An Evolving State of Repetition

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First in the Purgatory series

“An Evolving State of Repetition candidly addresses our reason for being and how to survive it.

                                               S. A. Martin

Published by BigRoost Media on October 24, 2023

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Out-of-the-Box Prospective that Confronts Real-Life Issues

Why are we here? That is a question we’ve asked at some point. Especially those of us who seek a deeper meaning to our purpose for being on this earth, and in this age of time. Some of the answers are in “An Evolving State of Repetition.” The rest remains a mystery hidden by those who are the gatekeepers to the truth. Yet God’s word reveals more than many have realized, and since there are those who hold on tightly to what they don’t want us to know, figuring out the rest will be up to us.


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