RNS Updated Budget — Friday, January 10, 2020

RNS-Williamson-Campaign: Marianne Williamson ends presidential bid, says campaign tried her faith
DES MOINES, Iowa (RNS) — Spiritual author and Marianne Williamson has ended her campaign seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, saying that the experience challenged her faith but that she leaned on her spiritual beliefs for comfort. “In A Course in Miracles there is a line: ‘The Christ in you cannot be crucified,’” Marianne Williamson told Religion News Service after her last campaign stop in Des Moines, IA. By Jack Jenkins. 720 words. (category: a)

RNS-Talmud-Celebration: In Jerusalem, thousands of Israeli women mark the end of 7 years of daily Talmud study
JERUSALEM (RNS) — This past week, a group of woman gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the completion of a Daf Yomi cycle — more than seven years of daily Talmud study. The event, known as a ‘siyum’ was the first held by women in the nearly 100 years of the Daf Yomi practice. By Michele Chabin. 850 words. (category: i)

RNS-Feinberg-QA: Why Jewish mediator Kenneth Feinberg wants to save the United Methodist Church
(RNS) — Until a few months ago, Kenneth Feinberg was blissfully unaware of the decades-long debate over sexuality that has roiled the United Methodist Church. Now he may be the man to end it. Feinberg mediated the negotiations between 16 United Methodist bishops and leaders of advocacy groups that led to a proposal to split the global denomination. He spoke to Religion News Service about the ground rules he set for mediation, sticking points in United Methodists’ negotiations and what comes next. Emily McFarlan Miller. 1,400 words (category: a)

RNS-Fuller-Lawsuit: Students expelled over same-sex marriages sue Fuller for discrimination
(RNS) — In an amended complaint filed this week, two former students allege Fuller Theological Seminary violated anti-discrimination laws when it expelled them after learning they were married to people of the same sex. The outcome of the suit could significantly impact how faith-based institutions across the country apply Title IX protections to LGBTQ students in same-sex marriages. Emily McFarlan Miller and Alejandra Molina. 1,600 words (category: a)

RNS-Beck-Oped: Johnny Cash's gospel versus the temptations of nationalism
(RNS) — Though he often championed those left behind in America, Cash was an outspoken patriot, and his patriotism often made the gospel messages found in his music vulnerable to distortion by those less generous. By Richard Beck. 860 words. (category: k)

RNS-Pastor-Letter: An open letter from black church leaders and allies to Christianity Today
(RNS) — More than 75 pastors voice their support the magazine's recent call to remove Trump, and offer a rebuke to those pastors and leaders outraged by its support of the president's impeachment. 1,700 words. (category: k)

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