Social justice Commission of PNBC Inc. announces NY declaration at press conference

Press Conference at Canaan Baptist Church of Christ,
132 W. 116th Street in Harlem - 11:00 AM

NEW YORK — America is undergoing a serious intensification of an ongoing, historic crisis. As Dr. King clearly indicated, the crisis is fundamentally spiritual and moral. Upon his demise, his prescription of love was dismissed as the sentimental musing of a well-meaning Southern Pastor who, having caught hold of the tail of his times, was drawn headlong into an inevitable struggle to rid America of the culturally cumbersome system of southern segregation. By and large, his deeper analyses were ignored as well as, his more prophetic pronouncements and concomitant warnings.

Yet, here we are, predictably, at a point in the life of our body politic where the deeply embedded disease of White Supremacy is proving to be the clay in the feet of the American Giant, the Achille’s heel of our ideological empire. The residual resentments, the unaddressed delusional preoccupations of a miseducated American populace have left the fate of the entire Republic vulnerable to the keen manipulations of enemies both foreign and domestic.

The drain on American moral and spiritual resources has made itself manifest in the current chaos. We have lost the capacity to identify a truly moral and/or spiritual crisis and respond in appropriate ways. It is equally clear that those who have arrogated to themselves the moral and spiritual mantle are so spiritually bankrupt, culturally compromised and morally corrupt that they have proven to be no more than a symptom of our collective malaise; clearly seen in the Paula White’s and Billy Graham Jr.’s and in the materialistic masquerades of TBN and The Word Channel.

Sensing a crisis in American life beyond the mere political machinations of professional politicians far too preoccupied with their own personal and party prospects to act responsibly or with the depth and urgency the situation demands, we have come forward.

Monday, October 14, 2019 – 11:00 AM
At Canaan Baptist Church of Christ
132 West 116th Street, NY, NY 10026


Reverend Dr. Calvin O. Butts, III, Chair
Social Justice Commission, PNBC
212.862.7474 x200

Matthew V. Johnson Sr. PhD, Vice Chair
Social Justice Commission, PNBC