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The Human Calling answers the questions of the Easter season

Meryl Moss Media Group

Christians are strengthening their faith. Witness the outpouring at Asbury University in Kentucky, where a simple prayer service transformed into a two-week, 24/7 Christian Revival as the devoted from across the country and around the world came to worship with the students. As our world grows increasingly fractured and divided, people are looking for answers—how did we get to our present situation? And how can we make the world a better place? These questions are especially relevant during Lent and the Easter season.

To enlighten us and raise the call to return to God, author and scholar Daofeng He has written THE HUMAN CALLING: Three Thousand Years of Eastern and Western Philosophical History, a journey into the past to help us navigate the future. He believes that we must understand the origins and development of the competing philosophies and beliefs between the East and the West in order to comprehend the roots of today’s conflicts. Equipped with this knowledge, we can fully embrace the sacred heart of our human values and rediscover the dignity and value of the individual. In fact, it was the historic discoveries revealed within The Human Calling that led He to embrace Christianity.

Daofeng He is a survivor of the violence and famine of Mao Zedong’s totalitarian Cultural Revolution, the dream-crushing violence at Tiananmen Square, and a witness to the rise of China’s market economy. He grew up in an atheist society devoid of spirituality. After years of secular success as an economist, entrepreneur and NGO CEO, times changed. His painstaking efforts on land policy, poverty alleviation and civil society came to naught. Shouldering the pain of broken dreams of political and social reform, He retired to Maryland in 2015 with some heavy questions on his mind: “What kind of life is really worth living? Is there any other option for human life aside from the modern grind of forced busyness, manipulation by online advertisements, and hatred and violence generated and directed by those who form public opinion?”

To find the answers, He traced the growing dysfunction of humankind’s alienation by examining the rise and fall of the world’s great civilizations and their religious, philosophical, economic and political histories. His intellectual journey led him to a startling conclusion—the calling of Christianity. “My new faith shattered my unreasonable expectation to find absolute truth in the Eastern sages who preached that morality was relative. It also cut off the path to the materialistic gods of the new, moneyed East.”

Whatever your personal background, The Human Calling will enlighten you with:

  • A new framework to explain human history.
  • An eye-opening introduction to Eastern philosophy.
  • An indispensable guide to understanding the world today.

The Human Calling is the book we need right now to illuminate our shared human history and provide answers as to how we can start creating a better world for everyone. It’s the perfect gift this Easter for inquiring minds and the Christian intellectual in your life.


Tracy Goldblatt
Meryl Moss Media Group
[email protected]

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