RNS Opening Budget — Friday, December 13, 2019

RNS-POLITICAL-NATIVITIES: ’You’ve got to call out evil,' says pastor of church with Nativity separated by cages
CLAREMONT, Calif. — Claremont United Methodist Church on Saturday erected a life-size Nativity scene showing the Holy Family as refugees separated in cages. The church has received a slew of negative emails, and for safety purposes, a local police car has been stationed outside the church. People are also stopping by to reflect at the site. This Nativity is one of many others that have taken a stand on social justice. By Alejandra Molina and Aysha Khan. 1007 words. (category: a)

RNS-Mehta-Oped: Dear Democrats: four religious requests from non-religious Americans
(RNS) — While by no means our only matter of concern, toning down talk of faith in politics would show some respect to what is rapidly becoming the largest "religious" group in the country. By Hemant Mehta. 820 words. (category: k)


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