayed by bullies in his congregation. Sheep aren’t supposed to bite, but sometimes they do.

Losing My Religion is about the ups and downs, ins and outs, choices and challenges of being a community leader in the 21st Century, but it's also about the redemptive power of community life and finding healing and wholeness in a broken world.

“William Mills has given us a true story told truthfully, a story of a faith lost and found, a story of the Church at its best and worst, a story of a priest who persisted in his vocation in spite of everything. Service to the Body of Christ, the Church, is not for the faint of heart and yet, in the end, there are blessings.”

Will Willimon, United Methodist Bishop, retired, and Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry, Duke Divinity School.

William C. Mills is the rector of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He holds a Ph.D. in Pastoral Theology from the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the author of A 30 Day Retreat: A Personal Guide to Spiritual Renewal (Paulist Press, 2010) and the author of numerous articles and books on the Bible, Christian Spirituality, and Ministry.