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Omicron is taking a toll on pagans, who depend on conferences for community

By Heather Greene — January 19, 2022
(RNS) — The pandemic has also threatened the financial viability of conferences and festivals.
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How East London’s oldest halal restaurant survived the pandemic

By Joseph Hammond — January 3, 2022
LONDON (RNS) — Halal Restaurant opened in 1939 to serve the needs of Muslims in the maritime industry. Over the ensuing decades the restaurant has changed alongside the rapidly shifting neighborhood.

From the Capitol insurrection to the Taliban takeover: The defining religion stories of 2021

By RNS staff — December 31, 2021
(RNS) — Religion was no minor character in 2021's most significant news stories.

COVID outbreak reported at Mormon missionary training center

By Associated Press — December 31, 2021
PROVO, Utah (AP) — All 588 missionaries at the Provo, Utah missionary training center were tested and a total of 91 tested positive.

Observers, detractors and preachers of religion who died in 2021

By Adelle M. Banks — December 30, 2021
(RNS) — Prominent figures in the world of religion who died in 2021.

At the end of a mixed political year: Love, hope and faith abide

By Diane Randall — December 30, 2021
(RNS) — January 2021 brought the inauguration of a new president, but the violent insurrection at the Capitol laid bare the profound differences in expectations of government.

Undertakers, rabbis join global fight promoting COVID shots

By Lindsey Tanner — December 28, 2021
(AP) — Vaccine promoters are up against fear, mistrust, complacency, inconvenience and people who simply have bigger worries than COVID-19.

Hard-hit by COVID, Israel’s ultra-Orthodox slow to get shots

By Tia Goldenberg — December 28, 2021
BNEI BRAK, Israel (AP) — The group has some of the lowest vaccination rates in the country despite being pummeled by the virus throughout the pandemic.

In eastern Germany, pastors push for shots despite protests

By Kirsten Grieshaber — December 28, 2021
CHEMNITZ, Germany (AP) — Lutheran pastors across Saxony have used their sermons to promote vaccines as the most efficient way to end the pandemic.

Wary of omicron, churches shift Christmas services online

By Jack Jenkins — December 23, 2021
WASHINGTON (RNS) — On Wednesday evening, the Washington National Cathedral announced it was shifting to virtual services for the entire holiday season.

Churches’ ministry to those hurt by the pandemic shows ‘monumental’ growth, study says

By Adelle M. Banks — December 21, 2021
(RNS) — The percentage of churches reporting deaths within their membership increased from 17% in the summer to 28% in November, a new report states.

Americans support a high bar for religious exemptions to vaccines

By Robert P. Jones and Eboo Patel — December 20, 2021
(RNS) — For most, the legitimacy of religious objections to COVID-19 vaccination mandates rests on how consistent the current claim is with a person’s previous actions.

Across US, houses of worship struggle to rebuild attendance

By David Crary — December 20, 2021
When Westminster United Methodist Church in Houston resumed in-person services late last year, after a seven-month halt due to COVID-19, there were Sundays when only three worshippers showed up, according to the pastor, Meredith Mills. Since then, attendance has inched back up, but it’s still only about half the pre-pandemic turnout of 160 or 170, […]
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