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Engaging new book imagines Jesus like never before—through the eyes of his enemies

Wipf & Stock Publishers

Imagine the story of Jesus told like never before—through the eyes of his enemies. In Why I Would Have Killed Jesus and You Might Have Too: Five Short Stories of Faith, five characters state their case against Jesus. Deborah is a young widow eager to break the shackles of Roman oppression. Shem is a fisherman determined to keep a crowd. Sarah is a protective grandmother from Nazareth. Maximus is a Roman soldier devoted to law and order. Aaron is a Pharisee seeking righteousness. By a series of dramatic monologues, incorporating biblical and historical research, the world of Jesus comes alive in rich and provocative tones. Journey from the hills of Nazareth, near the tomb of Lazarus, across the shores of the Sea of Galilee, and into Jerusalem. Prepare to be confronted by Jesus and let your heart be transformed along the way.

This thought-provoking new book is certain to spur conversation and challenge your heart. One reader said, “This book is like The Screwtape Letters (by C.S. Lewis), only with the gospels.” Others describe these dramatic narratives as fascinating, riveting, and intriguing. It is ideal for a Lenten Bible study, a book group, or pleasure reading.  

“At the outset, Nelson asks his readers ‘to consider these accounts charitably, with empathy and compassion.’ These are the very gifts he shows his characters and his audience. This engaging book invites you to experience the Gospels in fresh ways; but more profoundly, it gently urges you to open your heart anew to Jesus and to those with whom you share your pew and your planet. In a world often marred by conflict and discord, this book is a welcome balm.”
—Jeremiah D. Williamson, author of Praying the Scriptures: Litanies for Sunday Worship

“Nelson weaves biblical accounts and imaginative dialogues to create five intelligent characters who find Jesus an amazing prophet but also a dangerous king better to be killed. These short stories bring historical settings and faith questions into sharp relief and provide a compelling ‘Christology from the enemies’ that challenges Christians to search deeper reasons for their commitment to Jesus. Readers will find them familiar, surprising, engaging, and jolting all at the same time.”
—John Yieh, Molly Laird Downs Professor of New Testament, Virginia Theological Seminary


Why I Would Have Killed Jesus and You Might Have Too: Five Short Stories of Faith

by David Nelson

Resource Publications, an imprint of Wipf & Stock Publishers (September 2, 2021)

88 pages. Paperback $11, Kindle $5.99, and Hardcover $26.

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Biography for David Nelson
The Rev. David Nelson has a passion for creatively retelling scriptural narratives so that modern ears can better hear the Gospels. He is the rector of Christ the King Episcopal Church, which is in the Houston area. Previously he served in campus ministry at the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University and is a graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary.

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