RNS Updated Budget — Tuesday, January 14, 2020

RNS-Francis-Benedict: Ex-pope Benedict XVI steps back from a book that put him at odds with Pope Francis
VATICAN CITY (RNS) – Former Pope Benedict XVI has asked on Tuesday (Jan.14) not to be mentioned as coauthor of a book scheduled for release in February, according to a close aide. Excerpts from the book published on Monday appeared to place the ex-pope at odds with Pope Francis on priestly celibacy. By Claire Giangravè. 480 words. (category: i)

RNS-Parenting-Colonizing: Teach your children well: Viral tweet sparks debate over passing on faith
(RNS) — A tweet last week by "Parenting Forward" author Cindy Wand Brandt urging, "Do not evangelize a child," struck a nerve. Amid the nasty personal attacks Twitter has become known for, it also struck up a conversation among Christians about how parents pass on their faith to their children. By Emily McFarlan Miller. 1,200 words (category: a)

RNS-Lifeway-Survey: Survey: Protestant pastors don’t think real-world geo-political events hasten the Second Coming
(RNS) — A new Lifeway Research survey of Protestant pastors reveals that most don’t believe they can speed up Christ’s return by supporting geo-political changes mentioned in the Bible, but many believe proselytizing will. Jack Jenkins. 600 words. (category: a)

RNS-OneLife-LA: Cyntoia Brown-Long to speak at anti-abortion rally held by Archdiocese of Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES (RNS) — Cyntoia Brown-Long will be the keynote speaker at OneLife LA, an anti-abortion event hosted by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles on Saturday, Jan. 18. The event is described as a way to "celebrate the beauty and dignity of every human life from conception to natural death." Brown-Long, who was released from prison in August after she was granted clemency, said she found OneLife LA encouraging because it approaches the issue in a holistic way. By Alejandra Molina. 587 words. (category: a)

RNS-Silk-Oped: Fairness for All: Caught between gender equality and religious liberty
(RNS) — The proposed Fairness for All Act, designed to sort out the right to provide services or not based on one's faith, works as sentiment, but falls short as policy. By Mark Silk. 950 words. (category: k)

RNS-Burge-Oped: The age of nones may favor churches that welcome doubters
(RNS) — Data from the General Social Survey shows that those who attend church at least sometimes are sure there is a God. Those who don't attend aren't certain at all — a big change from 40 years ago. Can churches filled with believers make room for those who have their doubts? By Ryan Burge. 950 words. (category: k) 

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