Author - Daniel Burke

Daniel Burke worked for Religion News Service from 2006-2013. He now co-edits CNN's Belief Blog.

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Wafer Watch: Part 37

We told you this would rear it’s head again. Monsignor J. Gaston Hebert, diocesan adminstrator for the Diocese of Little Rock, takes pro-choice...

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Under the Bodhi Tree

A Buddhist monk in the northern India state of Bihar, where legend has it the Buddha attained enlightenment, is taking local government and religious officials...


Shoe, Meet Other Foot

Roman Catholic Bishop James Tobin of Providence, he of the “Rudy Giualiani = Pontius Pilate” fame, dropped by the Providence Journal for an...

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Shouldn’t It Be Shorter?

Harper Collins has just put out The Atheist’s Bible: by Joan Konner. It’s filled with all kinds of pithiness, such as “No man of humor ever...


“This torment; this is hell.”

Israel’s Holocaust museum has unveiled the diary of a 14-year-old Jewish girl, 60 years after she described the desparate situation of Polish Jews...


History of Religion

Maps have a way of demonstrating just how small we are in the scheme of things-what one might call the “blip factor.” Maps, like this History of...


Holy Eucharist or Bargaining Chip?

The politicization of the sacrament of Holy Communion continues apace, this time in the Catholic diocese of Nsukka, Nigeria, where the faithful were told that...


RNS Editor on NewsHour

Our esteemed editor, Kevin Eckstrom, was a guest on PBS’s NewsHour Dec. 18, elucidating the increasingly complex story of schism within the Episcopal...