Aid to Humanity helps families in Memphis' poorest zip code

4th city in U.S. tour benefits from free aid and donations from
Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, Inc.

Five service organizations were recognized and gifted donations to further support their work for the City of Memphis at an Aid to Humanity event Aug. 16 from the Felix Y. Manalo (FYM) Foundation, the charitable arm of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church Of Christ).

“This allows us to supply our kids with things they normally wouldn’t get,” said Erica Stuart of donation recipient Booker T. Washington High School. “We won’t have to decide on whether or not we’re spending this money on supplies or if we are being able to invest strictly into the students … this is exactly what this community needs.”

2,000 free care packages of food and household necessities were also offered to families during the event held at the INC’s Memphis Congregation on 878 Mississippi Blvd, located in what is known as the city’s poorest region and among the worst in the country for overall poverty and childhood poverty rates, according to the 2018 Census Bureau's American Community Survey.

“You’ve blessed many families who live in poverty every day, who can’t buy food, pay their bills, have no money, no resources,” said Officer Davin Clemons of the Memphis Police Department.

“Under the leadership of the Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, the 10th-year anniversary of him being in position and the Church celebrating 105th years, I salute you all; continue to do the great work that you’re doing in the world, especially here in Memphis, Tenn.”

The FYM Foundation recognized the Porter Leath Orphanage Memphis, Memphis Police Department (Crump Station), Memphis Fire Fighters Association Foundation, Booker T. Washington High School, and Boys & Girls Club of Greater Memphis, gifting each with a $5,000 donation to support the positive social impact of their work.

The Memphis event is the 4th stop of the FYM Foundation’s Aid to Humanity U.S. outreach series this August. After starting in Brownsville, N.Y. Aug. 11, Aid to Humanity reached the communities of Marlow Heights, Md., Seattle, Wash., and will continue in Arizona, Northern and Southern California.

Earlier this year, Aid to Humanity events helped 36 local organizations in Canada, serving thousands in need along the way, as part of its global aim to provide opportunity for those most in need, and contribute to supporting peaceful and productive communities. Other projects include eco-farming in Africa and the distribution of basic supplies to residents of favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Volunteers of the foundation have also offered relief aid in the aftermath of natural calamities, such as hurricanes and earthquakes in the Philippines and other disaster-stricken areas.

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