RNS Opening Budget — Tuesday, February 4, 2020

RNS-MUSLIM-HACKATHON: Muslim hackathon event aims to increase access to Islamic learning
LONDON (RNS) – Led by local groups Muslamic Makers and Deen Developers, around 50 young British Muslims joined a two-day hackathon in the city to help build the future of Islamic education. Organizers say their aim is to use technology to close the gaps in access to traditional Islamic learning, and help local Muslim programmers use their skills to help their community. By Aysha Khan. 1,000 words. (category: a)

RNS-Sutton-Oped: Kanye, Flame and Augustine: Hip-hop and the conversion narrative
(RNS) — Hip-hop provides a space and community for marginalized individuals to compose and perform their conversion stories. Composing a conversion story through the conventions of hip-hop may be more accessible (and more meaningful) to some individuals than telling the same story through written communication. By A. Trevor Sutton. 973 words. (category: k)