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Amanda Abrams is an author at Religion News Service.

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Hospital chaplains stick to the heart of the job amid health care industry changes

By Amanda Abrams — May 28, 2019
(RNS) — As our medical system grows more fast-paced, impersonal and complex, hospital chaplains end up helping patients decipher next steps and counseling burned-out practitioners.

Moorish Scientists struggled with tainted reputation even before Baton Rouge

By Amanda Abrams — July 18, 2016
WASHINGTON (RNS) Frustrated by distortions of their faith, followers say its main tenets are love, truth, peace, freedom and justice.

Breakaway group offers more progressive form of Catholicism

By Amanda Abrams — October 15, 2012

FAIRFAX, Va. (RNS) While the sacraments and many fundamental beliefs remain identical to those of Roman Catholicism, the fledgling American National Catholic Church presents a more progressive version of Catholicism: Divorced members can take Communion, women and gays can be ordained, and priests can marry. By Amanda Abrams.

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