RNS Updated Budget — Tuesday, December 3, 2019

RNS-ROGERS-PROFILE: Melissa Rogers envisions a better way forward for faith in the public square
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (RNS) – Prompted by what she sees as a new push toward rewriting church-state laws and historic hostility to religious minorities, Rogers’ new book seeks to define the relationship between the government and religion. By Aysha Khan. 1,200 words. (category: a)

RNS-UNIVERSITY-PRESIDENT: Divine collision' shaped the life of Jim Gash, Pepperdine's new president
MALIBU, Calif. (RNS) - Jim Gash, who was recently named president of Pepperdine University, says a friendship he made with a young Ugandan man falsely accused of murder changed the course of his life.
By Bobby Ross. 1,300 words. (category: a)

RNS-SAINTHOOD-SHEEN: Sainthood process for Fulton Sheen stalled
(RNS) –The beatification of late Catholic bishop Fulton Sheen was postponed this week, marking the latest setback on the road to sainthood for the beloved television and radio preacher. By Jack Jenkins. 520 words.(category: a)

RNS-Gushee-Oped: Christian higher ed can't win the LGBTQ debate unless it transforms
(RNS) — Evangelical colleges, universities and seminaries have erupted in recent days with LGBTQ-related drama, as students' attitudes about sexuality clash with schools' conservative administrations. History shows that change is irresistible. By David P. Gushee. 1,230 words. (category: k)

RNS-Reese-Oped: Will the world end with a bang, a whimper — or Christ?
(RNS) — The Scriptures support both the optimistic view that we still have a chance to make the world welcoming for Christ and the pessimistic view that Christ will come to end a world we've made a mess of. By Thomas Reese. 1,100 words. (category: k)

RNS-Harrison-Oped: My Mormon sabbatical
(RNS) — Untangling oneself from Mormonism requires taking off sacred garments and buying one's own underwear, but also breaking with friends and formal interviews with the bishop's executive secretary. Nonetheless, a Mormon author says her break with the church in favor of meditation and caring for others in her own way. may be permanent. By Mette Harrison. 1,100 words. (category: k)

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