RNS Updated Budget — Wednesday, December 4, 2019

RNS-Frankel-Book: 'The Survivors' unmasks the generational trauma of the Holocaust
(RNS) — Holocaust survivors are generally valorized for their courage and held up as exemplars of endurance and grit in the face of unimaginable pain, suffering and loss. Less understood — especially as those survivors die off — are the ways their trauma has reverberated onto their children. Adam Frankel’s new book “The Survivors: A Story of War, Inheritance and Healing,” explores some of those psychic wounds as they played out in his own personal history. By Yonat Shimron. 1,300 words. (category: a)

RNS-Pope-Families: Pope Francis welcomes refugees to a new life in Italy
VATICAN CITY (RNS) — At an event welcoming 33 refugees sponsored by the Vatican, the cardinal in charge of administrating Pope Francis’ charitable work called European bishops to “wake up” and take a stand in welcoming displaced persons fleeing persecution in the world. By Claire Giangravé. 922 words. (category: i)

RNS-Uighur-Act: China blasts passage of US bill ordering sanctions over Uighur detention
(RNS) – The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bipartisan bill that would call for Trump to impose sanctions against Chinese officials responsible for abuses in Xinjiang. By Aysha Khan. 666 words. (category: a)

RNS-Riess-Oped: I just paid my Mormon tithing. Why don’t I feel better about it?
(RNS) — For Mormons, December is the season of tithing settlement, when members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are expected to sit down with our bishops and “declare” ourselves. I don't mind being held accountable in my giving, which I view as an important part of a Christian life. But I want the church to be accountable too. By Jana Riess. 1,120 words. (category: k)

RNS-Suleiman-Oped: We honor the victims of mass killings equally. Why can't politicians and the press?
(RNS) — When a man named Usman Khan stabbed innocent civilians indiscriminately on the London Bridge last weekend, it received far more attention than London's other record-breaking number of knife attacks this year and vows from Boris Johnson to protect the populace from terror. The reaction represents a double standard that obscures the true nature of these crimes. By Omar Suleiman. 760 words. (category: k)

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