Religion Communication Congress 2020 tackles complex themes

An impressive lineup of speakers and workshops to be featured

For over half a century, Religion Communication Congresses have offered a forum where professional religion communicators from a wide range of faith traditions gather to network and learn cutting edge strategies and skills through hands-on opportunities, academic and applied research, practical workshops, and thoughtful plenaries.

March 17-21, 2020, at Hyatt Regency Crystal City, D.C. area, more than 500 people will join together under the theme of “Communicating Faith in the Public Square” and Religion Communication Congress 2020 (RCCongress 2020) will continue a commitment to furthering the communication of religion in a multi-faith world. The event will offer a space to broaden perspectives and foster greater understanding and cooperation in local and global communities.

Ahead of a high-stakes American presidential election — anticipated to have a lasting effect on the future of media, human rights, and the environment — RCCongress 2020 promises to be a “must attend” event.

Leading these crucial conversations, an exceptional lineup of plenary speakers, presenters, and workshop leaders offer their unique skills and perspectives. Among them are Wajahat Ali, celebrated New York Times contributing op-ed writer who regularly appears on cable news and radio to discuss politics, religion, foreign policy and culture; Dr. Clifford G. Christians, professor emeritus at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign offering his perspective on “Fake news, rights and obligations in a digital world”; and Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, frequent media commentator, author, and the first African American woman to serve as senior minister in the Collegiate Church of New York. Check for more speakers and workshop leaders.

More than 100 cooperating groups and organizations are involved in planning an event to discuss changes in media and society and working to access the skills to adapt to the constantly transforming media scene.

For information on how to become a cooperating organization, register for the convention, or access the latest RCCongress 2020 news, visit You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #RCCongress2020.



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