David Gushee: Christians, Conflict and Change

In search of honest, smart, independent people

By David P. Gushee — March 31, 2017
A country can absorb a certain number of pure ideologues. But beware if they hold important positions of leadership.

An ethical analysis of the ‘New Sanctuary Movement’

By David P. Gushee — March 19, 2017
Are advocates of the New Sanctuary Movement meaning to call for civil disobedience?

The Christian social ethics project hits a wall

By David P. Gushee — March 13, 2017
What is needed in America today goes far beyond public-policy tinkering.

Elections matter. So does resistance.

By David P. Gushee — February 23, 2017
Resisting the tragic consequences of this election with the Matthew 25 Pledge.

Disinvited again: You, sir, are simply intolerable

By David P. Gushee — February 12, 2017
(RNS) The author discovers he is so controversial an entire organization split over him.

What I said to my church today

By David P. Gushee — January 29, 2017
A pastor speaks to his congregation on the new US refugee and immigration policy.

Three different ways to resist Trumpian nationalism

By David P. Gushee — January 26, 2017
Three paradigms for resisting when nationalism is on the march. But will any be strong enough?

On being strangers in a strange land

By David P. Gushee — January 16, 2017
On being stripped of illusions about being at home in a good land called America.

Trust nobody, listen to everybody, follow Jesus

By David P. Gushee — January 3, 2017
A columnist reboots for 2017 with three core principles for engaging public life.

A columnist looks back and looks ahead

By David P. Gushee — December 27, 2016
(RNS) "After 30 years attempting to advocate for a particular kind of American public life," writes David Gushee, "I feel a deep sense of powerlessness in relation to where our culture and politics are going."

On the delusion of clergy access to the royal throne

By David P. Gushee — December 20, 2016
The religious leader types who get access to the White House are mainly useful idiots.

When you’re the one in the captain’s chair

By David P. Gushee — December 8, 2016
It is easy to be the fire-breathing prophet when you are not the leader.

Thick beats thin every time

By David P. Gushee — December 1, 2016
(RNS) If we don't like Donald Trump's version of thick American nationalism and national loyalty, we must offer an equally thick but more compelling alternative.

Post-election whiplash: 10 observations

By David P. Gushee — November 18, 2016
(RNS) Ten observations about what just happened in our country and what it means for Christians and others.

Discovering the other America we did not know

By David P. Gushee — November 10, 2016
(RNS) People with the faintest interest in this country or in commenting about it had better get to know the other America rather than remain hermetically sealed in their own monoculture.
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