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New book by prolific author has you casting out into the deep and exploring the Gospel of John like never before 

SAN FRANCISCO — In an age in which religion is supposedly declining, lay-organized Bible studies are rapidly growing. The quest for truth apparently cannot be quenched by a relativistic culture pushing a “do whatever feels right to you” mentality. Renowned philosopher and author Dr. Peter Kreeft gifts those with a thirst for knowledge and the Bible with his newest book, PROBES: Deep Sea Diving into Saint John’s Gospel.

PROBES is no ordinary book. It is a set of 1,450 probing questions designed to assist individuals or groups with diving more deeply into Saint John’s Gospel. Purposefully, no answers are provided.  However, the questions are phrased in such a way as to masterfully direct the reader toward a reliable path to finding the answers.

Kreeft points out in the introduction that Christians of all denominations, and even interested Agnostics, can benefit from PROBES. He states that he has devised the questions in PROBES from a twofold point of view: (1) the truth of the historic Christian faith; and (2) the infinite depths and riches of Scripture, which endlessly rewards endless explorations, or “probes.”

Kreeft wants the reader to treat PROBES as a “series of loving investigations or probes into the mind of your beloved Lord.” He acknowledges that the book is nearly worthless in itself.  The worth of this work is to help one dive more deeply into John’s Gospel. Kreeft admonishes the reader that after they read the introduction, they should not read another word of PROBES without having a Bible open.

“The ‘probes’ referred to in my title are questions that you are invited actually to raise in dialogue with this greatest of books,” says Kreeft.  “For this book is not just a book; it is an instrument of a Person who talks back to you when you read it.”

“Combine the brilliant mind of Peter Kreeft with the richness of Saint John’s Gospel, and you have a dynamic study full of intrigue, new horizons and new depths, which make the Bible come alive,” Steve Ray, author of St. John’s Gospel:  A Bible Study Guide and Commentary, said of PROBES. “This is no average Bible study. PROBES forces you to engage the text, think below the surface and make discoveries yourself.”


For more information, to request a review copy or to schedule an interview with Dr. Peter Kreeft, please contact Kevin Wandra (404-788-1276 or [email protected]) of Carmel Communications.

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