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How the threat of ‘taxpayer-funded abortion’ is being used to mobilize conservative religious voters

By Ruth Braunstein — October 26, 2022

(The Conversation) — In the midterms, some religious voters may be motivated by the argument that if abortion is funded with tax dollars, it makes them personally complicit in sin.

Nashville’s entangled ‘Prayer Trade’ is a warning to the rest of the country

By David Dark — October 20, 2022

(RNS) — ‘God,’ we might say, is big business and big politics, too, in Nashville.

Faith-based and other relief efforts underway to assist Pakistan flood victims

By Alejandra Molina — August 31, 2022

(RNS) — ‘The humanitarian situation is terrible and could deteriorate without immediate international intervention,’ said Asif Shirazi, Islamic Relief’s country director in Pakistan.

In Kansas abortion vote, a blow to Catholic bishops’ political strategy

By Jack Jenkins — August 4, 2022

(RNS) — ‘If this is what the bishops are going to do, if this was their plan for a ‘post-Roe’ world, then Catholics are going to be very disappointed,’ said one observer of the Catholic hierarchy.

Kansas nuns oppose abortion-related state amendment, challenging archbishop

By Jack Jenkins — July 27, 2022

(RNS) — “A church sign said, ‘Jesus trusted women. We do too,’” reads the nuns’ letter.

Catholic hospitals’ growth impacts reproductive health care

By David Crary — July 25, 2022

PUTNAM, Conn. (AP) — Concerns in blue states pertain to such services as contraception, sterilization and certain procedures for handling pregnancy emergencies.

California Christian groups fight post-Roe measures to expand abortion rights

By Alejandra Molina — July 1, 2022

(RNS) — ‘So many of us have worked for a large part of our lives to see Roe end and then to realize that as Roe is ending, California is increasing abortion — that is very difficult.’

White House to award 2 faith leaders the Presidential Medal of Freedom

By Marika Proctor — July 1, 2022

(RNS) — Sister Simone Campbell and the Rev. Alexander Karloutsos will be among the 17 Americans recognized in a ceremony at the White House on July 7th. 

Clergy of color face unprecedented mental health challenges

By Deepa Bharath — June 2, 2022

(AP/RNS) — Exhausted faith leaders are left with serious questions about how to care for their own physical and mental well-being while helping congregants in a meaningful way.

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