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Christianity is failing to give God first place in our salvation

ROCKFORD, Ill. — The Bible teaches that there are benefits for both God and man in our salvation. In his new book, “A God-Centered View of Salvation: A Theocentric Perspective of the Gospel” Steely stresses that since God is primary; and mankind is but secondary the benefits for God when we are saved are of premiere importance and our benefits are of lesser importance.

This book explains how Protestant Christianity is failing to give God first place in the most important event in a Christian’s life—the act of salvation. Since God is preeminent, even though it is mankind that is being saved, at a deeper level salvation is intrinsically all about God receiving His benefits from our salvation—not us receiving ours. God receiving His benefits from our salvation is foundational and must occur before any of the side benefits for mankind in salvation such as escaping eternal punishment in Hell…even exist for us to receive. Steely explains, “Greedily seeking for our benefits in salvation is really idolatry with self as the idol”.

This is not just an academic issue. Our motivation is all-important in salvation! Statistics by the Pew Research Center reveal that 2.2 billion people claim to be Christians. Yet Jesus indicated that only a few people will be saved, “14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it” Matthew 7:14 (NIV). Since God is true to His just nature, people who selfishly seek to be saved for how they will benefit by it will be rejected by Him.

This book will help you understand what attitude (humility—putting God and his benefits first) and what motivation (to give God His rightful due) we must have to be saved.

A God-Centered View of Salvation by Allen M. Steely (ISBN 9781091319462, Trade Paper, $7.60; eBook, $0.99; 256 pages, Christian Living/Spiritual Growth/Theology) is available at Amazon. For more information, visit God-CenteredViewofSalvation.

About the Author
Allen Steely grew up as a “missionary kid” in Nigeria, Africa with the Sudan Interior Mission. After graduating from Wheaton College he did famine relief work in Ethiopia. He teaches science and Bible at Rockford Christian School and is a member of the Evangelical Free Church.



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