Can reason lead to faith?

SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. – There is one thing all of the conversion stories in the new book FAITH AND REASON have in common: all of the men and women who came into the Catholic Church are philosophers.

Contributors to FAITH AND REASON: PHILOSOPHERS EXPLAIN THEIR TURN TO CATHOLICISM include a number of prominent professors and writers: Peter Kreeft, Edward Feser, J. Budziszewski, Candace Vogler and Robert Koons, among others. Each story is unique, yet each one details the various perceptible ways God drew these lovers of wisdom to himself and to the Church. In every case, reason played a primary role. It had to, because being a Catholic philosopher is no easy task when the majority of one’s colleagues thinks that religious faith is irrational.

Although the reasonableness of the Catholic faith captured the attention of these philosophers and cleared a space into which the seed of supernatural faith could be planted, in each of these essays the attentive reader will find a fully human story. The contributions are not merely collections of arguments; they are stories of grace.

Both editors of FAITH AND REASON, Brian Besong and Jonathan Fuqua, also are Catholic converts, philosophers and professors. They uniquely understood the place from which the stories in the book came and why they need to be told.

The philosopher contributors to FAITH AND REASON are too smart not to believe in God and all use their finely honed reasoning skills as they explain their reasons for believing in Christianity and entering the Catholic Church.

“If philosophy is in league with Catholicism, as these converts claim, and if ‘philosophy always buries its undertakers,’ as Gilson famously said, is it too much to see in this volume the first buds of a second spring — a new civilization based upon philosophizing that is wise as well as clever?” said Michael Pakaluk, Ph.D., professor of ethics and social philosophy at Catholic University of America.

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