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Rabiya Jaffery

Rabiya Jaffery is an author at Religion News Service.

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As COVID-19 shutdown lifts, Mecca’s pilgrims bring Islam’s holiest city back to life

By Rabiya Jaffery — April 19, 2022
MECCA, Saudi Arabia (RNS) — Pandemic closures played havoc with the livelihoods of traders who depended on the pilgrims.

COVID hajj restrictions leave streets of Mecca empty, pilgrimage businesses in trouble

By Rabiya Jaffery — July 31, 2020
MECCA, Saudi Arabia (RNS) — As much as a quarter of the economy around Mecca relies on tourism and pilgrimages. Pandemic restrictions — which cut hajj pilgrims from millions to thousands — mean lost income for local businesses and residents.
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