People of all faiths and backgrounds are uniting on New Year’s Eve around a candle or fire in a synchronized global Sacred Fire Ceremony for World Peace - sending love and positive energy circling the globe as every time zone welcomes the New Year.

Ancient healing technology, proven by modern science, brings people together for peace on earth

Sacred Fire Ceremony for World Peace with Peace Fires' New Year's Eve 26-Hour Global Healing Event, 12.31.19

LAYTONVILLE, Calif. — Peace Fires is blending the ancient practice of sacred fire ceremonies and the modern technology of the Internet to bring people of all faiths and backgrounds together in a global synchronized Sacred Fire Ceremony for World Peace on New Year’s Eve, 12.31.19.

Gathering around a fire has been an ancient practice since the beginning of time. People still do today for many occasions all over the world. In recent years, this ancient practice has become more prominent again. For many people, it is a beautiful vehicle to unite both in spirit and in positive action with love and care for oneself, other people, animals, all of nature, and to help bring peace and healing on a global scale.

Sacred Fire Ceremonies, also known as Agnihotra, pujas, homas, and yagyams, restore nutrients and balance in the air we breathe, water we drink, and soil in which we  grow  our food. Even the effects of natural disasters can be healed through fire ceremonies. Few practices offer such profound benefits for people, plants, animals and the environment all at the same time the group believes.

Scientific studies have shown sacred fire ceremonies create a tranquil environment and positively affects the rhythms of the body, brain, and nervous system; they renew cells, tissues, and organs, and the electromagnetic waves generated from the ceremonies may stimulate neurotransmitters or neuromodulators to enhance peacefulness and help people make lasting behavioral changes. (Abhang & Pathade, 2016).

The smoke, ash, and vibrational energy created from sacred fire ceremonies have also been scientifically proven to improve air and water quality, control pollution, increase soil fertility, increase crop production, increase disease resistance in plants and animals, and speed wound healing in people and animals. (Abhang & Pathade, 2016). Sulfur Oxide, SOx, pollution in the air can be reduced by 90% and nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels are reduced below initial levels after Sacred Fire Ceremonies. (Abhang & Pathade, 2015). Agnihotra fire ceremonies have also been proven to neutralize radioactivity. (Ralles, n.d.).

On December 31st, a 26-continuous-hour Sacred Fire Ceremony for World Peace will be led and broadcast free, via live streaming, from Laytonville, CA starting at 2:00 AM (PST) when the first time zone, Line Islands Time (LINT), welcomes the New Year. The live Peace Fires broadcast and synchronized local events will continue until 4:00 AM (PST) on January 1st when the last time zone, International Date Line West (IDLW), crosses into the New Year.

During this 26-hour period, people of all faiths and backgrounds will be uniting in their homes, backyards, community centers, and gardens in ways that speak to their spiritual traditions. While looking at the flame or fire, everyone will be sending the prayer and positive intention, let there be peace on earth and love for one another, throughout the world.

The group seeks to have millions of lights burning for peace, sending a wave of positive energy uplifting, purifying and healing the atmosphere – making peace, love and unity the last energy of 2019, and the first energy of 2020.

Peace Fires is a global movement uniting people around the world to create a shift in consciousness for peace. Peace Fires began on New Year’s Eve 2016.

The movement continues with people uniting with Peace Fires every Full Moon, Summer Solstice, and New Year’s Eve. People around the world are uniting through Peace Fires to bring peace in our lives now and for generations to come.

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