New website gives Muslim Americans faith-based solutions to estate planning needs

NEW YORK — Abed Awad, a New-Jersey based attorney and international expert in Islamic law, announced today the launch of, an innovative faith based estate planning website designed to make estate planning for Muslim Americans easy, customizable and affordable.

Through a comprehensive, easy-to-use format, guides its users through a series of questions customized for their specific needs, offering religious insights and practical solutions along the way.

Like other faith communities in America, Muslims are required to create an estate plan according to the canonical laws of their faith, or Sharia, but many fail to make their estate plan for a variety of reason, including expensive attorney fees, misunderstandings about religious requirements and procrastination, according to Awad who has been practicing law in New Jersey and New York for the past 20 years, with a focus on Islamic law matters.

“I decided to leverage my legal expertise, native fluency in Arabic and my extensive knowledge of Islamic law to find religiously-compliant estate-planning solutions,” said Awad. “The purpose of Shariawiz is to make Sharia-compliant estate planning easy, affordable, and accessible to all Muslim Americans.”

Awad and his team of lawyers, Sharia experts, and software engineers spent nearly three years researching, testing, and developing With attorney-created legal forms that are Sharī‘a compliant, a scholar-approved proprietary inheritance calculator, and bank-level security encryption, Muslim Americans can use Shariawiz to make a customized, Sharī‘a-compliant estate plan that is legally valid in their state in as little as 15 minutes on their home computer or smartphone. The Shariawiz estate plan includes a Last Will & Testament, a Health Care Directive (Living Will), and a General Power of Attorney.

Shariawiz was also designed to provide Muslim American institutions with a virtual faith-based Planned Giving Department to help build their endowments.


To learn more about or to interview its CEO Abed Awad, please contact Rabiah Ahmed at [email protected] or 202-439-1441.