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Why give to church?

Why give to church? New empty tomb video explores the answer.

Each fall, the annual Stewardship Sunday ritual is observed in churches across the U.S.

Members and attendees are asked to commit their financial support for the coming year.

In these changing times, more people want an answer to the question: Why give to church?

A new five-minute video explores the answer.

Such support can no longer be taken for granted. The video considers why that matters to the entire quality of life in the U.S.

Pew and Gallup research the 1951 movie The African Queen, and the 2003 movie Seabiscuit, among others, are cited in the discussion.

The video also considers a change in perspective that can help the church recover a core purpose in serving a critical need in Jesus’ name. The result could lead not only to financial support but also increased vitality.


Sylvia Ronsvalle
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