POSTING OF CEO/PUBLISHER POSITION – Religion News Foundation and Religion News Service

On behalf of Religion News Foundation (RNF), I am pleased to share this job posting.

Religion News Foundation is an independent, educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the understanding of religion in America and the world by improving public discourse about religion, advancing religious literacy, and supporting professional religion journalism. We also are strategically positioned to offer continued assistance to respected religion reporting through Religion News Service (RNS), our subsidiary which was founded in 1934, and support of Religion News Association (RNA) which was founded 1949.

We are seeking an individual to lead us into a bright future. Applications for CEO of RNF and Publisher of RNS need to be received at the following email address, [email protected] before 5:00 EST on February 14, 2020.

As the true interim leader in this role—not an applicant for the above—I have had the privilege of seeing firsthand the tremendous commitment and reach of our journalists and their work. Also, I have benefitted from valuable interaction with representatives on the RNF Board, this search committee, and the large group of journalists within RNA. We are in a season of tremendous excitement and implementation of efforts in our partnership with the Associated Press and The Conversation. We are able to provide collaboratively the best religion reporting to multiple audiences globally in an unprecedented manner, thanks to the Lilly Endowment’s support. This position will be filled by someone who sees and endorses this vision and is able to facilitate it into the future.

The successful candidate will have an understanding of RNF’s role and knowledge of RNS and RNA. He or she will have demonstrated a capacity to monetize content in this transient digital age, with established knowledge of key media partners and the changing network and delivery platforms. The successful candidate will be a leader who empowers others, works well with the RNF board and staff, and exhibits excellent interpersonal, communication, and managerial skills.

This person will be an advocate for religion journalism globally across religious traditions and respects the value of independent journalism. The successful candidate will be a strategic thinker with a focus on building a strong organization with a clear identity. He or she will have demonstrated the ability to raise funds for organizations through both business models and through individual and foundation-based philanthropy.

The job description can be found at this link:

On behalf of RNF,

Jerry Pattengale, PhD
Interim President and CEO
Religion News Foundation & Religion News Service


John Turner
Religion News Foundation Board Member
Chair, Search Committee