RNS Opening Budget — Tuesday, October 22, 2019

RNS-RELIGION-DIVIDE: American faith groups agree: Trump should be more presidential
(RNS) — American faith groups are just as divided as their politics – disagreeing about immigration policy, climate change, and the future of the country, according to a new poll from the Public Religion Research Institute. One thing they do agree on is that they wish President Trump would act more presidential.
By Bob Smietana and Jack Jenkins. 700 words.  (categories: a)

RNS-BURGE-OPED: Why Joe Biden, blue-collar Catholic icon, may not be enough for the Dems to win
(RNS) — If Democrats choose to nominate Joe Biden in hopes of winning back his fellow Catholics in 2020, they may be in for a rude awakening. Donald Trump has retained his support among the white Catholics who make up 75 percent of the church, and may actually be gaining some ground among non-white Catholics who have been providing the church its growth over the past few decades. By Ryan Burge. 700 words. (categories: k)

RNS-RIESS-OPED: Clear as mud, part 1: The new Mormon temple recommend interview
(RNS) — At the 189th General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, one of the many changes announced was to the temple recommend interview (TRI), involving more than a dozen questions that the faithful have to answer before obtaining permission to enter one of the church’s holy temples. But does the new process make things better or worse for members who struggle with chastity or who support teachings the Church opposes? By Jana Riess. 1,262 words. (categories: k)